Tuesday, August 04, 2009

News Channels

Today news is simply gossip by the people, for the people, of the people

A month ago, I briefly watched these news channels after a really long time. News channels have now become a TV version of Ananda Vikatan's "Anu Akka Aunty". It just consists of this central gossiper sitting in the middle and egging guests to generally say something. It can be anything. Even if the guests claim that they do not know all the facts, this "news anchor" presses them on to "just say something. what do you think might have happened. Just imagine something and say. We'll just flash your opinions as breaking news". They do this continuously for 3-4 days for an event that Shobana Ravi can cover in 2 minutes on the 8:40 PM news.

There is, for most part, really no new news at all on the event for several days days but they can go on covering the event forever. Even if they get a small update on the event - like the dead man's 3rd cousin's 4th athimber's 5th wife had a slight cough at 9:22 in the morning - they will grab on to this small strand of information like the way a hungry traveller grabs on to a morsel of food. Then these 3-4 people will sit like old maamis after a kalyana saapadu and generally gossip about infinite combination of possibilities that this insignificant update has. News Anchors are shameless 'thinnai arattai' people shown live on TV

One feels pity for the brain dead people who tune on to these channels frequently thinking that watcing news is (a) sign of intelligence and (b) source of information. Watching Shobana Ravi read the news for 20 minutes might have been considered as a passable sign of intelligence. In fact if we close all the N thousand different 24 hour news channels and simply have a 20 minute news update every alternate day people would be as informed as they are today. Probably even more. Watching news and political analysis today in these news channels is a clear sign that the viewer has gossip lust. My gradma would tell those people in no uncertain terms -"pommanaati maadhiri enna vambu vendi irukku"


Gradwolf said...

lol, reminds me of the quote, "news tells what people did, and gossip tells how much they enjoyed it".

rads said...

Shobhana Ravi.

A fine elegant lady if there was ever one. Very fine and no nonsense.

Wonder where she is..

Alan Smithee said...

Shobana Ravi's daughter used to read english news in Jaya TV a few years back. But I thought Sandya Rajagopal was a better news reader. With Shobana Ravi, it is always about her.

Kokki Kumarru said...

Aracha maava araikaranga!!

I said...

sandhya rajagopal is Iyengar. I am not sure what Shobana Ravi is.

Bugged by Fellow Desis said...

well said. btw, since you are in fine form these days taking the mickey out of american desis, hope you dont my suggesting some topics that are my pet peeves

1. desis who pretend to be able to tell the difference between a 80 dollar bottle of wine and 2-bucks-a-box wine from costco. or who think that by paying absurd amounts for 12,16,18 year old scotch, instead of getting the usual bourbon or rum, they are now some kind of fucking connoisseurs. all these wannabes would fail blind taste tests miserably. any desi who plays more than 10 dollars for a 750 ml bottle of booze is just like those who sop at babies-r-us.

2. what's with these fucking marathon runners? every other desi i know, especially on the west coast, and super-especially in the bay, is running marathons. when they talk to their officemates at parties, the white dudes talk about some lifelong "passion", like hunting, fishing, racketball, skating, etc. our suppans have wasted whole life mugging for JEE and then GRE and then spent weekends in the lab. telling whitey you play cricket is not "cool". so what to do? run, suppan, run. but 3-for-10 dollar shorts from walmart, 8 dollar on-sale sneakers from payless shoe-source and run. their times are not even remotely competitive, and they walk more than they run in the event. but it gives them the cred to tell whiteys - "my passion? i love running marathons!"

3. Previous point continued. fine, run marathons. but dont bug me with begging requests. any random dude i have not met more than twice starts mailing me, saying he is running to raise money for AID or ASHA, and i should send 50/20/10 bucks his way. and these mails are growing ever more frequently. i've started dreading spring and summer because of them.

will you write on these, if you share my peeves? :)

Anonymous said...

@ I

Tell me why you gave/wrote that piece of information.

Use/need/purpose anything will do.

Coz Im a tired/frustrated piece of animal hunting down the incorrigable human urge to bring Iyer/Iyengar distinction to any human mentioned.

--Lurking in the dark

Hawkeye said...


yes :-) and a consolidation of news and gossip took place.


yes. i agree. my aunt and her were neighbors/friends.


sandhya r was good too. But not shobana ravi level.




jaadhi veri pidithavane

lurking in the dark,

ellam nammala irritate panna dhaan panraan indha I payal.