Friday, August 07, 2009


This weekend's game is in Pullman. A 5 hour drive to play the Washington State University team. That means Saturday starts at 4:00 AM. Also, I am on a pair. Last weekend, I came back home and said I was clean bowled after trying to 'pull' and the 'pullman' jokes are ON now. Everybody from wife to friends are asking me how I would feel if I scored another duck after a 5 hour drive. Hat-trick of ducks means I have to listen to 'marana kadi' jokes like "enga vootukaararu entrepreneurru ..kiriket vilaadumpozhuthey kozhi pannai vekkara idea varum" or "enga aatthukaararu pona jenmathula aryabhattar". It hurts nevertheless.
'Ondra ana' cricket has so many nakkals, I can't imagine what Agarkar's wife said to him in 1999.


Anonymous said...

i am impressed .. that you are traveling 5 hours each way to play cricket ..

unpredictability in life is beautifully demonstrated more so than anywhere else on a cricket field.

so who knows, you may even break the law of averages, and score another duck ;-)

.. anyways, good luck for the game .. play in the V and you will do alright ..


Hawkeye said...

.. anyways, good luck for the game .. play in the V and you will do alright ..

you know... sometimes i feel.. my cricketing skills has only marginally improved frm IDBL days :-)

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


Agarkar-kum ungalukkum nalla vidyasam irukku. Neengalum oru kandraviyum vilayadama 10 lakhs, 50 lakhs nu paisa sambathicha, ungalluku kovil-le irukkum.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, Agarkar was not married in 1999. So he would not have had to face those comments. :-)


ms said...

amazing how much fervour and valour is displayed at the sound of "cricket!". i always look at the faces of the parents when their reluctant offspring scores a run - reminds one of the glassy-eyed natives in "indiana jones and the temple of doom"! every field is taken over, and while my mates talk of "golf widows", we talk about "cricket orphans". most dads are away on weekends!

Alan Smithee said...

Does playing in the v translate to scoring runs?

Anonymous said...

were you able to avert the hatrick?

Anonymous said...


Yes, a higher probability of scoring runs before you get out, because what you score after you get out does not count.


BSK said...

Jayasurya has more than 30 duck-outs, adhukaaga wastu nu sollida mudiyuma.. ungalukkulla thoongitrikra mirugatha thatti eluppa thaan appadi solraangnu ninaikren. :)

blackaccord said...


Form is temporary.. Class is Permanent.. :)