Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In order to align everything with my larger theory that this the stupidest generation to walk on the face of the planet, I made an observation on this blog several years ago that twenty20 cricket - tailor made for the idiot generation - will kill cricket in general and test cricket in specific. Twenty20 is like the twitter of cricket (Interestingly, I also compare Tests to book publishing business). Much like the way twitter allows any twit who can type random 140 characters to be popular, twenty20 will allow 'gaada' suthifying batters to be stars. Recently, I watched Twenty20 after a long time and it was really painful. The world is gravitating towards brainless fast food type sports and reading habits.

A popular blogger wrote a post that Twenty20 will benefit Test cricket rather than kill it. He was right. We have stopped playing test cricket now. Thanks to the country which has the least vision and most idiocy. India. Goes on to show that the "west", especially Britain and Australia were probably better in safeguarding the beauty and charm of cricket than the 'mutta kammanatis' at BCCI. In about 10 years when someone does a CPR to revive cricket, one of the key lessons they will take forward is that India cannot be given any authority/responsibility to determine the future of cricket.


Sunil said...

ahh...the charm of test cricket , right? Try a less cliched angle for you post next time other than "desi who didn't wear a 'kotta' gaurd until he came to the US and played D-division cricket and who now thinks he is an expert"

Indha oorla irukara weekend cricket ozhicha seriya poidum...

S said...

I was exppecting many idiots to get offended and respond to this post... Sunil has kick started the avalanche LOL

idhula he has put icing on the cake of his credibility with a personal attack too. Like playing weekend cricket has anything to do with his observations on indian cricket. arm chair critics who weigh 200 kg can criticise but weekend cricket playing desis cannot criticise.. suber laagic ba..

Anonymous said...

Considering the quality of current players I think 20-20 is much better or 50 over game needs critical changes to make it interesting! Even a hardcore cricket fan like me is not interested to watch one-day cricket. Quality of the cricket is so poor. I didn't even bother to watch the triangular series in Srilanka, it was dull and boring. I used to watch non-India matches just for some players like Wasim Akram, Waqar, Shane Warne, Allan Donald, Lara and so on. Now we hardly have players of such calibre. WI, PAK is much more equiped to play 20-20 than 50 over game. Everyone was celebrating even that "Appam chutiya" as the next best thing in Indian cricket and that's says it all about the quality of players. May be instead of changing the format of the game, they should introduce Grade system and that will make sure the top teams play against each other.

One Day Top Grade Teams: India, Australia, South Africa, Srilanka or New Zealand.

Test Top Grade Teams:

India, Aus, SA, England, Sri lanka.

Team left out should play among themselves and the winner will contest against the last team standing in the main group.

I believe this is the only way to make true cricket fan enjoy the game.


20-20: Anyone who knows to swing bat can play this format. (Also morons in our office who were criticizing Sachin for not playing aggresively in the recent Final can also enjoy the game)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the irony. Guy with free blogpost account mocking Twitter.

Anitha said...

I believe this is yet another chicken-egg story, as to what is causing what. The cricket administrators would say that the future of cricket is in 20-20 format since that is what sells the most. The fans say that the quality of the ODI and Test is so poor that they are forced to feel, the shortened version is better entertainment.

Anonymous said...

You need to understand that the game has evolved. Don't underestimate T20 with the stupid IPL. In international T20's the successful people have been the likes of Dilshan, Gayle, Afridi etc, who were reasonably successful in ODI's too.

Everyone was very much against ODI's when it came in to vogue, In this day and age if the game has to be popular it has to be packaged and given as an entertainment to youngsters and families(who in your opinion or stupid).

If anything Test cricket will not die. ODI's are the ones that should and will be affected and I can see why. ODI's have lived past their expiry date. Who cares about the meaningless Tri-series or who wants to see Australia drub England 6-1 in a series of lop-sided games?

Britain and Australia never protected the interests of Cricket, Rather they protected their self interests. India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka,NZL where all treated as non-entities in the past. It was always a series between Aus,Eng and WI(who were a big hit at that time) that assumed importance. If Aus and Eng had "protective" interests for the game read this.Australia did not Tour India for 12 years from 1986-1998. England did not tour India from 1984-1993. For that matter Even WI did not tour India from 1987-1994.The likes of Malcolm Marchall, Ian Botham and Richard Hadlee did not even come to the 1987 WC in the sub continent.You cannot call these protecting the Interests. It was always the case of preserving their self-interests. If India was treated this way imagine the plight of SL, NZL and Pakistan.

What goes around comes around and now India wields the power through corporations,$$$ and star valued players.When these corporations think that they have had enough of this and they stop pumping the $$$. Some other corporation/business from UK, Aus or NZL will take over and it will be their turn. No one is a saint here and no one cares about the game as such.Less said about the ICC the better. It's all $$ brother.

P.S: On a side note I would say Lalit Modi is a visionary(if that ticks you off) ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ganesh - First you said IPL is stupid, then you claim Lalit modi is a visionary. He is just a kullanari that's all. He stole this Idea of IPL from Zee (ICL) guy. Any NARI can organize IPL as you control over the players, Boards, Grounds etc.,

As you have said WI, ENG, PAK can do much better in 20-20 and I believe they will also be happy not playing one day game. Housewifes, Kids can also enjoy the game. I am sure if you play Ind vs Aus or Aus Vs SA, you can still pull crowd and $$$ from the game.

Just because you get $$$ and it finishes fast you can't start liking 20-20. If you start playing the one pitch cricket, Book cricket, galli cricket with 3 times beaten out rule it will be even more interesting than 20-20, but you can't move towards that.

When they started one day game, they didn't remove test cricket, so how in the world you can say that one day cricket should be removed for 20-20. Play 20-20 with second tier teams like England, WI and teams like Ind/Aus/SA should be represented by more of upcoming players.


Maddy said...

Why all the comments anonymous?
"weekend cricket"...LoL

Srikz said...

the dude that mocks twitter is using a blogger to write mini (really mini) articles. wonder why he didn't go into the book publishing business.
anyway, i don't care what people say. T20 rules. it's entertaining, it's unpredictable, there's cheergirls!!! in test, u win th 1st session, u win th match most times. odi - more than 80% games are predictable! also, i don't have the attention span. Go T20! Go Deccan Chargers!

Anonymous said...


/* i don't have the attention span */

which is why you are an idiot.

Hawkeye said...

apparently, the logic of the idiot generation is that you can't publish a book that says book publishing is bad. you cant be a doctor and say doctors are bad and you can't be a cricketer and say cricketers are bad. 'fawarful' logic.

romba sooper!

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


I think though T20 is like the Wham Bam Thank You Ma'm kinda deal, I still believe that to be successful over longer periods of time, you need to be a technically skilled player.

Alan Smithee said...

T20 is probably the least harmful transgression by the idiot generation. Here is a more egregious one...

"Beautiful and intelligent Gul Panag"? Yeah, right. I will have what you're drinking.

Anonymous said...

@ Ashok

Yes the quality of cricket in IPL is not great compared to international cricket But the business model is great


Sunil said...

Unga post la logic ku onnum korachale just reeks of the guy who bought a Merlot from Wal-Mart and then thinks he is Robert Mondavi's machan...

Hawkeye said...

but i don't know what a merlot its or who robert mondavi is? theriyaadha aalukku eppadi ponnu kodukardhu?

Sunil said...

hmmm...Maybe you should stop bloggin' and read once in a while...enna solreenga..

Hawkeye said...

i am even considering resigning my job and getting started on robert mondavi.

Sunil said...

ok..Having said all that, you are pretty funny...keep writing and hit across the line once in a while..I hear the bowling in seattle in pretty ordinary..:)

TTM said...

Why didnt they invent T20 when I was in X and XII? :(

Anonymous said...


I think you have it in you to write a script for Kamal Haasan.

- Ramesh

Nilu said...


If you want to be funny or cool or even non-retard, the necessary condition is to accept a scathingly funny attack on you with grace.

I know, everyone knows you don't have grace or can't not be a retard et al. Just saying, this Sunil made a really funny remark that deserves anything that's not your stupidity.

Sunil, intha pakkam vantha I'll buy you a beer. Even if you don't bring your wife or gf along.

Hawkeye said...


Still going about without maturity. X std boys have stopped discussing things like "dei ..avan soopera ottinaan theriyumaa..". PSBB maadhiri idathula padicha unnoda 'fruit' buddhi vera enga pogum.

maybe you should teach Sunil how to join Srimathi ma'm tuition class.

Kokki Kumarru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kokki Kumarru said...

Just as u guys were discussing about Robert mondavi machan
I could only recall Ramachandra Guha's famous quote "In my opinion, Test cricket may be compared to the finest Scotch, 50-overs a side to Indian Made Foreign Liquor, and 20-20 to the local hooch.

Rasta said...


I understand you have a thing to criticise whatever barath says and some past fights have happened. But I find most of the comments here silly.

You obviously don't need to have played test cricket in order to comment on charm or quality of it. It is like saying you need to have been the Prime Minister to criticise PM.

Just watching cricket is enough to criticise it. So the Merlot Modavi comparison is ridiculous. Not everyone who tastes and reviews wine needs to be of Mondavi's stature.

Support for such stupid comments looks silly. have the usual set of comebacks for such comments. Just don't use them. It is old style.


- not a fan of the 'angry' hawkeyeview

- used to be a fan of RH until it rotted.

- not a fan of test cricket.

Kokki Kumarru said...

Test cricket is real cricket. Test cricket is like art, very few people notice the real beauty of it.. People who call it mokka are the mokkais themselves!!

And The truth remains that Twenty20 is diverting players towards money instead of playing for honour.. Many will follow freddy!!

Venkat said...

look at it this way.., we may be stupid, but the world is helpless...
it's a delite to see KP's face up VM's butt and Flintoff mouth of cliche after cliche on how wonderful it is to play in India..
i am enjoying this forced mindshift (as long as it lasts..)
cricket's just a sideshow!

feddy said...

"In about 10 years when someone does a CPR to revive cricket, one of the key lessons they will take forward is that India cannot be given any authority/responsibility to determine the future of cricket."

Completely agree.

Nappinnai said...

Hmm, I disconnected myself from Cricket when IVA Richards got retired! Do I have a qualification to post a comment if I have couple of cousins/uncle who were selected for Ranji Trophy/English Counties and Test Cricket match? If so, then yes, i would like to make a point of stupidity cum ego.

TE Srinivasan(my second cousin) played few test matches. Whoever had seen him, like his style and he was an opener. He was the only guy who kicked Lilly's ass in Australia. Gavaskar was pathetic in that entire Aussie series. The problem was my cousin, under Gavaskar captaincy, told Gavaskar "how to play cricket". So gavaskar removed him from next match....There ended his career in test matches. Gavaskar screwed many fellows. He declares when his own BIL gundappa rao was about to beat Gavaskar's record. Chauhan was another example. Gavaskar was a cunning captain. I like a person who says everything on face.

Another cousin of mine played(for sure)for an English County. I don't know if he still plays. My own maternal uncle got selected for Ranji Trophy(in 50's). But my grandpa said "these are all not gonna get you bread and butter. Do something useful in life". So he became a lawyer!

Its been ages since I watched cricket. Every field has a golden period. I think that golden period in Cricket was gone long time back. Is it gonna come back? I doubt it.

Alan Smithee said...

Nappinnai, not to insult your enormous understanding of phonetics and semantics of the English language... You need to see what "cum" means.

Anonymous said...


I think she meant something like "sofa cum bed". Although that could take "cum" to a different plane. Sofa,Cum,bed.. WOW.


Alan Smithee said...

You should close this comment board in honor of the previous comment.

Anonymous said...