Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Jeppiar's opening day speech to students of Sathyabama Engineering college is so legendary that one need not introduce it to people at all. It is part of the folklore. When boys discuss college stuff after several rounds of (OH)4 this speech certainly figures in that. I have been fortunate to witness it once. I promise you, I can never forget it. Here is a sample of the eloquence, precision in language, and sophistication he brings to the table.


Rastafari said...


Padmanabhan said...

One part of me wants to ROTFL. another part of me ponders over the fact that I would be laughing at someone with a turnover of tens of crores if I do!

Anonymous coward said...

The recent Obama's opening day school speech was inspired by the success of this speech. Satya-Obama speech.

Raj said...

man, is this for real? if yes, he has SOME self-confidence in his english..

is this happening year after year? how come it is not corrected by his professors/lecturers adangkoyale... not even by his office peon?


Gayathri said...


This is REAL! I have a 20 minute video clip of JPR's speech in a convocation ceremony, which was shot by one of my close friends. That one is even more worser than the one posted by hawkeye.

Avana thirutha mudiyave mudiyadu.

Praveen said...

Talking about decipline, you must watch these videos:

College=Jail? [A Times Now Report]

Reaction from TN Education Ministry

hari said...

I was privileged to hear it first hand when I joined the 4 year BE course in St. Joseph's college of engineering (near Sathyabama, also belonging to Thiru Dr. Jeppiaar M.A. B.L Ph.D.)

Kokki Kumarru said...

Sobba!! wat a man.. The British will die watching this!

Anu Russell said...

he is the same guy who said..

girl girl mingle mingle
boy boy mingle mingle
girl boy no mingle jingle!!!

Long live Jeppiar...

I have to say though that hte owner of SRM is not very far...he kept calling our college Campus...Gambus the whole time!

Laila said...

"....almost all the students brother-oda important...sister...among the brother of the sister, the family that is called in sathyabama is the education temple...but you come to the university, we take care the same manner of the father mother. what is your father mother. what do they? the same education in sathyabama............." HAHAHAHAHA ROTFLMFAO

Anonymous said...

//girl girl mingle mingle
boy boy mingle mingle
girl boy no mingle jingle!!!//

The man exhibiting gayish traights here.. :-)

Raj said...

@ Anu
Jeppiar is a dheergatharisi..
article 377 abolish agumnu avaruku munname therinju irukku..

Karthik said...

Let me play the devil's advocate here.

I listened to the speech and yes it was bad but i don't think we need to ridicule his speech. English is not his first language. He is at least setting an example to talk without any fear. I have seen many of my friends from the rural areas who are afraid to speak in English because they think others would make fun of them. They are not going to improve unless they talk. Jeppiar could have asked any of his English professors to prepare a speech for him and he could have used the teleprompter. No one would find about it in the video. But he is at least true to himself and makes an attempt. I have seen many educated Tamilians who can't speak or even read Tamil and yet they make fun of others.

P.S :- I am not related to Jeppiar or any of his institutes.

Anonymous said...


First of all you lost the point of the post. He could have spoken in Tamizh clearly and no one would have made a fuss about it and there is nothing wrong in addressing the students in tamizh

He wanted to show off and the rest as they say is history.


Anonymous said...

need a post on health care reform- every Desi I know claims to have a solution. Thanga mudiyalai!

blackaccord said...

yaaravadhu angilam thappa pesineenga en udambu appadiye kodhikkum....
you know me my whole body of the country nation completely boiling..... apdi.. avlo thaan..

Karthick Prabu said...

So what i am trying to say eeess.. ;-)

I have been fortunate enough to listen to Dr Jeps for 4 years. I just have one line to say - Long Live Dr Jeps :D.

If Dr Jeps the happy, we all the happy (in Jeps english).

Maddy said...

Why people ALWAYS make a fuss about his English?
Why is English associated with suave or sophistication or elitism in India?
For God's sake, its just another frigging language. East Asia, Latin America,Africa and East Europe doesnt give a S$$$ to English...

I can understand his speech far better than Donald Rumsfeld's (No offense to him) following:

"Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know we don't know".

blackaccord said...

When it comes to being eloquent in English, T.R is always up there with Jeppiar and's an outburst from T.R. in english(though most of the video is in tamil)

scorpiogenius said...

wtf? Didn't this guy know Tamil? Or were there none to write out a proper welcome speech for him? Boy, he surely must be a clown in his college!

Hawkeye said...


same here


argh.. why did you have to mention it..(open vadivelu) valikidhu ba..(/(close vadivelu))




people know betterthan to correct him.


already postufied in this blog


i heard it once too


most damilans have already died.


i heard the girl-boy mingil too




like 'g' said his audience is primarily tamil. Adhula pesardha vituttu enna 'peter'


i have no idea about the subject you are referring to. didnt even know it was an important topic now.


"ippo ellam MP kidnap pana pudhusa roade podraangalam"


please refer to my response to karthik above.

btw rumsfield's statement is in fact very brilliant. it is a very common theory and not very difficult to understand. I dont know how this escapes you.

Krishnan said...

Thaangamudila saami !

Mani said...

BTW, did he say "curriculum" or "curry kolam(pond)"?!

Newbie said...

Adangokka Makka ! Intha kodumaya thatti kekka aale illeya ?!

PrakashSaptagiri said...

Jeppiar only speaks in English when he is addressing the Eng. college crowd , Not many know he does not speak in English in all of his institutions , I know I have studied in 2 different colleges under him for 6 years . When ever he use to speak in Panimalar Polytechnic he always did speak in Tamil , I saw when I went for my eng. in Sathyabama he use to speak in English in stages. I think his idea was in eng. colleges there were many mallus and other language students so he preferred English , but as long as I can remember he never spoke in English in any of the Panimalar polytechnic events.