Friday, September 04, 2009


There are some words and phrases that you get tired of reading (or writing). Maybe because you have used them frequently or you see everybody use it frequently (because it is considered fashionable). I'll kick start this series with 3 words/phrases that have annoyed me in the recent past like no other word.

Sanctum Sanctorum WTF?! Seriously. What doe this even mean? Romba bandha thaanga mudiyalai. I would prefer a long 'that room inside the temple where they keep the idol of god' as a better alternative to this rubbish phrase. I don't know what religious writers in the 1940s wee thinking when they began to copy this word just to impress the British. I certainly don't know what writers today are thinking when they use it incessantly. If people who use too much English are 'peter' then people who use too much Latin should be called 'litter' or 'thaadikaran' etc. What do they email their relatives "I went to the sanctum sanctorum of thirupathi and they said ''reight reight.. jaragandi... jaragandi"

Hype and the Hoopla: Stop. What is this 'hoopla' 'goobla' crap. Appadinna enna da? It is almost as if the keyboard instinctively types 'and the hoopla' after it types 'hype'. If you go to a mental aaspathri and they ask you to do word association, I am sure most of the mental cases would correctly answer 'and the hoopla' the moment doctor says 'hype'.

Protagonist: Now people who use this are downright pretentious. It seemed fashionable at some point and so I used it but then later I couldn't help thinking 'what the hell does this even mean?'. To put it simply, I don't like the way this word sounds inside the head. It is like referring to people from Kumbakonam as 'kumbakonist'. What about 'simble' words like actor, hero, person with yellow shirt etc. 'protagonist' 'pootagonist' sollitta nee enna periya Newyork Broadway theater performance reviewer'a?


KeepingItSimple said...

Teriyaadaa !? LOL.

Eventually words which are not used will become extinct. There is no need for explicit campaign.

Anyways I laud your efforts for foraying into these. My Best Wishes.

Sreekrishnan said...

why is a great vision called hawkeyeView ... right from cricket to your blog.

Michathellam ennamo, Protagonist alone is a Greet work meaning some First lead or something. i think this just looks like a fine word which you got bored using !!

Raj said...

How about :
1. going 'gaga' over..
2. "humongous"
3. "touch base"
4. Barack Obama


Bored Man said...

Did you read my comment on your last post?

Anonymous said...

the buck stops here..
mutually exclusive...
thats the way the cookie crumbles..
we'll take it from there..

I hate those phrases too


Schan said...

Plethora of problems! - used often especially when they have no idea about what the problems are.

I: such as...
Maama: Ennada ambi, ippdi posukkNu kettutte! Onna, renda... solrathukku!
I: such as...

Kokki Kumarru said...

new york broadway reviewer!!
"Protagonist" -
Too good.. I keep hearing this word quite often used by dumb reviewers especially on tv news channels jus to sound That " naglan periya allunga. All in all alagu raja " I feel that after goundamani,u were able to mock ppl like them in a classic way

Sreekrishnan said...

Bread and butter.... Usage of this evev if u eat dosai or idly

Maddy said...

Protagonist is an impressive word clearly conveying who is the central character irrespective of whether he is good or bad..

My hatelist includes
"Fag end" of the class
Pooch (Whichever meaning u take)

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

"Newyork Broadway theater performance reviewer" (LOL) Avan (aval)mattum enna periya komba?

But yes, valid series! You will never be able to end it though....athanai phrases/combination of words are torturing us pavam makkal.

Blogeswari said...

Add these: 'Genre' , 'paradigm shift', (to be) on the same page,

nivi said...

yen yen! why this kaduppu :)