Friday, September 11, 2009

Larry Gelbart

He was the writer for M*A*S*H. The series was great only partially because Alan Alda was glib or the slapstick pranks he pulled along with B.J were very funny. It was great mainly because of the usage of words. M*A*S*H was simply magic with the English language. You were often left thinking - I didn't know I could construct a sentence like that. Larry made humor a weapon.


Anonymous said...

MASH - Best sitcom/drama ever; who knew humor in a war setting would be so good?

Sienfeld a close second for sheer brilliance of the comedy

Frasier - distant third; mostly in the shadows of friends and sienfeld at nbc; never got its due


Venkat said...

Hawkeye's pranks with BJ and Trapper were a very very small contribution to the greatness of the series, in fact the more I look at Season 8 & 9.., comedy in MASH was probably the least impacting element..

but you are right, the first thing that strikes me is - Wish I could speak like that!

Larry Gelbart - RIP