Friday, November 20, 2009

Tendulkar Critics

There are two categories of Tendulkar critics. Category 1 are those who say (a) "when Sachin hits we don't win games" (b) "Sachin is overpaid" and (c) "sachin plays for himself and is interested in records". Category 2 are those who indulge in every other type of criticism of Tendulkar.
One can safely say that category 1 people do not have the requisite level of logical skills to follow and appreciate a game. If you are looking to have a good cricket conversation/argument you will quickly find out that they know very little beyond the quotes mentioned above. This inference can be deduced independently based on non-tendulkar conversations as well. Just that this particular conversation a high-confidence indicator.


Sreekrishnan said...

I'd Like to have a category of people who praise him when he bats well and dump him when he doesnt. They claim that they support based on results ...Mokka pasanga !

Category 1 is fine - they stay constant and Others we dont care. people who keep changing an "opinion" about a cricketer and his skills confusing it with the score and calling that a performance measurement - anumadhikkavekoodathu !

and so applicable to Rahman as well !

Anonymous said...

Here is something for you.


SathyaRam said...

Dont accept. People who criticize Tendulkar I believe understand cricket well. Ok there are people who dont understand and criticize him also but dont tell there is no genuine critcism of the way he finishes the game(if at all he has done) for India

Anonymous said...

People don't criticize his batsmanship, never seen a better back foot drive.

For all the hype about his opening in one dayers he seldom batted in the top 3 in Test matches.By the time he comes in either the match is lost as it is most times or platform is laid for him to build upon. Ponting and Lara batted in top 3 and had a larger say in their team's success. I would include only Dravid in this mix and not Tendulkar.

Don't know why they compare him to M.Jordan often, he cannot hold a candle. Couple of times he was made a captain he tried to convert Mumbai XI as India XI.

The only ICC trophy India won was a 20/20 after 83 triumph (ICC championship in Sri Lanka does not count joint winners due to rain) he was not even in the team.

Lastly the lies when he talks, I clearly remember the program early in his carrier when Gavaskar told he should score 20K runs or else he will be disappointed. He recently claimed Gavaskar wants to score 15K.

2011 world cup is only going to be his last attempt to be part of a winning side he may or may not succeed but he will beat Mianded's record of playing in 5 world cups.


Venkat said...

it's usually the emotion on either that triggers any point made as opposed to the logic.

Looking for logic in these instances is probably the most illogical thing one can do.

In other words you may reach the same conclusion if you were to profile Tendulkar's die hard supporters.

Alan Smithee said...

"punishing the best student in class" - This actually does more harm to your argument than any good.

Rastafari said...

Sathyaram and Anon here -
Forget category 1 or 2, one cannot even categorize them as humans. Kadugalavu moolai kooda irukkara mathiri teriyala

Hawkeye said...


but it is a bad thing to not change opnions after evidence to contrary is available. staying constant is not always a good thing.


good article.


your coment indicates that you have not understood the basic logic of the post.


I disagree with you :-) almost on every count. Except for batting in top 3 in tests.


agree that there may be categories in the "appreciate the tendulkar" side.

Alan Smithee,

the intention was to say "punishing the best studnet of a bad class". the omission may have caused you to interpret the tag differently.



S.Ganesh Kumar said...

I often believe that people in 1st category,generally are like those who have quite a short memory,so when he fails to score; they criticise him in that manner and when he scores big,then some of them even go to the extent of saying 'The Indian Team is nothing without Sachin.'
@KP,I wanna know who compared Sachin with Jordan?Cricket and Basketball are 2 totally different kinds of sports I guess.:P

Anonymous said...


I disagree with you :-) almost on every count. Except for batting in top 3 in tests.'

So you don't like his backfoot drive? He was in the 20/20 team? what exactly do you disagree to in these statements? MJ won six rings let tendulkar win 1 world cup and then we can compare.


Alan Smithee said...

good or bad class does not make a difference. In other words, classroom relates to individual performance and supports the category 1 people.

Kaushik said...

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