Friday, December 18, 2009


You are called a fair reviewer only if you judge a movie based on "how" well it says, "what" is has set out to say. Agreed. Assuming that a movie does the "how" part very well. In that it communicates/presents/shows "what" it has set out to say extremely well - does that alone make it an awesome movie? What if "what" it has set out to say is - - - "stupidity".

Should a good reviewer then put the "pattu kunjalam" for the "velakkamaaru" and write: 'What' the movie communicates is that the actors, producers, director and the audience are extremely stupid. 'How' does it go about saying this? It says this in the most effective and fantastic way imaginable. It says it so superbly that when you walk out of the theater, there is no doubt in your mind that you are the stupidest person in the world. Therefore I highly recommend you watch it.

Reviewers are essentially re-phrasing the above in a different way when they write: "This is a commercial Vijay movie and so should be viewed from that lens".

p.s: I have not seen Vettaikaran.


Praveen said...

Pls do read this post. Even he hasn't watched Vettaikaaran.

Anonymous said...

This is for you..


- Ganesh

Alan Smithee said...

You should see the new movie with jayam ravi and 5 girls in it. Sooper padam.

MaySan said...

Thought u left early to see this, but u prove me wrong as always

siva said...

I watched the movie and find it was half decent. Then realised that i had set the bar really low. we live in sad times. And watched avatar on the same day. Awesome movie

Shastri JC Philip said...

Some good questions and some good reflection. They come to the mind of every serious reviewer, not only of movies but also of books!

Shastri Philip

Praveen said...

Seen this?