Thursday, January 14, 2010


There is beauty, love, sadness and longing in this song. I simply love it. Get very senti if I listen to it late in the night. Wonderful. I have this crush on Archana as well.


lazy geek said...

its a lovely song and thanks for accepting the crush :)

Gradwolf said...

nice..where is this from actually?

Praveen said...

Oh man I remember this video!
And that is Archana??!!!

Praveen said...

ah u have mentioned Archana! I was head over heels! She has a baby now I hear.

I think she judges some show on Vijay TV.

Last but not the least, beautiful song.

Alan Smithee said...

I thought you are writing about Y Gee's daughter.

blackaccord said...

you gave me 2 scares.. Like Alan, i thot you were writing about Y Gee daughter.. When you said you had a crush on archana (before I watched the video), I thought you meant Balu mahendra heroine Archana..

Very nice composition...Hawkeye, kanda naal mudhaalai is also based in Madhuvanthi.. The only other tamil song based on Madhuvanthi that I know is 'Nandha en nila'..

Hawkeye said...


this song/video brings about the forgotten old Madras romance. there was a time when I listened to it in repeat all night.

yes archana.. she looks like hema malini in a few poses. especially the mischivous laughs during dance poses.


yes. same archana.


mood'a spoil pannitiye.

black accord,

'nandha en nil' had not heard of that song.. will listen now.

Sreekrishnan said...

very addictive !!

Ram said...

who is this archana? Is she a movie/tv star? can anyone tell which movie or tv shows she was part of?

Praveen said...

Remember this?

Sreekrishnan said...

ram, i think she was in Sun Tv's ungal choice or something like that

Praveen, wow thanks for the link. This was another song i loved sometime off late

Hawkeye said...

gradwolf, this was an independent album done by dr. sri




she was a host in some TV


yes.yes. that released when i was in enginnering. but ver good song. was listening to both these songs recently. totally dig that model too.

Praveen said...

Not able to find Ussele Ussele video!

Anonymous said...

is the singer you?