Monday, January 11, 2010

'Sarkarai' Pongal

The quantity of ghee must be so high that by the time you take this delicious sweet sarkarai pongal in your hands and transfer it into your mouth, the ghee must flow down to the elbow and drip from there.


blackaccord said...

happy Koodaravalli!!!

Hawkeye said...

I am sitting here with freakin wisdom tooth removed and full of painkillers. You can throw me into a vat of ghee like obelix and I won't feel a thing. :-(

Anonymous said...

Why did it become Koodaravalli from Koodarai vellum?

Is it the same as Microvun?


Sreekrishnan said...

Blackaccord: That probably makes more sense than Happy Mothers/fathers and onnu Vitta Mam's Day !

aadai uduppOm adhan pinnE paaR chORu
mooda ney peydhu muzhangai vazhi vaara koodi irundhu kuLirndhElOr empaavaai..

happy Koodaravalli !

Parthasarathy Kovil the stunner !

Lekhni said...

For ghee to drip like that, though, it has to be pretty hot - given that, at room temperature even in India, ghee turns solid or semi-solid.

blackaccord said...

Hawkeye, If u took the sarkarai pongal, you might as well get ur cavity filled after the wisdom tooth removal..

Prabhu, koodarai vellum is the paasuram.. Andal finishes the fast on this day and merges with Perumal (Koodi irundhu kulirndhelo rembavai).. Hence she becomes koodaravalli.. (Others, correct me if I'm wrong)..

Sreekrishnan, True.. unfortunately many of the Vaishnanavites don't know that such a festival exists..

Is everyone enjoying their Dadhyojanam (Dhadhyanam) today for karavaigal?

Hawkeye said...


did not know the koodaravalli trivia and dhadhyonyam for "karavaigal pin sendru"


well said :-) You should eat thirupathi sarkrai pongal or oppiliappan kovil. aaltimaate.


ghee drips in hot sarkarai pongal :-). and it it doesn't become semi-solid for atleast 2-3 hours.

Sreekrishnan said...

I have tried both, but i think still Parthasarathy wins hands down ! though, oppiliappan is equally tasty ! therla may be i got to eat Partha's more than Uppili