Tuesday, January 19, 2010


is an organized version of ircChat and YahooChat rooms of the 90s. People are simply chatting with each other 140 characters at a time. I am yet to figure out whats so interesting about it.


Sreekrishnan said...

i think the only person i find very useful is "funnoneliners" I just see some use to that ... Then there is pritish nandy who shares some sense/ideas .. apart from that its just your TPT !!

Alan Smithee said...

Ellam marketing and the perceived coolness associated with the adoption. I still can't figure out why someone would need to replace a walkman/diskman with ipod. Or for that matter, windows xp with windows vista/7.

Hawkeye said...


i shhld subscribe to funonliners.


ya saying 'i am on twitter' seems to be more useful than actually being on twitter.

walkman/discman to mp3 players was actually a good thing becuse you could pack the player with more songs, saves CD space, reduces cost and playlists is quicker than burning new CDs.

indha win 7 discussion panra alavukku naan 'geeky' illai.. as i dont even know how to 'jail break' my iphone :-)

Piker said...

There's no business model to Twitter. It's a medium as much as speech is a medium. If you find it useful, you can use it pretty well. If not, you don't.

I use it to follow interesting people who post useful links / converse with interesting people and as a fun exercise.