Monday, April 19, 2010

Meenkodi Theril: Karumbu Vil

'Mottai' has put some amazing tunes over the years. Many of them for good movies that gave the songs much needed attention. And quite a few of them for sucky movies featuring actors with dumbass looks (look at the hero's expression at 1:15 to see what is referred to in maama circles as "poittu alambikaama vandha look" from the water scarcity days).

This song is from a rather unknown movie and is a particular favorite of mine. It found a place in most IR collections I had. The director of this movie must've realized at some point that IR handed him a fantastic tune. He puts in the 'marriage reception' type special effects on the extremely hot Jayasudha as she dances with oomph and mesmerises the lungi-clad teenagers in Thanjavur Kamala theater.

But I digress from the real point of the post. What a song and what a tune. 'mottai' seems to casually (as they say 'anaayasama') throw out a song that magically mixes a sensational voice and orchestration with a folk variant of 'omaha zeeeya' koluvai sound. 30 years later this song is still awesome.


Anonymous said...

hahaha. "poittu alambikaama vandha look" ROTFL.

The song is very melodious, though.

blackaccord said...

Another horribly picturised classic song that comes to my mind is 'ilamai enum poongatru'... If not for these songs, nobody after 30 years would know that a movie 'Karumbu Vil' or 'Oru odai nadhiyagiradhu' or 'Pagalil Or Iravu' existed...Before the days of youtube and dvr, I've gone through the pain of watching many such adapppas movies in Raj TV's ugly picture quality, just to see the song, not knowing when it would come in the movie..

Raajah Raajah thaan!!!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO @ your description of the hero's expression. Cracked me up at 1.15. What a song really! One of my favs too. Thanks for the video, never seen it.:D

Some trivia - The woman is not Jayasudha, but her sister Subhashini, who also dances in Aasaiya kaathula thoodhu vittu. The guy isn't Suman either, he is Sudhakar. (of kizhakke pogum rayil)

This guy, the other one in Ilamai ennum poongatru, that idiot in Kadhal Oviyam (never known his name, my mom just calls him "jigu jigu kannan") the list of shitty faces in Mottai's classics is endless. Indha directors-ku ellam ippadi picturize panna manasatchiye urutthaadha!! Bastards!

blackaccord said...

just noticed ur tags.. its sudhakar.. not suman..

Nithya Swaminathan said...

If I leave a comment with name and url, it considers me as an anon? the prev anon was me!

Anonymous said...

is she the same female who acted as rajini's sister in pandiyan?

Anonymous said...

It is not Jayasudha. This lady acts in serials these days and she is horrible. By the way why do you call IR as Mottai? It is very heart-breaking. Please give some respect for his talent. It is his music that we can connect and be proud of.

Hawkeye said...

i call IR 'mottai' out of love.

no offense intended.

MLC said...

LOL readng the expression on hero's face!!
IR was / is truly THE MASTER!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that u call him Mottai only out of love. I was watching Mouna Ragam yesterday and was completely moved by the background score. I am worried that our kids will not be able to enjoy IR as much as we do.

Praveen said...

I remember listening to this song on All India Radio when I was a kid. Chennai FMs used to play this a couple of years go too.

LOL at your desciption.

Blogeswari said...

This song (atleast the picturisation) reminds me of this one

- Ugly heroes both, uglier kaanamal-poana-heroines and naaaicce songs. Ofcourse this one's by Salil Chowdhry

Anonymous said...

More Trivia...

The guy in "ilamai enum poongatru" is Bharani (Also seen in Avargal and as Radhika's father in "Chitheeeee")

Sreekrishnan said...

lol at the expression !

how about Thendral vandhu Ennai thodum. Of course Ilamaiyenum poogatru was the top messed up visualization.

T V E T, is one of the my most fav song along with a list of other Rahman songs i wake up daily ! But visualization o m g !

Anon: As Maniratnam himself says, youll like the song that you listen to at an impressionable age. THat becomes a classic. Unfortunately or fortunately we all grew up listening to both IR and ARR, My mom grew up listening to IR as well, and to me i'd consider MSV was amazing equally. People who have ears to music will enjoy !

Today you have many MDirectors- and hence the disappearance of Cult.

aargee said...

That's a beautiful song. I just love IR. Somehow I can't have that craze for anyone else. He is THE BEST! I can't as such choose which song I like from IR's music..almost every song has something special about it... IR is THE BEST!

aargee said...

Btw forgot to mention..his one of the wonderful songs " sangaththil paadadha kavidhai " in Auto raja had also been wasted on two expression-less, "I-can't-act" kind of people..especially the heroine that I can't bear to watch....

blackaccord said...

The ugly hero you are referring to in 'Ullam ellam thalladudhey' is none other than Captain Vijayakanth.. :)

Not to digress from the original topic, I'm not a blind homer to say every IR song was the best.. IR had his shares of dappanguthu/run of the mill songs just like everyone else.. Lots of IR melodies have been forgotten or lost primarily due to the dappanguthu songs ruling the charts.. 'Vaadi en kappa kezhangu' was more famous than 'kaadhal oviyam' or 'Podhuvaga en manasu thangam' was famous than 'endha poovilum vaasam undu'... There are a lot of songs that make you wonder 'Did Illayaraja really score the music for this song' and then there is another genre where you would think 'Wow..How could IR come up with such songs? '

lazy geek said...

i think its a very mediocre song.

Anonymous said...

appadi podu Lazy.

And thinking this lady is Jaysudha is also too much.


blackaccord said...

may be its the music sense that's mediocre...

Hawkeye said...




memory is playing tricks on me...ilamai ennum poongatru was that jalsa song with sridevi in minis right? what more did you want from that song? -)


oho sister'aa. she looks so much like jayasudha. made the mistake with suman. will correct it.


i think so. not sure.




heard it on AM as opposed to FM

nandri for that link. havent seen that.




i agree. many MDs is not so cool as one primadonna MD


cant seem find 'sangeetham padaatha kavithai' in youtube


to each is own. dont want to get into a discussions on whether this song is good or medocre :-) its just a proxy argument on whose taste is better.


enna crawled out of the woodwork for Jayasudha'va :-)

Praveen said...


aargee meant this song

Anonymous said...

You just made my day with "poittu alambikaama vandha look" - it has been several weeks since I have laughed this heartily......

Rastafari said...

"He puts in the 'marriage reception' type special effects on the extremely hot Jayasudha"
Hello! that is NOT jayasudha!!
enna achu ungaluku?

Hawkeye said...


adhaan Jayasudha sister'aam. i am the confused. will xhange