Saturday, April 10, 2010


Good that they celebrated 'Success of Paiyya' barely 1 day after the movie got released. There would have been no need for this had they waited.

I am not sure what was going on in Karthi's head when he chose a bad director such as Lingusami for his 'I want to breakaway from C Center stereotype' movie. Lingusami has consistently made bad movies. He has also shown that he has zero tolerance for creativity or entertainment in his movies. I can see how this movie tries to portray Karthi as an urban (it gives Karthi A center costumes but C center dialogs) person and gives his career arc some diversity. But is this the best one can do in this genre? What this movie goes on to demonstrate is that there are no (a) good masala movie directors in Tamil Cinema and (b) good comedians who can accompany new generation actors or carry their own comedy track.

'Paiyya' looks like 'ngoiyya' because (a) it misses a comedy element that is key for success of any masala movie , (b) Lingusami does the moronic formula of While (1) {fight, drive, fight, drive, fight, drive} and (c) its ridden with cliches and lacks pace. Any movie that begins (kandasamy is an example) with fast paced cuts of a city landscape has got a screwed up definition of what "fast paced" narration means. Its not the quick cuts but the tempo of the storyline. And please lets stop with the one guys beats up 60000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people in 3 milli seconds segment. You could have a million people thrice the size of Karthi show up and he still beats them, flies in the air and beats them, jumps in the car and beats them. Bheema indulged in such nonsense. Tamil cinema has seen enough clenched fists and knuckle crunching sounds. Is this the best 'action' Lingusami can do? Can't there be more creativity in the genre?
The songs in Paiyya are fantastic. Almost every single song was really good. Strangely this movie has more male-voice centric songs (female voice ranged from completely absent to 2 stanzas). My favorite song was "en kaadhal solla neram illai". However, there was simply no class shown in picturizing the songs. Karthi carries himself well in choreographed songs and does well inspite of the poor environment given to him. There is some charm he exudes that even Surya does not have. If Karthi wants to break away from the stereotype and be a good 'experimental movie actor' + 'masala movie hero' he should breakaway from the hordes of Tamil cinema heros who show up on screen unshaven (whats with everybody having a 3 days beard) and beating up a million baddies with bare hands. There is no need to be shy about mouthing dialogs in a non-cheri way. Sophistication is not a bad thing. C Center audience may like it. Look at Kaakhi Sattai or Kadhal Parisu. They are classic masala movies with a good storyline. Those are good examples masala movies. Paiyya is a prisoner of the 'Kollywood' formula. Karthi could have done a much better masala movie than this.


I said...

Linguswami made Sandakozhi which was good.

Run was also OK but the thayir saadham hero spoiled it.

Praveen said...

But for the music and camera work and Karthik nothing else was good. Aside, I thought Milind Soman made his presence, though limited.

Did you know he wants to make this shit in Hindi?

Sreekrishnan said...

Oh, just that you took time to write about i - i didnt .. almost feel the same way. Lingusamy probably missed thamizh padam while shooting for Goyya !

Tamannah was forced to look hot with low rise. Only relief was songs but badly picturized.

Did you actually notice titles had some "Thanks to .. " section which talked about "Story Discussion". Mudile !

Alan Smithee said...

The mallu heroine spoiled Run.

blackaccord said...

wasn't anandham by lingusamy?
I'm staying away from this one as I did for bheema..

Venkat said...

Kakki Sattai a classic masala movie ?
is this popular opinion ?

Hawkeye said...

Sandkozhi - vishal is worse than thayir saadham.


in hindi?? dont they have their own "road movie"


somehow i dont think tamannah is hot. yen avalukku ivalavu build up theriyalai.

alan smithee,

yes.. meera jasmine ozhiga

black accord,

yes debut movie.


kaaki sattai..sooper padam. adhukku enna kuraichal. pokkiri is a copy of that.

Anonymous said...

FYI "en kaadhal solla neram illai" is inspired from a Hindi pop song
"ho gayi hai mohabbat"

Anonymous said...

This above commentator, does he have ears?

Anonymous said...

//kaaki sattai..sooper padam. adhukku enna kuraichal. pokkiri is a copy of that.//

yeppu... The movie was worth for just that Thagudu Thagudu scene...:-)


vijay said...

In which planet is "kaadhal parisu" a good masala movie? Not even diehard Kamal fans dig that movie. It is in the same league as Mangamma sabadham and andha oru nimidam.

Dr.Dheep said...

Dint catch paiyaa in theatres cos of the poor reviews. Chanced to watch the DVD. Was actually good in parts. Ur review does justice to the movie. 'Paiyya' indeed was like 'ngoiyya':)