Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Raavanan/Raavan Songs

Easily the worst Soundtrack-album among all Manirathnam movies ever made. That by inference means that this is the worst effort from ARR-Mani combo. Beating Guru takes some effort and they managed to suck so bad that Guru looks better now.

I am thinking - is this also ARR's worst album ever? Or has ARR made albums worse than this?

Either way Mani needs to find a new Music Director, he has waited too long to dump ARR. Yuvan Shankar Raja would be my recommendation.

p.s: don't even try the thamizh version. I thought DilSe(Tamil) < DilSe(Hindi) and DIlSe (Hindi) was awesome. But Raavanan is so bad that it reminds me of songs from 80s tamil movies that were dubbed versions of telugu movies.


Karthik said...

'sakkarakatti' gets that prize straight away.

Anonymous said...

Many times or may be always competition is with self. And to win self is not that easy I think so.

Nithya Swaminathan said...

It's nice to finally see a review that doesn't mince words. The soundtrack is as crappy as it can get. If Hindi is bad, Tamil is just worse with lame lyrics.

Not that Mani is still making great movies either. Ellam kazhudha thenju katterumba aana kadhai thaan.

Gradwolf said...

Oh cmon, it's not so bad! I agree it's the worst ARR-Mani combo soundtrack. Behne De, Khili Re I really liked.

And Guru was much better(really good, actually) compared to music of Yuva/AE.

Girl Next Door said...

I somehow get the feeling the movie is going to suck too. ( i hope it doesnt!)

blackaccord said...

Wow.. some harsh words there.. Good luck trying to find a Music director that can appease the TFM and HFM lovers...Raavan music is not great but its decent.. Yuvan?? Harris would be a better bet than him.. Harris atleast won't attempt singing..:)

Tyler Durden said...

Nothing to do with Mani/ARR, but the new Inception trailer is out. As usual, it looks amazing.

♪♪Rahmaniac™♪♪ said...

When it comes to music, both lyrics and music definitely go together. no doubt in that! so what we are comparing here is the best composition of lyrics with the music. I guess its time that blog author has to realize that its not just the music director..its the combination of director+music director and lyricist.. and when you love music in one language (like his said(dil se example) than your own language means, there is something hurting you...which is language..and he definitely have a problem with language improper usage with the, try to understand where lies the problem..its the lyrics in your language dude...

let me explain exactly the same problem here....

I Just heard the sample versions of Villain (Raavanan dubbing version in telugu) on AR's FB update.
The lyrics suck big time! The tune and music is good as usual (its same anyways), but the lyrics actually dont fit (its akward actually) the music. and they are directly transloate from Tamil(Tamizh) which doesnt fit the nativity (for lack of better word)
Whatever the blog author seen in 80s, I am still seeing that in AR's dubbed movies in telugu now and then (villain would one good example).

I think its hard to produce the songs in multiple languages with same meaning! because it loses the nativity! The songs shouldnt be directly translated!
the lyricist should be creative enough to fit the situation and music (which would be time consuming for the crew I guess)...

Its not that tamil lyrics or telugu lyrics are bad. its just the nativity and best mix of lyrics and music is missing (i think thats what it is coming to finally!).
seriously people...what is this "kullu pudithe"?! do they want to match yaasa, praasa, starting letter of the lyric in languages! rhyming etc etc..?! I message to the lyricist. Please be creative and dont listen to other language (its better you dont understand other language). its not always poetic way of using the words, its the meaning of whole sentence dude! there is defintily better way to express same thing in different languages with suitable poetic words...

but its true that first impressions are generally the best impressions. after used to hindi version, tamil (ok tamizh) version was not so good (except usure payudhe)..after hearing both hindi and tamizh, telugu version suck even big time (except kaavule)..interestingly i liked the least heard song in hindi and tamilzh (khili re) in telugu, which is much better now)

finally I do think Mani didnt give much attention to Raavan music than the attention that he put in making the film (big starrer, multi lingual, different storyline etc), that might be one of the reason there is so much critisim on the music. btw, who is Yuvan (just kidding ok!) ?

I still think Mani is the person who can bring best out of AR and there are couple of other directors like shankar, rakeysh, Ashutosh, bharathi raja, kadir who can also bring best out of AR.

I think parusuram (arjun starrer movie) is the worst album of AR so far!

I would probably say dont even try telugu version except kaavule,

Srijith Unni said...

Raavan is easily the worst of ARR-Mani combos. Point Taken!, but dump ARR for Yuvan ? Isn't that too harsh..? Making it Karthik Raja at least would have lent some sense of respectability there.

neon said...

I really liked the Guru album - Tere Bina and Ay Hairathe being the standouts. Agree this is the worst ARR-Mani combo yet, still not reason for Mani to go to someone like Yuvan. ARR >>> Yuvan and his like.

Saravanan said...

Oru vaasagam sonnalum thiruvasagam sonninga.

I didn't like any of ARR's recent albums(VTV, Delhi 6, etc). Namba arivukku apparpatathunu nenachi vittuten. But I was eagerly looking out for Ravanan. Disappointed. Except Usure poguthe, all other songs are crap. Tamil padukolai. This is end of ARR for me.

Post Kannathil Muthamittal, Mani thinks/makes movies in Hindi and translates/dubs them to Tamil, ending up crappy version in Tamil. I wish he made simple stories like Alaipayuthey in Tamil.

Sreekrishnan said...

I was about to write the same thing when i thought ill give it some time ... actually it isnt Bad.. infact in some different way as i think it works.

Mani Ratnam has moved a lot from Music Oriented visual to Visual Oriented Music. That clearly is the difference in Raavan. Tamil [Kalvare and Kodu Potta are B A D in terms of Lyrics] but i think rest is good.

Thirunelveli slang and Original Instruments .. got to give it to him. I hated it on Day 1 probably the first album i'd dump totally - i thought - but its now in loops. Not that i forced my self but its getting real good.
problem is its experimented on lyrics which was WTF situation for us.

And for once, writing a negative comment doesnt equal "Not Mincing words". You are just not objective enough... in some terms.

Guru in Tamil was Hopeless Hindi was beautiful..., but Ayutha Ezhuthu was just Brilliant !

PS: thought of Replacing with Yuvan is as crappy as Sakkarakatti Music was ! Ironically Yuvan can come up with Sakkarakatti music at the max !

Anonymous said...

The music is not great, but it is not bad either. Some songs are quite good, though the lyrics can be much better. Besides, we need to wait for the visuals. Some songs go well with visuals. Above all, it will always take time to like AR rahman’s music. The riper it gets, better it will be.

Anonymous said...

worse albums: varalaaru, udhaya..

Anonymous said...

pasting hawkeye's review of guru's songs

Songs shouldn't have been part of this movie. This album was the most dissapointing and poorest of Mani-ARR combos that I have ever seen. I didn't like most songs. I am pretty sure they would be horrible in Tamil and so I never bothered to listen to the Tamil version (Anybody reading this! Please dont watch the Tamil movie). I hate movies that have songs. It never fits. The sooner we get rid of this culture the better for us. Given that - nobody picturises songs better than Mani. He has reinvented the art of picturizing songs. Sadly here its all absent. There were points where I thought Mani was guessing 'maybe this is how songs are picturized in hindi'. Maybe he has no clue. The dances are awkward, the picturization isn't all that great and the songs look more out of place than it usually does in movies. In interviews, he keeps talking ever so often about losing interest in songs and mentioned that it is incredibly boring to picturize them. So maybe he has lost interest.

if you replace "Guru" with "Raavan" it will fit the same. atleast both hawkeye and mani are consistent :-)

Anonymous said...

Sure u r a Stupid r Mad r !@$##%$#$ to compare Rahman wth Yuvan. Raavanan is not a Romantic Movie like Alaipayuthe o VTV..
That's enough for u..
i don't want to waste my time to spk with a mad r Stupid r @#$%^!@$%..

I said...

Let it grow on you, like fungus. And you'll start liking it.

Anuradha Sriram has sung for Rahman in Tamil after Minsara Kanavu.

Packaging songs in movies makes commercial/economic sense. You don't want to have a separate music industry consuming resources/investment all by itself.
If songs are gone from movies, then everyone will have to listen to/see "albums" where adangapdari teenagers from Bangalore or Bombay will sing and dance in pajamas. Aaniye pudunga venam.

Praveen said...

Did you know that Mani Ratnam had a single sitting with Shankar Ehsaan Loy for Alaipayuthey?

Mani was looking for a change and Rahman was way too busy with Broadway back then. I remember Ehsaan Noorani saying this.

Now to the topic, yes Raavan/Raavanan music is not all that good.

Listen to Yaar Mila De Saayiyan from Saathiya by Rahman and then listen to Behne De.

blackaccord said...

Sreekrishnan, have to agree with you.. Mani has slowly moved on from music inspired movies.. Early in his career, Just like the comedy track the songs were inserted in his movies (Agni natchathiram, anjali etc).. Even in alai payudhey he had to thinichify september maadham song..
I think that Raavan music will have a better feel in the movie rather than listening to it stand-alone (good example is lagaan, Jodha Akbar or swades)..
Saravanan, Delhi 6 is one of the best works of ARR in the recent past but the horrible movie overshadowed the brilliant music..
Raavanan has to be one of the worst dubbed songs.. Vyjayanthi IPS or Idhu thaanda police songs would have sounded better than this..

Praveen said...

Dilli 6 is his best in the recent years.

Rahman's song for Gujarat day has a much better tune than any of teh Raavan songs.

Anonymous said...

Rahman fans say to get the best output from him the director should give some leeway/space and also have a chemistry.I am being very simplistic here but the 'analysis' of rahman fans is rdb maker has got 'that' in him.May be mani 'had' it in him to bring the best out of rahman and now mehra knows the 'secret'..ennavo pogangappa...we lesser mortals can never understand

Anonymous said...

The songs in hindi suck as bad as in tamil or telugu... not only are the lyrics ordinary.. the singers are not necessarily any good... plus.. Rahman's music for raavan isn't his best....

The need to like the music just because it is Rahman is not my philosophy... so listening to it 10 times will make it better... ... when we see the movie it shall be great... are all reasons just to mellow one's disappointment...


Anonymous said...

[rahman Fan Mode] need to listen to it 50 times straight. On the 51st listen, you will realize its a work of genius

blackaccord said...

kannathil muthamittal was the last non multi-lingual movie by Mani and that had pretty good music.. It has been downhill from then on.. Aayudha ezhuthu > Guru > Raavanan... If Mani wants to bring out the best of ARR, he better have him compose different songs for the hindi version and the tamil version or atleast have a different MD if ARR can't do it .. Just because it worked once (for Uyire or Aayudha ezhuthu) doesn't mean its going to work every time..
Coming back to Raavan's music, its certainly not among his better works, but its certainly not trash in my opinion. Am I disappointed? Yes.. But not to the level of calling it trash..

Praveen said...

This new added song in Raavan is much better than the entire album. Download and listen

Hawkeye said...


sakkarakatti had 'taxi taxi' which i thought was good.


i understand. but in this case the competition was still was self but sort of 'can i do worse than Guru'


yes. agree with the lyrics.


i felt AE only had couple of tracks I didnt like (sandai kozhi, dole dole). everything else was really good. guru - i think one song was half good everything else was bad. even worse was the picturization of those songs.


i have been through the mani hype every 2 years for like 20 years. I am getting a feeling, I'll like regardless.

black accord,

'paiyya' was so good. so was 'pudhu pettai'. i am thinking yuvan/karthik raja under a good director wuld shine . Reason I say Yuvan is that he never had a 'big time' director like gautham/mani/shankar sign him on. It has just been selvaraghavan.


i am so looking fwd to it. thanks for reminding me. i had forgotten to look out for trailers.


i am nots ure i follow. you seem to be agreeing that the music is bad and stating reasons why it is.


karthik raja isnt a bad option either but he copies like crazy.


ARR (Guru, Raavan) < Yuvan (Paiyya)


i think he is treating tamil in a second hand fashion because he knows that his brad value will carry it through to at least 4 weeks of housefull. then we have vikram fans and those who come to see aish


i think i listened to the songs close to 50 times beore i wrote this. then finally i thought.. i have wasted my time despoly trying to like whats really bad.


i am reasonable sure mani isnt focussing on picturising songs beautifully naymore.


udhaya had a beautiful 'thiruvallikeni raani'


i have to credit catchgops for sending you my way :-)


typically all rahman songs that i really loved i have liked them from first go..

this album can eb rejected just because anuradha sriram features in it.


shankar ehsan loy is agood replac for ARR in hindhi land.

:-) on your comparison


your comment is hard to respond to saying. saying mani cant bring out best in a MD.


yes.. the 'listen to it 6000 times' never appealed to me from the start.


it may not be trash in a ARR discography but in a subset ARR-Mani list it is pretty close to traush. i thought music wise AE > KM


thanks for ths. i missed it.

Abhi said...

I dont know what to say.i liked the hindi works in a way.dont know why.didn even listen to the tamizh soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

m very sorry for ur ariyaamai in music... i'm sure u r not eligible to criticize ARR music... DONT EVEN SPEAK ABT ARR... sethuruva...

Pradeep said...

Is there any problem with rediff message boards? I already can categorize 2 posts, including the deadly one above, as rediff type makkal.

Hawkeye said...

Gopal, the owner of ARR Fans yahoo groups, put this post in the yahoo groups. And some of the more 'gifted' people from those boards are visiting here :-)

Anonymous said...

i think u r a mad. for me a person who says ARR music s bad or worst he's =s to bullshit. so keep u mouth shut Mr. illagati undher paniduvommm!!!!

Kokki Kumarru said...

Come on. I do know guru s soundtrack sucks but Tere bina was class. But its true that raavan is bad. But humans do err. And please dont even think of suggesting yuvan for Mani. Yuvan has been lifting tunes right from his inception. Appan sotha kolaidaikravan!!

chengayan said...

Can't believe this album is a Mani-ARR combo.The tamil lyrics! Lame! Thats the exact word.Yes i know ARR grows on you with time.But i fear this album wont.


umesh said...

The album rocks.U can RIP

Anonymous said...

Mani heard you Hawky!

Mani to work with Yuvan:

harry said...

thank you.. finally someone has the guts to trash a really trashy album...

i feel VTV is miles ahead in comparison to this and people ridiculed me for saying VTV was an ordinary effort...