Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 5 Thamizh Nursery Rhymes Countdown

This list is as a result of "Naan petra inbam.... "

I have had to endure these rhymes 7 billion times a day before I get to squeeze in 1 small spoon of this thing called "formula" or this concoction called "Yo! baby" into my daughter's mouth. I thought why not publicize the 'maaaberum' efforts of the people who put these rhymes together in YouTube. Also since I will (a) have dictatorial rights over my off springs for the foreseeable future (and beyond), (b) make choices for them & (c)determine whats right and wrong for them before they have a chance to intercept me - I will go on to pick what my daughter's the top 5 favorite nursery rhymes are:

5. Kai Veesamma

This ultimate rock style song is so peppy that I can squeeze 2-3 tablespoon worth of 'formula' by the time this song ends. The great thing about the way this rhyme has been rendered by the artists is that - I now don't get Sivaji Ganesan's image in my head everytime this rhyme is referred to.

4. Pambaram

I loved this song so much that I plan to buy a Pambaram during this India trip. SOkkan and SOmu - suber appu.

3. Odi Vilayaadu Paapa

Dude Bharathi makes an appearance in this song. The reason why he is cool is because he wants children to play ALL evening. The way he has proportioned education in the day's schedule will strike terror in the hearts of desi parents who send their kids to [897325612 crore billion raised to the power of billion] classes every week.

2. Dosai Amma Dosai

Dosai is pretty much the best tiffin in the world. It is very appropriate that this be one of the first things a child is taught. Its sets the correct priorities in life. The appa character here is the perfect Thamizhan. He has a paunch, sad face, and eats the most in the family. I found myself humming this song on most days.

1. Kuva Kuva Vaathu

By far the cutest rhyme in town. I used to think I was not one of those characters who go 'awww..'. I was more or less a 'eewwww..' person. But this 'vaathu' makes you go the former route. Cartoonist zindabaad. My daughter has this rude way of demanding for this song ALL THE TIME. Every single second of the day is time for 'uva uva'. That, ladies and germs, is a testament to the power of the 'vaathu'. A mere reference to this song will shut bawling babies. Another nice thing about the song is the open outdoorsy feel. Baby is near a lake and is playing with ducks. How awesome is that?

Across The border

Special reference has to be made to Malayalam nursery rhymes, which we stumbled upon as a result of random Youtube references. And 2 of them stood out.

A. Midimidukkan

What a delightful song. Very energetic and catchy tune.

B. Kiyam Kiyam

This song is like a super favorite. Maybe because its easy to understand for the average thamizhan. These malayalis from across the border love their banana trees.


D.N.A. said...

Totally empathize. I have this rhymes DVD that goes in the loop all the time. My kid is a human version of Pavlov's dog...

Manasa said...

I did go 'aww' at the vaathu song! :D Nice to see rhymes in Tamizh with all kinds of (lost?) cultural references - the red and white striped kovil compound wall, amma in a saree, veragaduppu etc.

What could be better - The singer's pronunciation in singing odi vilayadu paapa- tamil ooshal aadugiradu :P

Sowmya said...

Nila Nila in the same series is awesome too!

Girl Next Door said...

Long time reader..had to comment on this one!

Have you seen a telugu rhyme..thirugu thirugu something. found it the same way you did trying to get my son eat something.

this became my favorite by the time my son grew out of this phase!

MLC said...

yeppidi irundha neenga.. ippadi aayiteengaley!!
(namitha pathi-yum yezhudhamudiyum, vaathu pathiyum yezhudhamudyum polarku!:-p)

Anonymous said...


why is your kid a human version of Pavlov's dog?

RamMmm said...

Repeatu - first line of MLC's comment.

The couch potato has been sprung off his couch. Kids make you that. [evil grin]

Anu said...

Ayyo, I totally empathize. We have a rhymes DVD on loop as well. Worshtu is when we are in the car, I have to sing these songs with appropriate actions. Kodumai Saravanan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these...
Kiyam Kiyam is the best of the lot. I guess vaazhai maram has been used to emphasize the message - even if you are weak, if u help others, you will have a good life.


Anonymous said...

Actually my son loves this "Nursery Rhyme" called "Meow Meow". It is sung by this "lady" named shriya and ungle named Vikram. It is available in "Nursery Rhymes" by Kandhasamy.
After listening to this he has started addressing girls as Dhimsu Katta.

SO SWEET illa...

Anonymous said...

Intha kaalathula romba advanced. Ellam youtube la than. Enga kaalathula ellam saapaadu yerangale na rendu saathu saathi oru orathula nikka vechu saapada ootyduva.

Anonymous said...

What questions Anon.... any doubts go to wikipedia

I said...

ayyo pavame.

blackaccord said...

if not for youtube many desi kids will weigh in negative percentile..
I got some Attu video cd called 'amma inge vaa vaa' from laxman sruthi shop.. For Peter Englands, there's

The Print Lover said...

Here is my favorite tamil nursery rhyme. (May be because I got a prize singning this in my apartment Independence day celebrations).

Tho tho naikutty
thulli vaa vaa naikutty
Unnai thaane naikutty
Odi vaa vaa naikutty

Kariyum sorum poduven
Kazhuthil mani kattuven
Unnai thaane naikutty
Odi vaa vaa naikutty

Anonymous said...

Surprised that not one parent has commented on the negative effects of using TV/Video as an aid to feed the kids.

Anonymous said...

Long time passive reader, you post forced me out of hibernation ;). We had and still have the same issue to feed our son, I used to sing all the rhymes ( tamil, hindi, english), then thought, its becos of my singing he is not eating ;), so switched to TV, youtubes. Try karadi tales as well, Usha uthup's rhymes are very easy and very colorful to watch. you can find those in Youtube as well.
Till they are grown up enough to understand, happy rhyming... :)

Hawkeye said...


/*Surprised that not one parent has commented on the negative effects of using TV/Video as an aid to feed the kids.*/

a great man said

"awareness, though something, is not vereything"

WA said...

I've got to echo the same thoughts, epdi irundha Hawkeye ipdi aayiteeye!

Anonymous said...

wait a sec is this from my playlist ,my daughter eats to the exact same songs ..and the same 2 mallu songs ..r all kids the same in torturing us ????

Hawkeye said...




the vaathu is super. yes.. i noticed the red/white striped thing and thought the same thing.

most idiot singers cannot pronounce 'zha', and 'La' ivanga ilangai thamizhargalukku poradrathukku badhilla thamizh nadu thamizhargal saagarthai thadupatharkku poradalam.


thats my wife's favorite rhyme - so it naturally fell of the list.


he thanks for the rhyme.. its catching on


i vote for namidha for TN CM..

i am not even a yaanai (namitha is) but enakku adi saarukki pochu..


yaaru couch potato


kiyam kiyam is really good. did you notice that vaazhai maram has female voice but all the other bad trees had male voice.. 2 much!


you have boy or girl.. my answer depends on that.


10 months baby yaaru aiyya saatharanga.. ennoda gaalathula kooda athu nadakalai


your days are numbered..


ya youtube zindabad.

Print Lover,

:-) very good song


we only go to youtube if she wont even look at the spoon. which is getting more and more frequent


enna panradhu.. sugandhira paravai.. rekkai vettitaanga


aha.. you have a playlist.. i should do this..

Pavitra said...

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TTM said...

Of late, instead of this one, I have been singing 'chuck chuck chuck the ball, Gently down the seam, Murali murali murali murali, Chuck it like a dream!"

Hawkeye said...


i think of murali 'chuck' dharan when saying "how many wood does a wood chuck chuck if wood chuck would chuck wood."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my 16 month old daughter listens to this every weekend as I somehow try to feed her...her favorite is Vaathu and kai veesamma..