Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behne De

Listening to it made me realize that there is no thamizh word that captures the essence of the word 'behne'. While Vairamuthu made a smart move of not using approximately equivalent thamizh words for 'behne' and totally writes the song afresh, as a listener it is impossible not to compare. Vairamuthu falls short. Especially when he resorts to cliches like "usure poguthe" "madipichai" and "mani kyuile" etc. It was a good opportunity for Vairamuthu to show his class and he misses. Which makes me wonder that the songs were done for hindi first and then for thamizh.

P.s1: Still maintain my prediction that Raavanan is going to be a modern 'Guna' with SPB's role given more prominence/polish. It will be interesting to see if this movie gets people discussing 'Stockholm syndrome'. I totally expected reviewers to mention it for 'Guna' in 1991 but nobody did.

p.s2: 'Sundara khandam' would have been a better title across all languages. Curse K. Bhagyaraj.

ps3: too much luck for Raavanan with the thamizh SemMozhi maanadu vacation


blackaccord said...

Semmozhi maanadu vacation a? idhellam romba overa..

Hawkeye said...

1 week leave for schools and colleges kelvi patten. not sure if its true. kovai colleges'la extra leave pola.

Manasa said...

I thought that 'Keda kari' was so much worse. I kind of liked 'mammuda kirukku' and 'vidhi vilakkillada vidhiyumilla', as well as the metaphor of the snake-and-rope being applied here. They were only flashes of brilliance though in what was essentially a mediocre-ly-phrased song, agreed. I thought about it - this kind of 'awkward vairamuthu tamizh' is true for almost all the songs which were written in Hindi first - Desam, for example or more recently Guru. Dil Se - Uyire was, thankfully, an exception.

Anonymous said...

In the latest Raavan interview on BBC, it's funny how Abishek keeps stressing he's not in Tamil version too unlike his wife, because he doesn't know the language.

Sreekrishnan said...

Agree with Manasa totally ... Though i still think hindi and tamil are comparable. Tamil is infact enjoyable.. For example ..

Shart lagi hai mar jaane ki jeena hai toh pyaar mein...
Deh kahi bhi ho mera, jaan rakhi hai yaar mein,

En kattaiyum oru naal saayalaam
En kannula unMugam poguma ?
Naan Mannukulla Un Nenappu manasukulla..

They are still good. Though certain words looked old fashioned they feel different here and i still think its really good.

Behne De was good coz of its reference to water and fluidity of the situation while Vairamuthu compares it to a tense situation at heart and uses Fire to start with.

Listen to Kodu Pota... I think they convey a strong sense of Land ownership... Hindi does not ! It uses a lot of metaphors...

Maniratnam .. and Making of the movie video clearly showed they wrote the songs simultaneously or atleast done independently unlike Guru.

PS: one of my Thamizh frnd listened to BehEne De and asked me is the hero asking for the other guys sister? And i also heard lot of people were wondering the same.

Sreekrishnan said...

Manasa: "There lies the brilliance of Vairamuththu. Of Rahman! The blend, so perfect- that it conveys exactly what it has to convey! "

Thats from your review !

Praveen said...

@manasa: Desam (Swades) lyrics are by Vaali.

Blogeswari said...

These "maapillai vaandaahaa" "kanni kazhiyattum" "kaal podattum" kinda lyrics are becoming an integral part of Vairamuthu's verses. Repetitive and predictable.

Bala said...

A bit OT - When I look at the trailers and listen to the songs, it feels as if it is going to be a movie whose story line was thought for a tamil audience, pictured for hindi audience and now being presented to both. I don't feel the subtle underplay which Mani brings in tamil movies in his Hindi movies. Mani Ratnam's tamil movies are characterized by strong interactions between the actors but I feel he is now focusing on the canvas to compensate for interactions...

Praveen said...

Watch thise videos.

Anonymous said...

Did you and Krish Ashok got around to discuss when you came back from the Travels?
What happened?

Hawkeye said...


where is the link to your review. i cant find it.

'behne' has an association to water and its flow/fall even when it doesn't follow 'nadhi' or 'baarish'. when used in a different context 'mujhe behne de' it just looks beautiful.


mani wanted abhishek to play the tamil version too.


mani had no plans to do tamil, almost until shooting for hindi began. i think he should not have done the tamil version and not cast vikram in hindi. lets see ..


vairamuthu-arr konjam pazhuthu adainju pochu


my answer to sreekrishnan :-)


thanks there is a similar tamil one that is also good.


nope.. sorry i just had 1 week and w/ me and everyone arnd me falling sick, it wasnt workable