Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kamala Kamesh

Typical roles for her involved playing an old woman whose daughter invariably got raped within the first 10 minutes of the movie. The daughter's role would be played by someone like Raasi (or another ugly girl whose name I forget, who got raped in every movie she played). There should be an effort to document actresses who got raped the most on screen. Then as Kamala Kaamesh's son or neighbor (the Hero) tried hard to study, get a job, become prime minister of India, search and beat up the baddies, she would spend most of the movie near a 'viragu aduppu'. She would be sitting in a 'kundhikinu' position and blow the aduppu, cough 'lokku lokku' and say some dialog like "poor people like me ..."

Priyamani would have been an ideal choice to play Kamala Kamesh's daughter. They are made for each other. The only issue is that Priyamani has very high standards. She refuses to get raped by just 1 person or 2 people. Her requirements are that at least 10 people should rape her within a span of 30 - 45 minutes. It is hard to write stories that match the loss of 'karpu' at such a grand scale. Kamala Kamesh would have to get even thinner and poorer (not realistically possible) to reflect the sorrow caused by Nth order rape. I am guessing Priyamani is limiting her career by being so picky about the quantity of people who do her.


Blogeswari said...

Did you mean Madhuri / Ilavarasi / Arundathi as the daughters of KK?

You should write a post on your favorite Visu films' thangachi characters. The above are sure to find a place in that.

KK's daughter in real life is this Uma Riyaz who is one maha vetti bandha and nothing else.

Mambalam Mani said...

I was about to put forth Priyamani's name for that honorable post before I read where the 2nd para was going..

AishwaryaFanNo1 said...

What a disgusting article. You should be arrested for writing this crap.

Anonymous said...

How can you be so callous about a horrendous act like rape? You should be a little more sensitive. As someone said - it is disgusting to read your piece.

Anonymous said...

Hero's sister getting raped and hero taking revenge for it is one of the oldest cliches in cinema. I was saddened to see Mani stooping to such cheap tactics to move his story.

And the tactic wasn't even used properly. We are supposed to believe that Vikram falls in love barely a week or two after seeing his sister get raped and commit suicide. In his love haze, he forgets to kill Hemanth who was the chief reason for the rape.

Anonymous said...

well said anon@ 7:46. Mani just picked his actors based on their previous performances; easy job - Vikram:Pithamagan, Priyamani: Paruthiveeran, Ranjeeta: Nadoodi Thendral

It's not Kamala or Priyanmani's fault if they were type casted, they're not so popular to demand. On the other hand, Priyamani could have consciously avoided this role. But hey, who wouldn't want to act in Mani's movies right, irrespective of the roles offered.


Mambalam Mani said...

the interview of 'rape specialist' :D!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

To Think or not to think.
Is that a movie?

Sreekrishnan said...

Getting arrested for this article ? lol. So should those who rape Priyamani isnt it?

Off the shelf solutions being used in tamil movies.

I said...

The sister-brother sentiment in the above said cliched movies sometimes borders on incest.
What is so earth-shatteringly wonderful about having a sister? She incites protectiveness (a friend may sight or sing duet in dream scene) and responsibility (marrying her off, footing the/part of the wedding bill).

Ofourse Visu (through Uma in Samsaram Adhu Minsaram) said appa amma ku podra soru, akka thangachi ku seyyara seeru should never be accounted.

Anonymous said...

- offended coz priyamani is more talented nothing else.

Venkat said...

nasty post dude..

Praveen said...

anna, i know that u have written this piece in a lighter vein. but neither the comments nor the searchbots in future will be kind to u.

Dilip Muralidaran said...

Another classic example of how people do not read what is written post the 1st 3 lines and troll on things that did not mean or say anything along the lines on which it is considered offensive.

Maybe we could write a post on pointless trolling :P

blackaccord said...

Kamala kamesh... In the 80's we used to make fun that Ivan lendl was kamala kamesh's half brother..
Another rape victim mom or sister was sabitha anand.. Kamala kamesh & kaka radhakrishnan would be the perfect fit for Sharman joshi's parents in the 3 Idiots tamil version..
For ppl bashing hawkeye, lighten up people.. This is not a real life scenario we are talking about..

SathyaRam said...

My friend used to say that Visu does not put callsheet for Dilip/KamalaKamesh/Haja Sheriff etc. he writes to them in a post card (remember the good old days of post card) and tells them ' am taking movie please come'

I also dont beleive in bashing up hawkeye on this.

Maddy said...

Insensitive.. Second para made me puke, even if the commenters justify it to be sarcasm or "take in light vein".

With encouraging comments I see, i have serious second thoughts about Free speech..

Yes, i didn't bother to see the disclaimer.

Hawkeye said...


thre was this other girl.. do you remember who got raped in 'naan sigappu manidhan'. i used to rate it the best rape scene in 80s cinema.

mambalam mani,

i am betting she would have rejected this role if not for mani. but surprised by mani chosing her for this role.

aishwaryafan1, anusha, maddy,

i think mani & santosh sivan must be arrested for not reporting the rape to police instantly. instead of calling the police they were filming the rape. how blaady insensitive of them. infact even afer lacs of people got to see it the police have done nothing. the police should be arrested as well.


yes.. the part where he gives upadesam to prithvi raj a person responsible for his sister's life getting ruined and leting him go was nonsense.


priya mani needs a voice-change operation as well.

mambalam mani,



its to be or not to be


they are people who believe what happens in mega serials i real life


you should se visu's veedu varai uravu


priyamani may be talented but as i said she is limiting herself to very high bar.


just brings out whats already in the movies. which we take for granted.


i am used their unkindness. you should see the the seraches i get on my men's locker room post.


tamil people who cant distinguish between real vs reel life. not surprising. they just want to show that they are very sensitive and offended by things like rape in movies.


i seriously think a top 10 rape sequences in tamil movies is in order. do you remember 80s movie where actress lakshmi fights for justice and repeatedly gets done-in by people who she approaches for help.


they will block call sheet in a SBI calendar by crossing out the dates.

Swamy Srinivasan aka Kittu Mama said...

How could you forget "Chandrasekhar" whose limbs would get cut and he would be almost crawling towards the raped victim(possibly his sister).

I still remember Mudhal Vasantham scene where Chandrasekhar acts for 1000000 Rs(for a 5 RS salary LOL).

I think tamil films are losing the charm of rapes, for almost a decade now :). OMG, certain movies where the scene was pictured, I don't think even in real life it could have been that horrible. Damn shit, should we call that acting or what??? Sheer arrogance on screen. Where was censor board of those days? Oh I know, they were enjoying the rape, much more than the screen rapers.

To be frank, I think its better off to ban rape scenes on screen. If people still want to see that, I'm sure youtube has got tons of them to relive the best rapes of the past. Thanks to Sathyaraj, Malaysia Vasudevan and so many good rapers of Tamil Cinema.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, but to talk about the number of people and things like that is disgusting. You could have avoided that part. Did not expect this from you.

Anonymous said...

your attitude somehow doesnt justify the movie stereotyping... unsubscribing... good luck!

Karthik said...

You have idiots as readers. Can't believe people can be so retarded to get offended by this. What morons!

Anonymous said...


You're one of the readers too. So does that make you an idiot and a moron? :)

Anonymous said...

Bollywood wins hands down when it comes to rape scenes.. Every front line heroine has at least one awesomely filmed rape scene to her credit !!

In tamil movies,there are hardly any attempts to rape the heroine(and she is most probably the only hot 'figure' in the movie,all attu pieces are sisters).. and though an attempt is made,the hero turns up even before the show begins..:)

Nithin said...

Bollywood wins hands down when it comes to rape scenes.. Every front line heroine has at least one awesomely filmed rape scene to her credit !!

In tamil movies,there are hardly any attempts to rape the heroine(and she is most probably the only hot 'figure' in the movie,all attu pieces are sisters).. and though an attempt is made,the hero turns up even before the show begins..:)

Karthik said...


i rest my case.. you can't understand distinction between " only idiots as readers" and "idiots as readers."

Anonymous said...


and you can't understand the distinction between a question and a statement :)

Karthik said...


useless to try and save face pretending that it was a question and so not a claim by you. if you understood the distinction i was referring to there was no need to ask that question.

Anonymous said...


I do not need to save face as I never lost it :)

vaniquest said...

You seems to have been obsessed with Ravanan though you don't like it. Move on and write something else.

Anonymous said...

Please write more such posts. It's funny to see the morons getting worked up.

Lekha said...

think girl in Naan Sigappu Manidhan was Raasi. Agree with her being the rpe victim most.

Anonymous said...

The girl in Naan Sigappu manidhan was not Raasi.. Her name is some mani.. Roja Mani are something like that...

She used to act as child artist in MGR, Sivaji films.. She also was the heroine in one of Bhagyaraj's movies...

Anonymous said...

You are a complete retard.Your posts are neither funny nor clever and this one is disgusting.learn to respect women you moron.I hope someday you get abused by some whites in the states ,that should teach you a lesson about sensitivity

Anonymous said...

what is that lakshmi movie you speak of?

lakshmi fan,,


siva said...

Just a touch curious....what did your wife say about this post?

ephemeral said...

this one is an extremely bad one. y do u have this kind of an attitude towards certain actresses ? u have no business to talk or write shit like this considering that u don't make anything by writing stuff like this about others unlike all those reporters of second rate magazines and newspapers! ur standards have come down. ur thoughts are dirty !!

Hawkeye said...


she thought only 6-7 raped priyamani's character in paruthi not 10

Anonymous said...

She was precisely raped by 4 people in Paruthi..