Friday, October 15, 2010


I ate 3 dinners today. Accompanied my wife today to help her navigate the Golu Algorithm. This led me to uncover the secret hidden treasure of delicious food.

Today I had Puliyodharai, Aveeyal, 3 varieties of sundal, 2 varities of Halwa, Kadhamba Saadham, potato. People in Amerikka serve dinner instead of Sundal. God bless them.


Kokki Kumarru said...

Athu ennna sir, share on facebook.

Arvind said...

Nice! Went to Golu here in India after ages (more than a decade at least). Sundal was awesome, but very surprised to see it distributed in a ziplock bag!

I said...

thunradhulaye iru!

MaySan said...

2 days la nadandada, 1 day la saapta maadiri solli..thappu pannarele!

Anyways, I am glad you came, you were one of the few people who enjoyed the food and made it worth cooking :)

Hawkeye said...


immdly after your house i went to 2 other hourses.. you forgot that :-). everything happened in 1 evening.

MaySan said...

Really, which house served kadamba sadam, I didnt know abt it, would have come too ;)

I know the 2 halwas and 3 sundals!

Anonymous said...

so, i have lived in the great Sunnyvale for 3 years, and still have not received a single golu invite (or evite should i say). Whats the secret? How can i worm my way into the Golu vekkara gumbal? Am craving for sundal in a ziploc

Hawkeye said...


latest tech'aam people can share posts on their facebook.


ziplock bag is the latest trend there. i heard that too :-)


it is one of the most impotantthings in lifu


kalyanam aacha? appo idhellam automatica varanume? no sundla in ziploc in US

Anonymous said...

is kadhamba saadham = bisebela bath? i first thot u meant kalandha saadham. koncham exuplain pannuga please.


Sridhar Kalyan said...

Hawkeye, I really enjoyed your "Golu" piece - a very interesting style of narration; hope to be reading many more such interesting ones in future.

Best Wishes

Sridhar Kalyan
Lagos, Nigeria

Anonymous said...

thinni-pandaramey :-)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

I recently moved to sunnyvale. didn't know people who call for golu also give dinner. i had also kept golu and i just gave sundal and sweet.. after visiting friends place for golu, i was embarrassed that i didn't serve dinner to my friends.

in US, people should cultivate the habit of just calling and visiting friends over the weekend just like that without waiting for dinner invite. so much time goes into cooking, cleaning, shopping for the host.