Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Social Network

The pace at which David Fincher tells us The Social Network story is the defining aspect of the movie. Before going into the movie, I was wondering how he'd keep a story of creating Facebook interesting. Biopics can quickly slip into the documentary genre. Not that that it is a bad thing but its hard to set the adrenalin flowing with such a story. Zodiac was close to 3 hours long and Fincher did an incredible job of meticulously presenting a very complex story. Social network is only 2 hours long and it feels like 1 hour.

I can't put my finger on why Fincher's movies are so different. They set a very different narrative pace and style. The combination gives his movies a sort of coolness that can only be created deliberately with careful construction. People say its his 'Frame insert' technique where he inserts a lot of single frames in a narrative sequence. I am not sure if that is the sole reason. But he gets the adrenalin flowing on a movie about a computer programmer. That's not easy. I am not a geek and don't think I can be one. By I appreciated the cool references to 'Emacs' (best editor ever) and page table bit arrangement. The dialogs are uncompromising, detailed, funny and fast. I couldn't believe such a combination could exist. I am not sure if the real Mark Zuckenberg was this awesome. Or how much of all this tracks the real story closely. But I loved Zuckenberg's character. Fantastic movie and a must watch.


I said...

idhu sonnaye rightu. Semma padam.

Kokki Kumarru said...

i have been getting good reviews from everywhere. I m waiting for it to get released in madras.

Anonymous said...

the real zuckerberg was/is an asshole. Check out the lengthy New Yorker review from last month.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit apprehensive about watching this movie, especially after watching Pirates of the Silicon Valley which was dry. But it turned out to be an excellent movie.

I find the scene involving the President and the brothers about the violation of intellectual property to be unintentionally funny. Not sure if it was meant to be funny.


Anonymous said...

David Fincher's next movie is the remake/adaptation of the girl with the dragon tattoo..thats right up his alley;sounds awesomeeeoooo awesome..