Monday, November 15, 2010

Va Quarter Cutting

I hope Gayathri+Pushkar don't get discouraged by the fate of this movie. Their ambition alone makes up for some of the not-so-great execution elements of the movie. I guess I am saying this for quite a few movies nowadays - there were enough eccentricities in this movie for me to like it. Actually love it. And at the same time I get why some negative word-of-mouth biased viewers against this movie as well. Would I recommend this movie? Yes - to bachelor guys who love noire variety of movies mixed with some American Pie type masala. No - not a good movie for women and family audience. Which is why I think this movie won't do well. Despite of having a women director (who could be what Kramer described Elaine as - a man's woman ) I can't imagine a guy admitting to his other half that he liked this movie and walk away with his reputation intact. I usually don't care about commercial fate of movies and dislike box office discussions on movies but here I digress because I genuinely fear that failure may dissuade these exceptional movie makers from giving us a few more movies.

Here is why I liked the movie. (a) Some of the jokes were out of the world. I ROFL'ed till my stomach hurt. The stylistic aspect of this movie was simply too awesome. It is Quarter Cutting edge variety. (b) The creativity on show - be it naming of characters (it had two henchmen called vettu/kuthu I was instantly impressed), (c) the characters themselves (the 'arasiyalvaadhi'), (d) the dialogs, (e) the narration style, (f) the sarcasm ("saar neenga ungalye singam'nu koopdareengale ungalukku konjam kooda vekkama illai") - was admirable. (g) John Vijay - I think he is the best comedian in thamizh cinema today. I would pay the price of admission to just watch his scenes alone. The comic timing and amazing amazing style of dialog delivery alone was worth several ROFLs. I am his huge fan. (h) The picturization of" saarpu saarpuji". My God - I the stand up and the bayangra applaud.

Here is what I think didn't work at all. About 70% of the jokes were mokkai. Didn't land very well. The movie did not have a racy element to it. The movie was paced in a slowish Coen brothers sort of way to make it appear 'cool'. But it doesn't land that way. It just looks slow and a bit draggy at times. Lastly, this is a movie about a hero who goes in search of 250 ml of Rum in the middle of the night. Imagine that. A story based on such a noble search. The appreciative audience is segmented down to a few dozen people right there. Plus the entire movie is taken in the dark. The characters look a bit seedy. And I think this significantly influenced the mindset while watching the movie. The good-feeling I got with "Oram Po" was absent. The story is Wodehouse'ian but setting/lighting is more 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.

Overall, I can't bring myself to dislike the movie or not recommended it. I enjoyed it. Not many will.

post script: BTW who is this 'girl-in-uniform-fantasy' S.I. Singaari? Semma hot macchi.


Anonymous said...

arasiyalvaadhi = that famous dance master, Kalyan

"who could be what Kramer described Elaine as - a man's woman" - i was exactly looking for this sentence. None of my friends could tell me.

And for once, i just have nothing more to add. I watched it twice in the theatre !

Vee Cee said...

Maybe, the ideal tag line to make this movie a commercial success - "indha padaththa paaththaa pidikkaadhu. paakka paakkadhaan pidikkum!"

Anonymous said...

spot on will appeal only to certain ppl...john vijay was great ..There were lots of good one-liners sandwiched between lot of mokkai jokes.. I think Charan was a big let down and so was lekha..


hurry knee said...

had they named it va vegetable cutting... people of the not-so-fairer sex would have comfortably brought the-people-of-the-not-so-fairer sex to the theaters...

hurry knee said...

typo: had they named it va vegetable cutting... people of the not-so-fairer sex would have comfortably brought the-people-of-the-fairer sex to the theaters...

MLC said...

went w/ an expctation and got bayangarama disappointd! kept thnkn it wl get bettr & stayd thru.. it was plain kadi!! yes, some jokes wer gd but those got ttly buried in those mokkai ones, which like u said, was 70% of it!

@VC - padam nallaa irundhaa dhaan thiruppi poyi paaka thonum! kadi nu therinjum yevan 2nd time paaka povaan??

Anonymous said...

//BTW who is this 'girl-in-uniform-fantasy' S.I. Singaari? Semma hot macchi.//

She is the Daughter of Yesteryear Kavarchi P(K)anni Anuradha.. :-). Don't know her name


Babs said...

machi quarter naaa 250 illa daa.....nee mene pene kudhuchirindha thaane theyrum....teetotaler dog :-D

U probably relate to this movie as a pillion, riding along & munching all the side dishes ....didn't yaa?

anyways here is some quarter lecture for u: alcohol/spirit commonly comes in four size variants 180 ml (quarter), 375 ml (half), 750 ml (commonly referred to as a "khamba" meaning "full bottle saraku"), and a 1 liter bottle.

Anonymous said...

Babs, Thanks for the explanation machi.. Even I thought quarter was 250 .. LOL


Anonymous said...

I was going to explain the quarter :) but Babs beat me to it.
Cant believe it was the 8th comment !

Gradwolf said...

She is abhinayasree. Item girl from gult I guess? I think she is the same gal from Aa ante amalapuram song.

Anonymous said...

Prince dialog on seeing SI Singari daily sit ups pannurapla iruku :)


Anonymous said...

70% of the jokes were mokkai and you liked the movie with 30% of the jokes.Applying the same logic, you will end up liking every movie(including that stupid MBBS movie).Just filter out the crappy parts!

Gayathri-Pushkar and exceptional movie makers! Buddy they were just 1 so called cult movie old before this!How much did Gayathri Pushkar pay you for this review? :P

Oram Po,like the Karpagambal Mess, is overrated!

-Labakku Das

Hawkeye said...


oho kalyan'a. that fellow's "pesi pesi unna viradham' was hilarious.

Vee Cee,

several AR Reguman song ippadi dhaan oduthu


charan didnt have good comic timing and his voice was his major drawback. romba soft'a

hurry knee,

you would have feminists opposing this one as well.




semma hottu


as my guru/mentor: i think you should take full responsibility for not teaching me this early on. but the math is confusing. There is a 1 litre but full = 750. But Quarter is not 187.5 but 180. mebbe thanni adicha dhaan idhellam puriyum pola.


i think she should be CM of TN right after Namitha becomes too old.


that too he casually asks that question..

labakku das,

you show amazing lack of basic logic. thats why you are only labakku das. not lord labakku das.

Nappinnai NC said...

scotch/whiskey and vodkas come in 50 ml also...Normally they come in 10 packs(each 50 ml)with JW Blue Label(whiskey) on the high end in price:-)

Babs said...

Nappinnai neengo foreign sareke pathi pesurengo, athu adicha mappu yerathu...adutha naal thala valikathu avalavuthaan.....:-)

Bharath machi my bad shd have trained u well, esp when we were having our drinks session inside the empty water tank on the top floor during SBOA hostel days :-)....well quarter is 187.5 but as soon as u open it u get an urge to sniff hard and there goes ur 7.5ml ;-)..infact some get high after that strong sniff :-D

Anonymous said...

I totally expected this. You show amazing skill in branding anyone who doesn't agree with you as "dumb/can't appreciate/lacking " etc.

Can you pls show your superior logic in explaining how you can like a movie with 70% mokkai jokes?

-Labakku Das

Hawkeye said...

labakku das,

you mean someone has to explain to you that 30% of good jokes in a movie like va quater cutting can be better than 100% of unfunny attempts in a movie like MBBS.. or that 30% of 1 Billion is moe than 100% of 300 and shit like that..or when each joke in that 30% is 100X more funny than a repetitive joke in some other movie like BeB then 30% is a lot

most seeman tutorial 8th fail Xth pass types get this without someone having to explain it to them.

Anonymous said...

some of hawkeye's comebacks are awesome. makes comments section more interesting

dei labakku edho koduthu edho vaangina madhiri irukku..

ur goin to comment back sayin i am some jalra.. but there is an alternate explnation which is nee oru muttal.

Anonymous said...

Labakku Das,

don't waste your time arguing with hawkeye. he is a typical mba snob.

Anonymous said...

@2 Anonymous above this - ROFL. You so correctly predicted what I wanted to say!Your name please?

@Anonymous above this - :D Perfect.

@Hawkeye - Mummy! The alacrity with which you use the dumb funda is unnerving.I just recovered.Ah again as I expected you take refuge in the standard "You are too dumb" route. You do have your coterie backing you,so enjoy the superior feeling!I still stick to what I say - if 70% of the movie is a crap fest and only 30% is good and you still liked it, then you ought to like most of the movies because usually 30% is good.Ok chill :)As a fanboy tribute,let me revise 'Oram Po' and get pained. All for you :D

-Labakku Das

Venkat said...

"Despite of". Nee ellam GMAT kku tips.

Oh yeah I have read your disclaimer! :P

Venkat #2 said...


now i can't resist jumping in. Nee sonnadhaiyye thirumba thirumba solriye without any logic. you asked for logical explanasaion ..adhai hakkie kudthuaachu.. ellathaiyum padichittu adhukku edhuvum badhil sollama.. first sonnadhaiye thirumba solre.. ungitta vera nalla response illaiya?

are you really seeman 8th fail xth pass?

Anonymous said...

@Venkat-2: It means that his argument is no good and my theory of 70-30 holds good still. Good jalra though.Ok I am not commenting any more.I don't argue with Oram Po fans. I rest my case.

:No more comments

- Labakku Das

Venkat #2 said...


Thanks. I'll understand you and your comment as "I am always right and hawkeye is wrong. As I am weak in logic No discussions on logic please. And if you disagree with me I will call you a jalra"

Anonymous said...

Ok purely for Venkat#2 : You have Raavanan(or some random Mani Ratnam-ARR movie). The cinematography was brilliant.The songs were good and the locales were breathtaking. Say these make up 30% of the movie.The rest of the 70% is bullcrap. So I loved the 30% which was brilliant and say "I like the movie. I will filter out the 70%. It is a cult movie". Replace Raavan with Sangamam and cinematgraphy with ARR music.I can go and on with more examples.70% is enough for a movie to be crappy and if 30% of 1 billion makes a movie good, by the same logic 70% of 1bilionn>>>30%, so crap factor dominates the good factor and overall the movie is mokkai. You need not go as far as Seeman. I am pretty good at Math and can do some charity by teaching you Math and free of cost.And by the same token teach basic English grammar to 'famous' bloggers.

PS - Now like a kid don't say Raavan was actually good. It was a generic example. You would be a total jackass if you actually said that.

As I always say, good jalra.

Ok I am stopping here.

-Labakku Das

Venkat #2 said...

OMG! you have no logical skills. So what you are saying is you would reject 30% of a billion dollars because you are not getting $700 million. And anyone who says that 30% of $ 1 billion is good money should also say 30% of thousand rupees is good as well.

romba besh!

and i am not the venkat with a grammar complaint. I would never correct someone's grammar. as I am not great at it and english is a 'faarin' language eppadi pesina enna.

Hawkeye said...

venkat #1 - I wrote it as 'inspite of' and then changed 'inspite' to 'despite'. forgot to delete 'of'.

I have made worser errors than this. idhuku 'disclaimer' 'GMAT' etc ellam quoting. too much.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes get the feeling that all the anonymous are one person

Nappinnai NC said...

Babs, your thamizh doesn't have legs/kAl! yeradhu or yErAdhu? You're talking about kaLLu? Try sniffing once regular whiskey/Ethanol:-) There are so many hiding places and you chose 'empty' water tank? thaNNi kuLLa vakkAndhuNdu thaNNi adikka kaththukka vENdiyadhudhAnE!!!

Hawkeye said...

name is "nappinnai nallan chakravarthi". nalla peru. nalla lineage. but adichufying sarakku. aandavaa...

Babs said...

Nappinnai, my bad, tamzlish is pretty poor and took long time to compose that reply.....believe me it wud sound totally diff when u hear me say it :-)

OK, y tank, our hostel was on the top most floor and the warden closes the gate to go down after second studies (which is after dinner) we only had few class rooms, domitory, toilets which our sub-warden can walk in any time....this water tank was quite hard to climb and secluded too....u can picture the rest...

BTW forgot to mention that I have graduated from bing drinking to really tasting wat I drink...and shd say have tongue for Islay malt and aged single malts now, nothing less that 12 years ;-) ..u can probably add full bodied red wine to it...

machi Bharath sorry I had to do it..cos it was my reputation at stake ;-)

Anonymous said...

@Venkat#2: Machi compare apples to apples. How can you bring in money in this equation of 'liking/not liking'!I bemoan your failure of rational thinking :P

As always, I am offering you a free course.Let me know.

-Labakku Das

Venkat#2 said...

labakku, are repeatedly convincing me that you are the biggest idiot one can see.

in movies I am comparing jokes to jokes. You are not doing that. You compared jokes to some cinematography and music. in economics i am comparing money to money.

you are simply too dumb to get the analogy. I don't understand what else you expect people to call you when you are this stupid.

I havent even seen Vaa quarter cutting. I am just arguing based on logic. if 30% is full of high quality jokes then it is logical that the resultant of 30% would have more value than many other movies which have 70% or 80% of jokes but of much lower quality.

Your argument that 70% mokkai jokes automatically means bad movie is rejected as stupid because the remaining 30% can theoritically put the movie among the best movies ever. you assume that value of 1 joke in a movie is equal to 1 joke in another movie or 1 song in another movie (thereby doing apples to oranges.. which is very ironic given that you seem to know the phrase but have no clue what it means)

you shouldnt be thinking about teaching anyone anything.. just chill maadi and pass that 12th std now.

Nappinnai NC said...

Babs, now i understand your background. Good, you belong to the Elite club(single Malt > 12 yrs) now:-)

Hawkeye, all these good lineage blah blah blah give unwanted 'ego'. I go by nammAzhvAr! I am loyal to scotch, drink twice a year, although i have tried different kinds of drinks! Any liquor interferes with metabolism and liver. And i am for Physical fitness. My purpose is not to get drunk, to get some kick, or to forget problems. I get zillion dreams and i give my brain 'rest' those two days, i don't experience 'dream' state!

You're invoking ANdavA without giving a thought. Mind is as mysterious and incomprehensible as Him. Most of the Immunologists agree that they will solve the mystery of immune related diseases the day when we resolve the mystery of 'why the mind thinks the way it does'.

My Spiritual Acharya suggested something for my dreams but didn't work. People suggest nonsensical ideas without thinking why we get dreams in the first place...

Anonymous said...

@Venkat#2 -Ada goyyala!Paarkadha padathuku ivvalo build up aa!I thought you really liked the 30% 'quality' jokes.Machi cut the crap and watch the movie first.Then we can discuss the 70-30.OK?I will prepare lessons for you meanwhile .You need another on 'Need-to-STFU-if you haven't seen the movie'.

Papaiyya said...

Venkat2 says he hasnt seen the movie, to make people believe that venkat2 and hawkeye are diff. people

Venkat #2 said...


once again u distract from the main argument and worry about whether I am hawkeye or subramanian or Kaamakshi. Shows that you hve no logic and so do this escapism.

I don't need to have seen the movie to point out your bad logic. Even if I see it and dont like the movie your logic is bad.

Hawkeye said...


its supposed to give thanadakkam and responsibility. not ego. the 'aandava' was from nayagan. and was said in jest. i am not spiritual and don't understand what it is and what it means to have a spiritual guru. but i'm generally judgemental/wary about people who say they are spiritual and more so if they claim to have spiritual gurus. but more importantly i detest kudigaara paarpaans. i don't mention this to diss you. I may even like you. i say this because I don't want to falsely advertise my views to you and would like to you to know where i stand with your comments.

labakku das,

here is the first math lesson for you. the word "last" generally has a uniqueness property and refers to an element in the series after which there no following/subsequent elemennt. For example in the series 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 - the 'last' number of the series in '9'. It is not all of 5, 7, 9. Reason why I point this out is - the most recent comment you left do you think that is your last comment? or is it the one before that or the one before that? you keep referring to all of them as your last comment.

gowri said...

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Chitra Gupti (fem of chitraguptan) said...

come on!! whats the need to fight! when there ae btter things in this world

Vinodh said...

@all Anons, Hawkeye, Labakku Das

Idhulla enna dhaan message iruku? Oru quarter sollungalen.

Anonymous said...

Someone please get that Nappinai dude his medication !
Wonder where he escaped from !

Nappinnai NC said...

Hawkeye, i don't worry about other people views(including yours). In life, one has to live for oneself as far certain principles are concerned and for others for other aspects. First of all, a brahmin is one who is into the knowledge of the brahman. Anyways i don't want to get into these controversial topics. I'm neither a fan of Indian movies nor kamal hasan! So, your usage of Andava didn't hit me.

There is a difference between religion & spirituality. I'm a leftist who favors guys like Bill Maher. I'm more comfortable with such guys with whom i can have a mental rapport. Spirituality in nutshell is equality/fairness for all.

Just as there is gradation in academics wrt knowledge, same is true with spirituality. All spiritual gurus are not at the same level. My first litmus test for a person to be my Acharya is for 'some' temptations in life. If he/she has not gotten over, then he/she is not for me. If I'm drowning in water, the person should be a good swimmer to save my life and his life too. That's the way i look at life.

I don't consider myself as paarpaans. so, your detesting kudigaara brahmins don't apply to me:-) To hate or love another person, is your choice. I have gone beyond all those things. So, i don't have cribs about your views or for that matter anybody's. All i can wish for all creatures is happiness. Live & let live.

I have seen half a dozen Nobel Laureates close in my life. They are all humble. Humility and caring for all, irrespective of their status/views, is the spiritual knowledge. Infact, the first criterion for spirituality is 'you don't judge anyone'. Everybody has equal rights to lead the life they want according to their best capacities.

Anyways, nice chatting with you and let us not bore others:-)

Anonymous said...

@Anon : Nappinai is a She and looks like she is in to the teaching business..

///Wonder where he escaped from !///