Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 18 Adhyayana Utsavam : கறந்த பாலுள் நெய்யேபோல்

NammAzhwar has a gem hidden in the the keezh-padi (second-half) of below pasuram that appears in the 8th decad.

பிறந்த மாயா! பாரதம்
பொருத மாயா* நீயின்னே*
சிறந்த கால் தீ நீர் வான்* மண்
பிறவு மாய பெருமானே*
கறந்த பாலுள் நெய்யே போல்*
இவற்று ளெங்கும் கண்டுகொள்*
இறந்து நின்ற பெரு மாயா!*
உன்னை எங்கே காண்கேனே?


MaySan said...

Everywhere he says maya, it only makes me feel how great all of this is, the "aashcharyam" that is associated, and not the usual meaning given to "Maya".

S said...

This used to be a famous paasuRam that has multi-layered meanings. (Un)fortunately many other NammAzhwar paasuRams are praised more with this getting less importance.

sometimes I see people wipe off tears when they read Thiruvaimozhi. What powerful words.

Anonymous said...

can u translate this or link to the traslation?

Srihari said...

Wonderful, Adding to the beauty of the day is another line "alli kamala kannanai anthan kurukoor sadagopan"