Monday, December 13, 2010

Sky Kisses the Earth

Good Hindustani fusion music is hard to come by. And this song is one of those beautiful exceptions. It has been a few years since Prem Joshua's song got released and at one point it used be a day long loop in my car. It has now come back to being on loop. One of those instances where the beauty of music just comes out and consumes you. What a song!

Btw - Sitar is such a wonderful instrument.


Gaurav said...

Yup, ideal car music da. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks for the recommendation;

Anonymous said...

too "drone-y", not much substance to the music in terms of improvisation or complexity.

heavily sound-engineered as well - may be okay as decor music in restaurants and the like, but does not by any means represent authentic hindustani music.

listen to this and this - your musical taste and general aesthetic sensibilities will evolve.

Hawkeye said...


really pretentious comment and quite some gall in introducing IR to me or for that matter any thamizhan. And I have been listening to NBW and HTNI for more than a decade.

ellam complexity adhu idhunnu..anavasiyama.. we are speaking about hindustani fusion music and you put some arbitrary IR WCM fusion out there.

Kokki Kumarru said...

I just wanted to say that to anon. But neenga munthitinga. How can v not listen to his pieces. The topic was hindustani fusion. one doubt. did joshua learn proper carnatic while he stayed in india?