Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghee flowing down the elbow

Sarkarai Pongal in general is a toxic calorie eplsoion. Sarkarai Pongal with ghee. The Ghee must overflow so much that by the time you transfer it from your hand to mouth the ghee should have trickled down to the elbow.

Recently discovered that adding milkmaid (concentrated milk) to sarkarai pongal makes it Maha awesome


Day 27 Thirupaavai called as the 'Koodaravalli' day is when industrial quantities of sarkarai pongal is made (see bolded letters below) at home.

கூடாரை வெல்லுஞ் சீர்க் கோவிந்தா! உன்றன்னைப்
பாடிப்பறைகொண்டு யாம் பெறு சம்மானம்
நாடு புகழும் பரிசினால் நன்றாகச்
சூடகமே தோள்வளையே தோடே செவிப்பூவே
பாடகமே என்றனையப் பல்கலனும் யாமணிவோம்
ஆடையுடுப்போம் அதன் பின்னே பால்சோறு
மூடநெய் பெய்து முழங்கை வழிவாரக்
கூடியிருந்து குளிர்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்!

One of the better interpretations of the sentence is: As Yashoda is about to consume food with a little bit of ghee in it. She stops midway and watches Krishna. She is so mesmerized by the little one's beauty that she forgets to eat the food. And she is lost in admiration. And the ghee slowly trickles down to her elbow.


Victor Guerra said...

I feel, Ghee, sugar, jaggery, milk, cashew, etc have some unknown soul-related powers, besides stomach related.

Hawkeye, it would be great if you could translate the tamil verse to english. I can't read tamil at all, but can understand conversational tamil.


Anonymous said...

I should have placed a bet with some one on a post at Hawkeye .. so expecting it !

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Singh From Dominos India said...

Your Blog tempt me to eat.

Anonymous said...

yummmmmm about pongal .. 3 more days to go for yummmmmmmmmm pongal.

White Rice Vellachami said...


Best Sarkarai Pongal is the one at Parthasarathy Kovil. Paththu kadai pongal is ordinary but thaligai udara pongal is ultimate. Oru vaai pongal saapta 3 soap pottu thechalum nei pisikku kaiya vittu pogathu. Plus there's like 5-6 munthiri and 5-6 thrakshai in every handful.


Raj said...

How true 'White Rice Vellaisami'. I had both venpongal and sakarai pongal in Partha's last weekend..in the morning and that was it for the whole day...almost.. Super taste...

Nappinnai NC said...

Hawkeye, is that your interpretation/understanding or someone else? You yourself call it 'one of the better interpretations'? I wonder what the other interpretations are!

ANdAL doesn't talk about what you had written. In T27,T28,& T29, ANdAL uses the nama 'govinda' instead of nArAyaNA. The four auspicious qualities of narayana namely 'sowshIlyam, vAtsalyam, soulabhyam & swAmitvam' are there in the govinda nama also. T27 explains 'ananyArha sEshatvam'. T28explains 'ananya sharaNyatvam' & T29 explains 'ananya bhOgyatvam'. T28 is the pUrva vAkya of dwayam and T29 is the uttara vAkya.

chUdagaMe, thOLvaLaiyE, thOdE, sevippUvE, pAdagamE means pancha samskAram that Acharya does.

chUdagam - charama slOkam(BG 18:66 sarva dharmAn parithyajya mAm Ekam sharaNam vraja)

sevippU - dwaya mantram(sriman nArAyaNa charaNau sharaNam prapadyE;srImathE nArAyaNAya nama:)

thOdu - ashtAkshari(AUM namO nArAyaNAya)

thOLvaLai(Acharya imprints tattoos shankha & chakra on shoulders)

pAdagam - dAsya nama(adiyen ramanuja dasa)

paRai - mOksham(vIdu)

kUdArai vellum sIr gOvindA - It shows His kalyANa guNa 'sowshIlyam' to win even those who want to stay away(kUdArai) from Him!!! This quality He displayed in Ramavatar. In Krishnavatar, it is Asrita vAtsalya. Krishna will do anything for His devotees. In essence all are His devotees only whether one realizes or not! Even Draupadi, in a state of disstress, only invoked 'govinda' nama not nArAyaNA. HE was easily accessible to ALL.

What HE wears & throws is the dress for us; what HE eats and gives away is our prasAdam; what HE adorns(pushpam) and throws is our 'yAm peRu sammAnam'.

So, ANdAL doesn't talk about mundane chakkara pongal but bhagavan who is prasAdam and we share that prasAdam with others. Except sex everything needs to be shared with those who don't have or who are less fortunate; otherwise it becomes poison! Other material things become posion for the body, while depriving others Him is poison for the atma/soul.

Mine is not an interpretation, it is based on the commentary on Thiruppavai by two Acharyas(Sri periya vAcchAn piLLai & azhagiya maNavALa perumAL nAyanAr) of Ramanuja sampradayam :-)

If you don't understand thiruppavai, how are you going to understand sribhashyam? In samskrt, wrong pronunciation gives rise to different meanings...thamizh is very simple, unique and very logical & economical.

Sreekrishnan, nothing is too late. You can still do 'post-bet' :-)

To other readers who enjoyed 'chakkarai pongal' at Parthasarathy temple, humble praNAms! I hail from thiru allikENi.

Anonymous said...

Nappinnai Ammanga,

adiyen dasan.

Thanks for the refresher on the "Govinda" pasurams.

Could you please explain why it is Ananyarha Seshatvam and not Ananya Seshatvam? I was told the difference between the two, but unfortunately dont remember now.


Nappinnai NC said...


Have you heard 'artha panchakam'?
It explains the nature/swarUpam of the atma, nature of the paramatma, the means/upAyam, the goal/end/upEyam and the obstacles that stand in attaining the goal.

In TK(ThenKalai & VadaKalai's views differ), the Lord is the means as well as the end. He/Krishna Himself removes the obstacles and claims the jivatma/nappinnai(stands for His grace as well jivatma) as its His property. Azhvars vociferously and unanimously details this concept only in the aruLich cheyal(prabandham). In fact true TKs don't even like to use the word prabandham as it dilutes and changes the meaning of the thamizh word 'aruL/mAl' meaning His grace. He blessed the azhvars and spoke through them. If you refer to nammazhvar's thiruvAymozhi(TVM 7:9), azhvar says that Lord Himself spoke through azhvar.

There is a difference in meaning between 'ananyArha' and 'ananya' in what context you use it. Remember samskrt is a very complex language. A word has multiple meanings and hence there is a scope for multiple interpretations or rather differing view points.

A true TK person will be very liberal. If He is the Supreme, then He is not bounded by any physical/natural laws. That means He is not bound by time or space. Which in turn means He is in the Past, Present & Future. He knows 'apriori' our actions!!! If He wants He can stop us from doing a bad act. This tells us that everything happening around us is due to His mysterious way of working. Azhvars use the word 'kaLvan', 'mAyan'. Meaning we do not know how He operates. We stop judging others when we realize this true nature.

Wrt 'means' you use the word 'anya'. Wrt 'nature' or the attributes of the atma, we use the word 'ananyArha'. Its more to do with the grammar of the samskrt language than the meaning which is the same. You can use 'ananya' also but it doesn't exactly describe what the nature of the atma is. ananyArham fits better.

seshatvam means one who doesn't have I-ness/ahankAram & My-ness/mamakAram. We also use equivalently the word adiyen for the samskrt word even though the thamizh word is crystal clear in meaning. adimai/slave is one who shows helplessness/akinchanyam and utter dependence/pAratantryam.

If i say i don't belong to others/ananya seshatvam, then it stops right there without explaining it further. While ananyArha seshatvam says i don't belong to others but belong to someone else who has the rest in Him. Who is that someone? You have to understand the three concepts ananyArha seshatvam, ananya shaNyatvam & ananya bhOyatvam in relation to AUM namo nArAyaNAya. I am sesha/part/property of nArAyaNA/Lord.

Even many upanyAsakas/religious scholars don't explain clearly and they always pacify & compromise the Azhvars tenets with samskrt to satisfy the minority of samskrt folks.

The ashtakshari mantram is not mentioned in samskrt vedas although in some corners, narayana is mentioned. The Acharyas of Ramanuja sampradayam have taken it from thiru mangai Azhvar's pAsurams/hymns and sanskritised it!

Similarly the dwayam is not found in any upanishads! It is taken from nammAzhvar's kOil(temple) thiruvAymozhi(TVM) decad 'ulagamuNda peruvAyA...' and sanskritised. Those days, there were lot of resistance to thamizh language from samskrt fanatics. So, my guess is the Acharyas sanskritised it to satisfy those folks(like democrats do wrt republicans!). You will not hear this from any upanysakas/jeeyars even now! Because the same stupid methodology of 1000 yr old policy is being followed blindly without analyzing the social constructs of different periods...

If one sticks oneself to Azhvars, one experiences a beautiful love that can't be explained:-) Hope it serves you to some extent.

Hawkeye(what's your real name BTW?)
Sorry for my lengthy reply and thank you for being patient & posting my reply.

Hawkeye said...


i agree wit the soul relatd powers. This is verse 27 of thiupaavai. Rather than provide on myself there are several descriptions in th enet and one given by napinnai below.


:-) this year I did have sarkarai pongal.

whte rice vellai chaami,

:-) everytime i hear your name - madan bob comes to mind as gounder troubles him for 300 rs.


Thaligai'ku vitta pongala or outside kadai'la podra pongala?


no problem. write on. They are intersting.

The yashodha on was given by 45th pattam Ahobila muth. The other interpretatins are all available in the net.

White Rice Vellachami said...


Nee verum US toor man! I am waldu toor.

BTW, u missed the "jeer" in the 45th pattam. adiyen is ya madaththu sishyan so pleash make the necessary correcsans ;-).