Sunday, February 13, 2011


Madapalli is an awesome food recipe blog. It is hard to believe that in the the subset of vegetarian -> no garlic -> no onion: there are so many varieties of tasty food.

P.s: 'Madapalli' in sri-vaishnavaite terms means the temple's kitchen.


SK said...

Which recipe specifically you tried/enjoyed recently? I like the website, but dont see what is special about it. :--)

MaySan said...

Yes, agree, Madapalli is very good.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for recipes-onions-garlics for a long time. Even tried googling for the jain recipes, but they don't seem to appease the south Indian soul. Thanks a lot for sharing!

I am a ComplexNumber said...

thanks for the link... should try Iyengar Puliyodharai...(after inspiring someone else to look at this website and)