Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday, I sat on the couch for 3 hours without doing anything. The TV wasn't ON. I wasn't browsing the laptop either. I wasn't making conversation or eating. I wasn't thinking about a problem or trying to solve anything. Wasn't trying to chill out, relax and get peace of mind. I just sat in one place and did what others might consider a colossal waste of time.

And here is where I think I have some unique talents that are unfortunately being wasted in the workforce. I could be that bum who wastes time doing nothing all his life. I am born to be that person. I have a combination of unique talents - complete lack of guilt, responsibility, concern, awareness - to be that person. I could go where vadivelu failed to go. The world has a great opportunity to see a level of magnificence it has never seen before. Think about this - a house husband who does not cook, take care of kids or does any useful work around the house. A person who can sit in one place for 18 hours and just be. I could be so much better than him. The possibilities of doing research on me is endless.

And all the talent is being crushed. Instead of nurturing such great talent - it is being sacrificed at the altar of survival. What a terrible shame. Only a philopthropist with intentions of doing noble research can save such talent.


Raghu said... impressed by the fact that am the 1st to jump on the comments bandwagon & leave an (everlasting) imprint ;) !! Usually there are dozen(s) if not more by the time I read (read as 'catch-up') with your eclectic posts and drum up to say something about the topics that I do 'have' something to say.

I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes. I have managed to do whatever you have described in this post, several times in my life so far.

By the end of my hiatus, I am close to losing whatever's left of my sanity (hence my receded hairline). With all the moving parts in your current realities, am truly amazed how you even managed to find 3 hrs to sit idle !!

After reading some of yr posts, I really wonder if what you wrote holds true or are you using the most creative juices to blabber some spit-fire called as blog posts. This one belonged to that club.

I have read a long time ago that 'rest is a weapon' but can this 3-hrs of vegetational state of mind, body & soul be (mis)construed as that?

As always, the funny comments from usual suspects to your blogsite will be entertaining and can't wait to read the common theme across yr friends, fans & (cyber)foes alike :) !!

My 2c verdict - good read Hawk...!!

MLC said...

idhellaam adukkumaa?? btw, where was yr wife & yr kutti whn u were doin this 'romba kashtamaana' velai???

Anonymous said...

i strongly suspect you forced yourself and pleaded with others involved to make sure you write this post to sound cool like a bachelor. If thats the case, then - i appreciate your honesty in doing something before writing it - the only credit i'd give you !

MaySan said...

Haha, make the Mrs go to work and you be free.

Anonymous said...

so u were at work then

Anonymous said...

You are already a Yogi. You do not need Hot Yoga anymore :)

Dr.Dheep said...

Thala, unga kitta irunthu oru athiradiyana bijilee blogpost expect panrom. Ipdi chinna chinna mathappa koluthatheenga.

Anonymous said...

no one can be better than sigamani.. Kramer may be comes close...


I said...

Imagine getting paid for doing nothing. LIC job!

RamMmm said...

LOL. Ellaam hot yoga class poradhaala vandha gnanamO (for the mental shutdown)?

Asura said...

I think an even better situation is to get a namesake Govt. job at some bank or some other place where you know you can quit at 5, after reaching there at 10 and having a couple of tea breaks and a lunch break to boot. You wont have that guilt feeling since you are going to some place of work everyday and at the same time you get whatever you need for survival and more. Nothing like being a namesake secretary in your father's company either. Licensed OB.
I hate workaholics and in general lifelessidiots who hand around in the office for long hrs just to create an impression. By that token, I should hate a lot of working desis, especially those in IT and other private companies, who indirectly make lives miserable for others too because of their choice.
Vaazhga OB! The one aspect that you miss the most from your college days.

Anonymous said...


You took the words out of my mouth. I totally sympathize. I have always maintained that most people are like this but only a few have the guts to say so. Made my day.


abinav said...

@ Bharath

Neenga deivam

@ Asura

What you say may have been the case a decade back. Know a lot of guys working in govt. banks who get screwed as much as an IT guy does.