Friday, July 29, 2011

Harry Potter Part N^2(1-e^x)*2

The whole series is probably a discarded Vittalachariar script stretched to many thousand episodes. Some Rakshasan type war scenes borrowed from Ramayana and Lord of the Rings to make it look big budget. I don't think the story requires this kind of visual extravaganza. Really nothing ever happens in this story that is devoid of any great plot twists or turns.

Harry potter is a series that has genuinely surprised me in terms of its popularity. Normally, when I don't like a popular movie, I at least get why others like it. This one's popularity has just been hard to understand. To me, most movies in this series have been so boring that I have been unable to even pretend to like it. You know, just to be part of the trend. This series has really tested the boundary of something being childish vs childlike. The creativity in terms of plot development or variety in magic tricks seems very basic and the entertainment seems to be of the trivial kind.


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

The books are quite good. A lot of people see the movies because of them liking the books.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

And of course, for a generation (later 80s, 90s) Harry Potter dominated the teenage reading scenario... So do not go about asking how come HP books are popular ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Touching girl hand problem.. Harry Potter also deal same problem this saapter" <-- Karunas dialog in a tamil movie trying to impress a girl.

Harry Potter is mostly for girls who haven't played 80s RPGs like Ultima or any of the gazillion such fantasy themes that predate it. I know originality isn't critical, but HP is just plain unimpressive.

Ganesh said...

I dunno if u hav read the 7th book, I hav and i know for sure that this is not just another CTRL C of the screenplay from the book. The director has a very interesting way of presenting lots of moments, judging merely by the BGM. It may have lacked the "epic" end so to say - the biggest climax. But what it did is start off with a moviemaker's freedom of expressing the book, wander inside with places predominantly purely CTRL C and end again with the moviemaker's freedom of expression. If there was one line that outdone it, it was when Snape says " U hav ur mothers eyes ". The line that was not to be ....

I said...

I have trademarked the Vittalachariar-Harry Potter comparison.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, I have to disagree with you on this...Agreed, the movies are not that great, but the last movie was pretty spectacular. There are very few movies that have ever been as good as the books. The HP movies are just an excuse for fans to re-live the books. Have you read the books?

CK said...

The first five books were pretty entertaining, and as a kid I found Harry Potter easier to read rather than LoTR (although I grew to love the latter more).

Any movie with Daniel Radcliffe in it should be banned - except for the Azkaban movie, where IMHO Alfonso Cuaron did a phenomenal job.

Suma Subramaniam said...

I would recommend the books.
I love the way JK Rowling writes. The books are long, but keep you on the edge.


Anonymous said...

Some one had to say this ! .. I watched the first and then the last and couldn't go past 20 pages in the first book.

It was almost like visiting the ganges and sprinkling water on your head hoping for moksham.

Lord of the Rings itself was a bit beyond me... but that at least had some graphics and etho story - that i could sit and watch.

Harry Potter, transformers, some of those American Comic based movies, LOTR to an extent, Vampire area are all puriyatha puthir

Finally, this man is always reminded whenever i watch Hollywood movies .. or English movies in general.

MaySan said...

"And of course, for a generation (later 80s, 90s)"

You are not part of this Hawk eye :) Thats why you dont like it. By the time you would have started reading this book, you would have been into much more complicated, high level stuff things.

Movies can never be as good as the book and it is too much for a movie to show all of the things in the book. Last movie was very good compared to many in the series, except the 3rd one.

Anu said...


My suggestion is that you go back and read the books, and then watch the movies.
I can't imagine anyone making sense of(leave alone liking)the movies without reading the books first!

ten said...

That was good coherent though . I also got reminded of the childhood story,
" 7 kadal taandi, 7 malai taandi oru kilikulla oru ratchasan uyir irukunu".

The relative thought I had got is ,
Neem tree has been used in INDIA for a long long time for its medicinal properties and heard someone in US has patented it , basically packaging it well.

You know what I mean!

- Semmal G

Anonymous said...

You obviously knew they were sequels and you did not like the plot line probably forced to go bcos wife's a big fan. Do you need to blog it after every part?


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

and you were over the moon about Rajinikanth's stupid movie Enthiran. I am genuinely surprised how something like MJ or Rajini can be so popular.