Monday, July 18, 2011

Theory II (Padmanaba Swamy Temple)

Since we are in a mode where vivid imagination is encouraged and possibly even spun off as investigative journalism - let me have my try at it.

The popular theory is that Sunder Rajan committed sacrilege by opening vaults of God and the sarpa dosham killed him. My theory is more along the lines of CBI officer Lakshmi Narayanan (played by SPB) in the world famous movie Thiruda Thiruda. Where he tells all of Thirunelveli that 1000 Cores of money is hid in a Container Lorry somewhere in the Taluk. When "thirudan 100 mile thoorathila irundhale naadi thudikkum" Inspector Santhosam asks Lakshmi Narayanan why he had to disclose such a huge secret when the CBI could have searched for it in stealth. Lakshmi Narayanan's theory is "ooru rendu patta CBI kaaranukku kondattam" which means the 1000 crores will not be smuggled out of the village under the watchful eyes of thousands of villagers.

While you can theoretically claim people behave ethically regardless of their caste or religion - I will take the cynical view. Sunder Rajan, given his caste and background (IPS, Intelligence Buerau, Rajiv Gandhi), must have always known the volumes of treasure present in the vaults of the temple. He must have strong reason to believe that the treasure was being slowly smuggled out of the vaults into private coffers. I am not sure which private party was trying put the hand into this rather large cookie jar. Given that this is Kerala it could be politicians, mafia dons, Christian missionary organizations, Islamic organizations, or (just to be politically "Amar Akbar Antony" correct) even private temple trustees who are in the know. What Sunder Rajan did was to make sure the entire country became aware of the riches of the temple. And the spotlight shines brightly on it. Before this became public no one ever knew what the temple was worth. Given its dilapated state one would assume it was worthless. Since we never knew what we had. we would never miss it. Now that Sunder Rajan has made it public - no one can secretly smuggle away the riches.

He may have died because he opened the vault.If I were to write a story around this, it would have Sunder Rajan knowingly risking his life for the greater good.

Also, while the demand by small section of people that this money be used for development/charitable purposes is stand-alone stupid. Let us set that aside. Is it that hard to figure out that (a) majority of public are satisfied once the money goes to *a* charity and don't care what the charity does with it and (b) most charities are a front end for a "different" kind of organization ?


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much the treasure was worth?

Anonymous said...

Unofficial estimates on the sixth day of the inventory placed the value of contents at close to Indian Rupee symbol.svg100,000 crore (US$22.3 billion), making it one of the wealthiest in the world, richer than the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati,

sreekrishnan said...

Entire temple riches were donated to the temple by the royal family. The trust is that of the royal family nominated I think. In such a case why bother .. If he was 'Rajiv Gandhi' .. And if I think what u meant there his goal was not the spotlight but action upon someone's mooku verthufying.

U shared an article on thirupathi wealth right ?

Karthik Narayanan said...

Of all the conspiracy theories have heard, yours is the most plausible..

However, what is interesting is the 100 opinions as to what to do with it. I think the Supreme court deliberately reserved the judgement as to what to do with the unopened vault.

But tell me something, it is difficult to siphon of the entire thing now that so many people know, but all this circus has all brought it to the attention of all those crooks who did not know?

Will we see a BCCI (cannot think of a better analogy) type fight for the post of the kovil dharmakarta from now on?

Alan Smithee said...

I am going to trademark the name "The man with the sandal naamam" for my debut novel. (inspired by "the girl with the dragon tattoo").

Anonymous said...

Alan, that ain't sandal naamam..

Alan Smithee said...

OK.. "the man with the senthooram".. Or whatever.. I am getting color blind..

Anonymous said...

Alan, that ain't sendhooram either.. Its just regular manjal.. mixed with lime it becomes red...

Back to original topic, I'm with you hawkeye that there was some 'ul kuthu' and hence it had to be made public.. some of the ideas on how to use the money is plain just silly.. Any way you try to disburse the money, its not going to reach the ppl completely.

Anonymous said...

pretty close.

the shiv sena was trying to gain control over the temple and it was the congress that instigated this man to complain to the supreme court and bring the entire issue into the limelight.

not many people are aware of how the shiv sena is slowly gaining ground in kerala. they already control much of the coast and are busy re-converting many christian fisherfolk.

the congress and the marxists are busy trying to consolidate their hold over various rich and popular temples and certainly don't want a third member in the fray.

White Rice Vellachami said...

Anon who said regular manjal,

Well its not regular manjal. The process goes like this. Manjal and arisi are ura vichified overnight and pounded to pieces. Then later on it is mixed with pachai kalpooram usually on a sandhana kattai to give it a fragrance.

You are right about lime though. Mixing the above powder with the proportionate amount of lime gives the differents shades from yellow to red.

abbey said...

I like your post. It like a really do.

Sanjay Kapur
Chack Ure Emi

Anonymous said...

dagalti unnoda brether-a?

Anonymous said...

Sundar rajan came to know about the jewels being looted by 'poonool' wearing thirudans and decided to stop it. Now the jeyendran of kanchipuram is very upset that all his plans have come to a stand still.

- Sankar raman,
C/o Varatharaja perumal koil

wisdom jobs said...

I dont think most of the property of Padmanaba Swamy Temple when comes out doesnot go to the charity, rather lot of money will go to politicians and rich people first and the rest will come out to the public and media.