Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ajith or Thalai or Vaalu or Whatever body part

I didn't want to be like the perusus of 70s and 80s who took a look at Rajinikanth and said "mechanic shop'la velai paakara madhiri irukkaan. Sariyana porikki look". I wanted to embrace the concept of actor compensating the 'complete lack of talent' aspect with ' i have star power' concept. I wanted to like the 'star' factor. It was fun.

That is until someone as ugly as Vijay stepped on screen. Vijay becoming a whistle'able star is worse than these yuppie english-speaking peter vittufying Madras people suddenly claiming to be Rajini fans who screech "thaleevar valgu" (must blame english news for intro'ing Rajinikanth to them). I really began to think those old carnatic music loving + "andha sivaji madhiri varadhu" perusus were correct.

Then came Ajith.

Ajith is a whole new low. Its not like he is ugly. Vijay is more ugly. But what has always baffled me is - why the hell do people like Ajith? What has he done? He is the Ajit Agarkar of Thamizh movies. His last hit was Vaali and then I think he had a semi-hit called Dheena. You can say 47 out of his 49 movies so far have been "sumaar". And I am willing to bet 30+ of them have been downright bad.

But he seems to have an awesome fan following. Who are these fans? Why do they like him? He dances worse than Rajinikanth. He emotes worser than Arya. Has a voice that would makes "thagara dappa" sound like M.S in comparison. But he has "fans". They call him 'thalai'

Seriously! what is the reason??


Anonymous said...

Aegan was two hours of my life I will never get back. Not to mention the 10 bucks I paid to get in. Even the front benchers were going "Dei! Thalai thondhi paaru da". Kashtam.


Manojh said...

"He is the Ajit Agarkar of Thamizh movies"
ROTFL. Insult to a Lords centurion!
Agarkar atleast in the late 90s reached some 50,100 wicket milestones.
Aasai, kadhal kottai,vaali are the only worthwhile movies that I can think of Mr.Head. Inexplicable, this fan madness!

Anonymous said...

At least visai can dance and do comedy..but this hype for this useless guys movie is too much. When did he become a star?

Venkat said...

It's all about The Narrative. :P

Srijith Unni said...

I Think it's because, he's like you and me.. Totally ordinary.

Gradwolf said...

Hahahahaha you don't think Vijay fans baffle you? I really believe Ajith has a better screen presence than Vijay. And from Mankatha, I think he has great negative role potential if he is willing to be more experimental. I would happily take Ajith over Vijay.

Anonymous said...

He is the first tamil actor in the hollywood - Brad Pitt and the entire Bollywood stable mold of being eye candy with no acting chops what so ever.


Blogeswari said...

Hawkeye no nothing about Thala.

Thala rockzzzz !

SathyaRam said...

The only Ajit movies that even run for 1 week are the ones where Ajit's dialogues are less than 2% of the whole movie. If he delivers dialogue it is a disaster for producer.

And as you say he is called Thala . He is actually Tharudala

Chenthil said...

Not a thala fan - but he has slightly more hits than you credit him.

Kadhal KOttai
Kadhal Mannan
Aval Varuvala
Poovellam Un Vaasam.

Most of these movies are cringe worthy, but hits none the less. One of the reasons his fans like him is that he is a self made hero with no godfather in the industry to guide him. That doesn't make him a good actor or make his films bearable, but strange are the ways of the tamil mind.

You should thank him for rejecting Kaakha Kaakha and reviving Surya's career.

Anonymous said...

Let's not go into his career choices of movie rejections when he rejected New he also gave us SJ Suryahhhhh


Chenthil said...

KP - touche.

I said...

If Rajinikanth can be Thalaivar, it should be acceptable for Ajith and Vijay to be be Thala, Thalapathi, CM, PM and NATO Secretary General. Ajith at least looks presentable, Vijay can dance/sing decently. (OTOH think Adikidhu Kuliru from Mannan).

This thing of sneering down on T.Rajendar, Vijayakanth, Ajith, Vijay but doting on Rajinikanth belies understanding, like the very concept of "mass-hero."

SathyaRam said...

Ajit has given mega flops but nothing worse than Asal. i dont know whether anyone was aware how long the movie ran....

Rajini has been a mass hero. a genuine mass hero. Ajit and Vijay are ordinary actors who think too much of themselves. In fact Ajit can only be looked at surprise for existing in industry after giving a season of Citizen,Red,Jana,Anjaneya etc....
He looked pale in attempting a role in Asoka and cannot be compared with someone like Kamal who was happy with flops but gave very good movies (Hey Ram)

People will defend he is 'King of Opening'. just dont know how someone manages to go and see his movie FDFS.

It is a pity that Tamil Cinema has to have people like Ajit/Vijay and even Vikram in the era of Kamalhassan

aparna said...

LOL! Super post. I have to see mangatha for this entertainment at least. I think I hate most tamil "heroes", vijay ajith simbu vikram etc etc. I think my tamil movie liking stopped with 90s

MLC said...

ajith can't act/dance/fight.. but he had & still has good looks.. plus he is straight frwrd, hard wrkng and speaks frm his heart w/ nothin to hide frm anyone.. guess tht's y ppl like him & he has 'fans'!

neon said...

I take it you are not watching Mangaatha? :P

janani said...

>> Ajith is a whole new low. Its not like he is ugly. Vijay is more ugly. But what has always baffled me is - why the hell do people like Ajith?

You don't make sense here. If Vijay is uglier shouldn't the post be about why people like Vijay?

Sreekrishnan said...

I have officially lost interest in watching his film. Pa mankatha was terrible. But I'll blame venkat Prabhu for this ...

nithya said...

Hi Hawkeye,

When I knew he has a huge fan following, I was shocked. I had exactly the same line of thoughts as you do.

I always felt he's got a very effeminate manner.

Recently, a friend of mine who's a Ajith fan explained that these fan base goes back to the time when Ajith and Vijay were competing.

To popularize his son, Chandrasekhar (Vijay's dad) did some foolish stuff. He used to appoint people who would defame Ajith's movies outside and pull crowd to his son's movies. This was a known fact to everyone. Thus Ajith gained popularity from ppl who knew this.

Not sure if this is a reliable fact. Any Ajith fans who can vouch this?

Ganesh said...

Well written. I dont want to add to the already pathetic experience i had of watching the movie paying $12 and another $14 for Coke and Popcorn.

But dear Hawkeye, i sincerely wish that u write a separate post on certain issues if u share the same concern as i do -

a) artists talking about "hardwork" and being "ever so busy" so frequently that it seems like we people watching the movie are lame "rest eduthu tired aagi rest edukara kootam". (even if thats true sometimes, still its an insult to my ego !)

b) uber-cool team unit, team game, or whatever nonsense they attribute to make a profession look nastier than ever.

c) Story (or shud i say proclaimed story) !! this movie was supposed to be about betting in cricket matches .. cant they hav had one scene with some authenticity showing the same ? For God's sake, Sivaji was outright entertainment, but for the really paltry story-depth that it had, the were umpteen scenes very relevant to Black money. Importance of adaptive screenplay.

d) Direction - directing big heroes onto successful and simultaneously sensible movies (even if it is entertainment). It is a pain to convince commercially huge actors, but what use is it if they cannot make the best out of the opportunity.

Kokki Kumarru said...

I never liked both this TPTs visay and aisth who are desperate to get to rajini's spot. Visay - words fail me. Kasu kuduthu parunu sonna kudo poi pakka matten. Same is the case with asith. But this was venkat prabu. I had high hopes for him since chennai 28 though had a ripoff with comedy mix in santhugap - Saroja. But i guess he lost it completely while making this crap which they call it a movie. Even the dumb men who yell thala thala vanthutaruuu went silent after a while. Yuvan sankar rasa is an utter disgrace of a son to raja sir. Summa padam eduknontu they ve made a movie. The twisting climax they suggest Mr prebu has written is a big bag of BS.

Best way is too write one liner reviews for both visay and aisth.
Mankatha after watching for 120 rupees(and 65rs popcorn) - PODANGOTHAAA
Velaayuthon either without even viewing a trailer or after watching it on a 20 rupees bargained parrys corner thirutu dvd - P**LAYITHON
Dear hawkeye,
Have you watched aaranya kandam, if so can you write a review on it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rajini, although dark colored, happens to be a marathi, and his features are sharp. After a heavy make-up, he looks somewot presentable. But Vijay happens to be a typical dravidian, and so are his features. Eppidi make-up potaalum, one can't alter his chappai mookku and his slumdog look. He can't exactly be compared to Rajni.

Coming to Ajith, along with the minuses mentioned by HAWKEYE, there is something else that makes him "the worst ever". I'm wondering about his movie ASAL. With the subtitle "Power Of Silence", the filmmaker wanted to draw audience inside theatre informing that Ajith will not trouble us with his poor dialogue presentation. Neither did he emote nor speak much. Yet, it was arguably his worst movie.

However, i came across a promotional ad for "Mankatha" which reads "...starring box office king ajith". His rasanai ketta dumb fans...yaar enna panna mudiyum??

elegantstroke said...

Even I did not understand why people were fans of him. I did not like or dislike Ajith before this happened:

It takes guts to stand up and talk like that. I like that in Ajith. As a person, he seems more honest than a lot other actors.

Anonymous said...


When they realize they're not good at acting, they might be pretentious about being altruistic for the sake of looking for publicity.

Latest in the bandwagon is Lawrance!


Anonymous said...

apropos nothing Ajit had 1 nos brother who was doing his BTech in IIT, Madras. Naval Arch, I think.


Anonymous said...

LOL ! His effiminate mannor, and his voice ! and complete lack of acting skills.
The only movies where he stood out were the one where he played a dancer with a feminine character and vaali where he played a mute !

Asura said...

'This thing of sneering down on T.Rajendar, Vijayakanth, Ajith, Vijay but doting on Rajinikanth belies understanding, like the very concept of "mass-hero."

Not very difficult to understand. Rajni, was original when he came.He had a certain style of dialogue delivery, certain mannerisms and filled ahuge vaccum as the action hero who could also do comedy.Rajni, when he was new, was nothing like MGR.
But before he became a star he also did movies like Mullum malarum, Johny, AvaL appadithaan, NetrikaNN where he showed how he can turn his +points(even if limited) into something useful in a serious films.

Whereas these jokers, Ajith and Vijay just try to copy the entire thing as if being a star is something that can be made formulaic, rather than bringing something fresh to the table. There is a BIG difference.

Name one original/refreshing feature about Vijay? He can dance. He can do some weak comedy. can Raghava Lawrence
Rajni created the superstar throne, these guys want to just occupy it copying what he did on-screen rather than bringing fresh star-like qualities to the table.

And even commercially speaking, Rajni unlike Ajith or Vijay never gave 4 or 5 flops in a row, which makews the so-called loyal fanbase of Vijay/Ajith all the more bafflingg.

Or maybe we should not even talk them of being 'stars' anymore as several of their movies have flopped in a row. The loyal fan base might itself be a myth. Vijay's dad SAC, for instance, is a good media machinist and manipulator who has some political patronage as well. Together they have literally forced some theaters to screen films up to 50 days in the 90s/early 2000s, literally forcing his puke-worthy son down our collective throats.

Disclaimer: I am not a Rajni fan neither do I hate Ajith as much as Hawkeye, although I do hate his movies more. I feel Ajith could have been moulded better in the hands of good directors, but unfortunately he never gave himself the chance and was content to be racing down the drain with Vijay

Anonymous said...

It't not about giving good films and dancing well like MJ. People like him very much, because of his self-confidence. We don't need any reason to like as well as to hate one person. Moreover, he didn't ask any one to call him as 'thala' and the title was given by his fans.

Anonymous said...

Hello..Mr.Hawkeye..or bullseye or watver animal's bodypart..
first N foremost..stop commenting abt others..first look within nd see whther u're perfect..then u can comment abt others..
whoever it may b and watevr it may b..try to point/look out the positives in it..and then the negatives..
and moreovr..if u dont like..y to waste time..just move on..who cares..
each and everyone has some positives and negatives..and every film has some positives and negatives.. we're not a perfect a** to comment abt others a**..
i have not seen any of ur blogs which has some positive points in it..(though i read blogs abt just 2 movies..)

he doesnt deserve to b a actor..his dance is not gud..he has got a bad voice..blah..blah..blah.. if u think u're perfect in al those categories..y wasting time in blogging..go ahead and change tamizh cinema..u can earn more fans than him..y jealous..
some of ur blogs are very much interesting..but some of them are irritating..pls try to avoid it..if u can..

finally..can u pls remove stupid thamizh people label ovr thr..thamizh ppl r not stupid..nd i hope u're one among them..
sorry if i hurt u by any chance..

omkumar said...

Hello boss,
Everyone cant be a Kamalahassan in Film Industry.
Its pity that u are missing something abt ajith.
Ya I agree he did some Crap Movies inorder to cover B,C centers and his involvement in Race.
His positives in Acting:
His gestures and looks
Lover boy roles
Angry Young Men Roles
Now with Negative Roles.He became gud in these types of Roles.

His Negatives-
His voice breaks wen he shouts but its no longer a weakness.
His body-(Due to the accident,its bit difficult for him to maintain his body)

For imdb fans i like to present few
Aasai,Kathal kottai, Vaali, Pavithra,Amarkalam,Mugavaree, Kandukonden and Kandukonden and Kreedom.
By Standards of Tamil Films, Kaathal Mannan,Unnai thedi,Dheena,Nee Varuvai ena,Unnadathil ennai koduthen,Anantha poongatre,POV,Villain,Attagasam,Ji, Varalaaru,Billa and Mangatha are gud. Still more decent average movies are ther among other craps.

There are few scenes in films like Varalaru,Villain,Mangatha,Kreedom,Vaali,Mugavaree,Ji,Citizen to show his acting skills. But sad thing is he is not showing them always as his aim is to become a bankable star like rajini and not like Kamal.
So without knowing abt his films and skills,its foolish to post crap blogs like this.

Anonymous said...

I see tht u like ajith :) its a subtle feeling i sensed .