Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Request For Help

I have negatives of photographs taken in late 1970s. I went around some photo developing places in chennai and asked them if they could develop those negatives for me. Unfortunately they said that the machines used to develop those negativeshas been discarded by many photo studios in the city.

Request: If any one is aware of photo studios in and around Chennai who may be able to develop such negatives taken in 1970s - can you please leave a comment or send mail to hawkeyeview@gmail.com. Thanks

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Madras Crowd II

T.M.Krishna concert:

Concert Close Time is 9:00PM and the Time now is 8:58.

T.M.Krishna: Can I sing 2 more songs? (after discussing with his mridhanga companion) I hear today is Chandra Grahanam and so people dont have to rush out and eat.

(crowd laughs)

Voice From The Crowd directed at TMK: You should also not be drinking water now.

(crowd goes silent)

p.s: Mandatory canteen comment: No one ate in the canteen that day because of grahanam. The canteen people seemed to be shocked and had no clue why.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Osthe: Dabang for Tamils is like holding TorchLight for Sun

My room mate in Ohio State made really bad sambar during his cooking turn. Everybody including him knew his sambar did not taste well. It was really really bad sambar. So what he did was affix a proper noun for his sambar. He named his sambar 'The Tasty Sambar'. That was the name. Similar to vattha kozhambu, paruppu kozhambu, vengaya sambar, pooshnikkai sambar - the name of his sambar was 'tasty sambar'. After that whenever you ate during his cooking turn - you couldnt say his sambar was not tasty sambar. Because that was the name of the sambar. So he kept making really bad sambar and we kept calling it 'tasty sambar'.

Osthe is somewhat like that. You cant call the movie 'thazhmai' or cannot claim its 'not osthe' because that is the name of the movie.