Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thuppakki - Yes! we want that Buttermax Light Wonly

I simply loved this movie. I went in with some weak hope pinned on Murugadoss. And assuming that whatever liitle Murugadoss added, Vijay had the capacity to erode. Given that Murugadoss became over-preachy and films-division style movie maker with 7-am Arivu, there was precious little to expect from this movie. Just the way Kumble was selected in late 90s and early 2000s and just the way Harbhajan is getting selecting now, I went to this movie because the alternative was a Simbu movie. And I was pleasantly surprised. This is pretty much Vijay's best movie ever since he started his acting career with those horrible movies featuring Sangavi, Vijaykumar etc in mid-90s. 

The key reason why I liked the movie was because it balanced preachy-ness very well with masala ingredients. 7-aam Arivu flopped because it was never tense, the story got submerged by the message, the romance non-existent and Murugadoss had over-sold the message. Ramana and Thuppaki made the message slightly more subtle (as subtle as it is possible for a Gabtun and Vijay movie). The balance here was  achieved by making the romance track a comedy track. Sathyan - apart from delivering that awesome punchline - was a health presence. Jayaram was a bearable annoyance. 1 song (Google Google)  was good.

The tone of the movie merges the non-serious, callous aspect of Roger Moore's Bond (e.g. people in the closet ), a touch of Kaakha Kaakha (this is the closest Vijay can come to doing a movie in this genre), and a twist very similar to the reboot of Sherlock (think Season 2 , final episode, where he plays the End Game with Moriarty). And this suits Vijay very well. I cant claim to have seen that many Vijay movies. But he seems like a fitter, athletic, less charming, less dynamic version of Rajinikanth. Judging by the people in the theater, he is still Rajini in early 90s mode with primary appeal to B & C center audience. Given that I am not sure if the sensibilities of this movie would gell well with that target audience. This is definetly a Vijay movie for A center audience. Not sure how that may work out.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a specific kind of patriotism. This movie got me in that sense. There was a eyes-welling-up moment. It certainly brought out elements that I resonate with. There was not a single uninteresting moment in this movie.  The last scene Vijay-self-repairs-his-fracture stunt could have been avoided. But then Gautham Menon could have avoided that hospital scene where he tears of IVs stuck on his chest. Finally, one has to appreciate Murugadoss for sticking to his genre. After his previous movie he could've chosen to work on a different genre. Murugadoss, Shankar and K.V. Anand roughly operate in the same genre. Each seem to have their own recipe to say a message couched in a commercial masala format. Sometimes they work sometimes minor deviations in ability balance movie elements let them down. This movie nailed the balance perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Wow..we know you're a Kamal fan, but this comparison of Rajini and Vijay is just ridiculous. Even though Rajini primarily did commercial movies, he knew how to act. But that is definitely not true with this guy. Mentioning Rajini and Vijay in the same sentence is like saying GV Prakash is like the Ilayaraja of the current generation. Just NO.

Anonymous said...

Rajini has probably acted, or tried to act, in 4 films, that too very early in his career. He has never really known how to act. Vijay is bad but anyone is better than the ugly, talentless Rajinikanth.

mlc said...

OMG! I simply luvd it too! LOL @ the buttermax commnt too! and i was telln my purushan while we were driving bck that "hawkeye" wl like this movie fr sure & was wondering why u had'nt posted abt it.. and i see this post tdy!!
p.s: my "j" purushan's commnt whn i told him i was right abt u: "ni yenna therinjindaa porum dee.. oorla irukuravan mentality pathi ni aaraayanum nu avasiyamey illai"!:-D

Ravi Kumar said...

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