Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All Squares are rectangles but all rectangles....

While anecdotal evidence is very impressive, one definitely wonders whether empirical evidence will show that at least a significant proportion of rape cases happen minus influence of alcohol.

The recent Dilli case is a starting point. Then you have the Bombay case that says- 

"a young man — who raped a pregnant woman and killed her grand mother-in-law — on the ground that the accused was drunk and not in a normal state of mind."

Then we go back to the famous Sarika Shah case (not a rape but molestation) that changed a lot of things in Tamil Nadu and we read

" the drunken, autorickshaw-borne gang, returning from a Youth Congress meeting in the city, splashed water from sachets on Sarika and her friend Kavitha, who were walking along the road. Going a step further, Hari fell on Sarika who lost balance in the impact and fell, sustaining severe head injuries. "


bmk said...

There are scores of studies linking alcoholism to violent crimes. There are empirical & statistical proofs and probably the issue has be done to death.

All alcoholics are not criminals, neither are all criminals alcoholics, but there is strong correlation between consumption of alcohol & incidences of violent crimes; and we can guess the causality quite easily.

Alan Smithee said...

Selladhu Selladhu ...


I know you know correlation, causation and syllogism etc. So let's leave it at that. :)

Hawk Eye said...


irundhaal post title'a ignore pannadhu arajagam