Monday, March 25, 2013

Panguni Uthiram

Iyam Sita mama suta
sahadharmacharee tava
prateechchha chainam bhadram te
panim grihneeshwa panina
pativrata mahabhaga
chhayevanugata sada.

These are the words spoken by King of Janaka, on the day when Uttara Phalguni star intersects with the full-moon day, as he offers his daughter Seetha in marriage to Rama. These words are uttered in every marriage that happens in the northern half of India. The translation of this goes "This is Seetha, my daughter. she will follow you in the path of dharma. Take her hand in your hand. She is both blessed and devoted and she will forever walk with you like your own shadow". Velukkudi often says that it is the wife who steers a man towards his dharma by being his conscience. And that is why she is called saha-dharmachareeni.  

This nice article outlines the significance of Panguni Uthiram. One of those days where I wish I was in Srirangam.


dagalti said...

//it is the wife who steers a man towards his dharma by being his conscience//

Kamban's Vali suggests that Rama momentarily strayed from the path of righeousness, because he was separated from his devi.

கோ இயல் தர்மம் உங்கள் குலத்து உதித்தோர்க்கு எல்லாம்
ஓவியத்து எழுத ஒண்ணா உருவத்தாய்
உடமை அன்றோ
ஆவியை சனகன் பெற்ற அன்னத்தை அமிழ்தின் வந்த
தேவியை பிரிந்தபின்னை திகைத்தனை போலும் செய்கை

You, who possesses beauty that can't be captured in a painting, of the clan whose very possession is the 'dharma of Kings' - because you were separated from your soul, Janaka's daughter, that devi who came from the very nectar (of the ocean)- you seem to be beside yourself and have acted thus.

MouliG said...

Interesting how Panguni Uthiram is so auspicious in both Caivism and Vaishnavism. It is the same day when the Grand Utsavam happens in Kapaleeswarar temple as well (in Mylapore, Chennai).