Wednesday, November 09, 2016

On The Extreme Lack Of Self-Awareness

I usually have never written about politics much less US politics on this blog. However, the egregious lack of self-awareness by the "holier than thou" set of people made me want to write something after a long time. Today, the people who associate with Democratic party of the US and who are self-proclaimed liberals are putting a level of oppari that is unheard of even in kannamapettai circles. They are mourning as if someone died, as if someone *else* they were dependent on to do the 'right thing' failed. As if they are staring at a future that is so terrifying that they have to be 'afraid' of it. Of course none of it is true. We are looking at a bright and prosperous future. The country has elected a great leader who will surpass the existing one and there is absolutely nothing to worry or be scared of. What is really happening is that - these so called democrats were just wrong. Their exam results just came out and declared that they were completely and utterly wrong. They don't know how to deal with being wrong because their self-awareness is, well, non-existent. So instead of looking inwards they are blaming someone else who is not them. Here is a list of reasons why they (a) were wrong and (b) have only themselves to blame.

Desensitizing the Undecided: Democrats weren't fair on what issues to outrage on. They outraged on everything republican. For 5 years they were 'crying wolf' on trivial issues, first with Mitt Romney (he was a honest man with impeccable personal integrity vilified for just being financially successful) and for constantly hyping trivial flaws by Trump. This caused a neutral audience to believe that Dem-bhakts will cry wolf for everything. The 'undecided' became deaf and blind to the outrage machine. So they didn't notice it when the outrage was for genuine reasons (Trump and the women thing). I frankly stopped believing anything about trump in the last 6 months.

Alienating Undecided/Republicans: Have you seen in your Facebook feed, someone who is openly republican? I am willing to bet none of the readers of this blog have a republican friend or even a republican FB friend. Do you think you or I can make a FB post that is overtly republican in nature? We'd get burnt alive for it. By dehumanizing republican supporters by calling them bigots, xeonphobhes, islamaphobes etc - Dems eliminated a forum where open dialog was possible. There was one lady (Tamil origin, big shot types) in my FB circle and twitter feed who used her children in a FB post to campaign for democrats. Apparently, the situation is so grave that her children are worried it seems. She asks people who are her FB friends to unfriend her if they were Republican leaning. That is the level of arrogance these democrats have. She is actually saying that a person with an alternate political view cannot even be her Facebook friend. This is the reality with most democrats. This basically meant that undecided/republicans who are already desensitized now are making their decisions without ground level debate.

Assumption of intellect: The worst offense by Democrats was this 'Assumption of Intellect' fallacy. This fallacy means that person A knows what is best for person B's life much better than person B. Thats not true. But the dems kept saying "How could you be so stupid and vote for trump?". As if they were the sole guardians of intellect in the world and they defined whats stupid and what wasn't. The right argument would have been to point out the flaws of the candidate and then allowed person B to arrive at his own conclusion. What dems did was simply order person B to vote for dems or be called stupid. Is that a way to convince an undecided voter?  Show. Dont tell.

Women Abuse & Personal Ethics of Hilary: Apparently Trump is bad towards women and so deserves condemnation. This is my personal ethic. I think in Mahabharatha 'Karnan' was a bad person. There is no way to justify or glorify him. He was jealous of arjuna, plotted and attempted to kill the pandavas, humiliated Draupadi in front a large crowd by disrobing her. He was on the side of evil when he had a choice to be on the side of good people. Senjotru kadan is not such a great virtue to trump it all. Hillary by enabling and associating with Bill after it was well known that he was a serial abuser, lost any sort of moral high ground. period. If she had divorced Bill instead of sticking with him for political mileage, its different. She sold herself to the devil.

None of the Democrats have a high moral ground. They don't represent greater good or absolute righteousness by any stretch of imagination. Yet they act if their defeat is equivalent to dharma dying. Hubris.