Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here we go again: Kuselan

The Rajinikanth fever begins again. (Trailer below)

Kuchelan is a character described in the Bhagavatha Puranam, the story of Lord Krishna. This Puarana has a segment on the childhood friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudhama. Sudhama was also called Kuchela. Kuchelan is the antonym for Kuberan. Kuchelan means a person who is very poor, a beggar wearing dirty torn clothes. Krishna and Sudhama were close childhood friends in Sandhipani. While Sudhama came from a really poor Brahmin family, Krishna went on to become Royalty. Sri Krishna moves to Dwaraka to become a king (and then the entire Mahabharatha follows), Sudhama gets separated from Krishna for several years. He continues to remain poor. However, his devotion to Krishna is undiminshed. Kuchelan has a rather large family and continues to become more and more poor.

Sudhama's wife, kshushama, gets increasingly tired of her husband's poverty. She urges Sudhama to go and ask Krishna for financial help and use his friendship with Krishna to find a way out of their poverty. Kuchelan does not want to meet his friend empty handed. So asks his wife to make something for Krishna. His wife makes 'aval' ( Poha - a form of beaten up rice) and gives it to him. On his way to meet Krishna, Kuchelan has doubts on whether Krishna would even remember him, since it has been quite a while since they last met. Krishna of course remembers him very well and is elated to see him. Krishna fondly asks Kuchela if he had brought something for him. Kuchelan is embarassed to show the aval that has been wrapped inside a dirty torn cloth. Krishna does not mind it and gleefully eats a handful of that Aval. Krishna becomes so happy on eating this that Rukmini, Krishna's wife stops him from eating further (because she is afraid that Krishna in his generosity might ask her, Mahalakhmi, to donate all their wealth to Kuchela).

Sudhama cannot bring himself to ask Krishna any sort of financial favors. He spends time with Krishna and begins his homeward journey in the happiness that he has a dear friend in Krishna. As he nears home, he braces himself for returning back to his poverty stricken life. However, when he finally reaches home, he finds to his astonishment that Rukmini has already showered him magnanimously with wealth (At the time Kuchelan handed the 'aval' to Krishna - every morsel of aval Krishna ate had resulted in a manifold increase of Kuchelan's wealth). Kuchelan actually passes his own house because it has been transformed into something unrecognizable. His wife comes out of that rich house and calls him back. This story is in complete contrast to the Drupada-Drona story. In that story, King Drupada promises his childhood friend Drona (who is also terribly poverty stricken), half of his kingdom. Later, when Drupada is a King and Drona is still a poor Brahmin fighting for survival, he pleads to Drupada for a way out of poverty. Drupada, forgets their past, insults him and sends him back.

Sudhama, it is said, did not choose to enjoy the wealth that was gifted to him. The incident elevates his devotion from adherence to rituals -> a deeper understanding of god and the transient nature of wealth. He continued to lead an ascetic life while his family and people around him drank all of that wealth. In short Katha Parayumbol, Kuchelan, Kathanayakudu, Billo Barber all are rip-offs from Bhagavatha Puraanam.

Post Script:

1. Music is bad.
2. The frame showing the title name is good. Soundarya.R @ work maybe.
3. What the hell is Prabhu doing in every Rajini movie. He looks funny though.


maxdavinci said...

Q:When you run out of ideas for stories, what do you do?
A: Turn towards the epics!

Sowmya said...

Idhukku peruthaan search engine optimization.

Hawkeye said...

:-) Samathu ponnu.

Although I am poor at doing that. If I were good. I would have typed kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan kuselan 50 times. Instead of kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan kuchelan


maxdavinci said...

keyword density lol!

Noticed pirabhu only when I saw it again! With that thoppai, he'll only gonna get police roles from now on!

Vijay Kumar said...

So, the recursive rip-off technology that is unique to our film industry continues.

Aptha Mithra
Chandra Mukhi
Bhool Bhulaiyya

Billo Barber

I was going to suggest that P.Vasu or someone should patent this concept. But, why bother? No other film industry can even attempt something like this. :)

Arun Sundar said...

Nice description of Sudhama's story. Neenga kalakunga thala!!

I said...

This kannada baadu thinks he is lord sivan Himself. Oothudhu paaru padam.

miss j said...

thalaivar looks good in every shot!

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Sowmya said...

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