Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jr Dhalapathy

I like Lollu Sabha. A few of their episodes are genuinely hilarious. Their 'aruvai' jokes are hilarious too. They have a talented cast who can imitate not just voices but movements, moods and habits of the actors in the original movie pretty decently. They observe things that normally people would miss. Lollu sabha parodies popular and unpopular movies and have complete fun while doing it. Parody/spoof was an important chapter in the Intellectual Property course I took. And throughout the course I got to see various hilarious videos of spoofs on some popular works. after a while there is a pattern to most parodies and I found some repetitive. I wish the course admins would add Lollu Sabha to the list even if the sabha members aren't facing an IP case. They are right up there. Instead of an IP case they got a bomb case, literally. The members of the cast were sent parcel bombs by some strange person. Imagine the insult delivered to that strange person. That he had to go to the extent of collecting the addresses of the cast members, make the bombs and post it to them. Quite an onerous task.

If at all some should be bombed, actor Vijay should bomb himself. Really. In the interest of public he should consider quitting altogether. Lollu Sabha's best work so far would be their parody of Pokkiri (they called the parody - Bakery). It literally tore into Vijay (and his so-called "image") so much that the actor demanded an apology from them. They then parodied that apology too. Vijay must have been severely insulted after seeing this hilarious parody. Vijay shouldn't have demanded an apology after this, he should have just quit. Watch Bakery. It is really hilarious. Nobody could have insulted Vijay any better.

Bakery (Pokkiri Spoof)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Apology To Vijay Fans Video


hari said...

has there been any parody of Sathyaraj/Koundamani in Lollu Sabha? That would be a riot?

sundar said...

total rouse! by demanding an apology it has been taken as an insult. pesama irundhurikalam.. :)

Karthik Sriram said...

for vijay to quit, he needs to have vekkam maanam etc. But LS was the best prof on tv... Sad they stopped making new episodes.


Saravanan said...

Yarappa athu thalapathiya pathi thappa pesarathu..

I agree this episode is the best of lollu sabha. Even I watched this episode after reading about apology to Vijay. But this episode was telecasted more than a year back. why are you writing about it now ? vijay intha gapla rendu padam nadichitar. You have to watch spoof of 7G rainbow colony.

Also there is another program in Vijay tv called Reel Path Real Pathi. They also make fun of movies. You should watch their last episode about a movie called kathavarayan. Damn hilarious.

Vee Cee said...

Looks like the title is Baekkiri - as in 'avan seriyaaana baekku'. Which makes it even more funny.

Anonymous said...

Only the first video works. Others are removed.

Sriram said...

This one may be popular, but there is an episode where they show film shooting scenes. The guy teaches a long dialog to some potential villains and asks them to enact. Havent seen anything funnier than that. Pity its not in youtube.

Anonymous said...

I have watched this. Boy! it was like everyone in the Lollu cast were in Full form. It was ultimate insult when he begs the villians to say something so he can deliver the punch dialogue "Nee Adicha Piecu, naan Adicha Massu".

Saro said...
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Saro said...

This is my favourite show on TV., but they have become a bit monotonous these days after Manohar's exit (even jeeva is not seen these days).
When I watched pokkiri in theatre., almost everyone in the hall were laughing their ass out when they showed vijay as a police official. So if vijay had actually seen his movies in theatre with public., .. :)

Barath said...

Yep I will have to agree with Bakery being their best...!:)

Anyways a small correction..

I heard Vijay did not demand an was send based on the the TV's suggestion as they thought it has irked some of his resolve this..Vijay even let the actor play a small role in Kuruvi...!

I am neither a vijay fan nor a supporter of his film antiques...just thot I shud tell what I got to know from WOM

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