Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kabali Times News Flash: Manmohan Singh Gets An Award

File Photo of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a Jovial Mood.

It has been reliably learnt by bribing sources, who refused to be identified for such meagre bribe amounts Kabali Reuters presented them with, that Manmohan singh was presented an award by the Narasimha Rao foundation. The foundation awards people who look constipated and never laugh for an incredible lengths of time. Manmohan Singh the latest recipient of the award apparently laughed last on June 2nd 1977 when he heard the Moraji Desai joke for the first time. Announcing the award at the Delhi Humorless Club, ex-award winner Mr. Sharad Pawar claimed to be a big fan of Manmohan's scowl and pointed out 2 defining moments - Mr. Singh did not laugh when Laloo broke the wind and attributed the noise to cell phone interference on the mike. The foundation also noted gravely that when Mayavati bent down to pick up some papers, Manmohan was among the few present who noticed the "I love Mulayam" tattooed on her posterior. He did not laugh.

Manmohan singh is elated after hearing about the award.

Manmohan poses with previous award winner Vajpayee.

Anbumani Ramadoss, Sowcar Janaki and cricketer Rohit Sharma were reportedly upset at not getting this award this year and threatened to smile in the next two years if they were continually ignored. Vajpaye made jaw-motions that indicated that he might say something. As per the last update, reporters were continuing their wait in front of him until early hours of today morning. They reported that the sound of his first words have not yet emanated. It has been reliable learnt that he may say his first word by the end of this month and may complete a full sentence this calendar year.

Note: Kabali times wishes to inform readers that people who have watched any Y.G. Mahendra drama will automatically become ineligible for this award as that gives them an unfair advantage.


maxdavinci said...

ah! back the the devilish ways!

Mambalam Mani said...

sowcar janaki ku sirika varaadha? what crap!! either you dont know who she is or I must have missed a pun(?) somewhere.

Anonymous said...

from The Hindu. Just the way the TDP MP spells his name has me in splits! whatever follows is bonus material.

** Suspense hung heavily in the air, with the final counting of votes taking an extraordinarily long time. Part of the reason for the delay was the commotion over the decision of TDP MP D.K. Audikesavulu to vote with the government.

The TDP MP did not press the button, and was handed the slip. Unsure of how to use the slip, he turned to AIMIM MP from Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi (who voted for the government), for help. This brought TDP leader K. Yerran Naidu running to the scene. According to Mr. Owaisi, Mr. Audikesavalu was held back by two other MPs while Mr. Naidu tried to overwrite on the slip, cancelling Mr. Audikesavalu’s ‘yes’ vote.

Matters reached a head with Renuka Chowdhury joining in the fight. The crisis was resolved after Mr. Audikesavulu reported the matter to the Speaker and had his way; the government got his vote.

Mahesh said...


Is thillu mullu the only tamil padam you have seen? sowcar janaki always cries. In all her movies she plays a widow who 1.cries 2.cries 3.cries and 4.cries even more.

Avalukku sirippuna ennane theriyadhu.

bonziegal said...

Hilarious though I did enjoy YGM as a comedian very much.

Satyajit said...

i think pappu yadav deserves this award...not because he does not smile cause his paunch starts at his chin and no one will ever know if he is smiling frowning etc....
But all said and done i think 839248023 parties forming the government is better than a 2 party system...

chokkathangam said...

internationally, there is one undisputed king of thee world. vladimir putin. all that kgb training must have gotten over his head. even hu jintao smiles more often than him.

and i find myself still eligible for the award. i have only spoken to mahendran once and even then, he tried to shout at me for walking in the middle of the road. he is basically (in real life at least) unfunny.

Anonymous said...

What about Kamala Kamesh. She is eyeing this coveted award since the day she was born.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Saranya (Nayagan heroine) would love to throw her hat for the award.

Hawkeye said...


:-) well Kabali is back after a year long hiatus.


so you don't know who sowcar janaki is. Sowcar and Vijayakumari and the worst. They never laugh or have a happy moment. azhumunji dogs.


maybe ferrari-kesavulu would have done a better job :-)


I surrender.


:-) I have rarely listened to Laloo speak.


being shouted at b mahendran is a good thing. its a validation that you are intelligent.


Kamala Kamesh! she has given birth to her complete opposite.


Saranya complete forgot her face.

Anonymous said...

ah! Painter-ku muse maadhiri unakku YGM. Brings the best out of you. this is the best post from you after.uh..well, the last one from you featuring Mr.Vellai Manasu.
P.S:if you didnt understand the vellai manasu bit, will reveal a shattering piece of information on mahendran

Nagarajan said...

Absolutely HILARIOUS stuff ! Hawkeye, do you live in Chicago by any chance ?

This was my first visit to your blog and i should add you have some real entertaining stuff out here... good work !

sexy said...