Friday, July 11, 2008

Moral Of Some Story

I haven't seen a single IPL/ICL game. Sometimes, I struggle to remember/distinguish the rebel league from the legit league. Anywho - this post is not about professing puristic pursuits in sport

Watching Sri Lankan players argue with their board about postponing an England Test tour so that they can play in the IPL reminds me of a story that is either old fable or an Amar Chitra Katha story that end with " the moral of the story is...". You know, the series of stories where the man kicks a pot of flour, the father and son carry a donkey on their head etc. There was a story in that series, which described a situation that would fit the Twenty20 madness like a glove. I am unable to recollect it and I 've been trying to remember it for a while.

That was a good story that brought out short-sightedness, idiocy, a crass prioritization of short-term gain over longer term gains. This story is very similar to the one where that man's cuts the goose that laid golden eggs. And, I just can't seem to remember that. BCCI, Lalit Modi & Co, on the surface, seem so similar to the pompous lead character of the story who'd confidently do all the bad things. I wouldn't be surprised if IPL becomes a case-study for other sports management folks on what not to do.


Karthik Sriram said...

money talks and shit walks and cricket is, globally, a sick patient compared to soccer(in EU) and Nba /NFL in USA. So though it is being mismanaged now, in the longer run it might save cricket. Already the podi pasanga are taking an interest in the rogue epl stuff... As always, equilibrium takes awhile to get established.

Anonymous said...

I thought you do not like Rajni, appears that you dont like junior Rajini, sub-junior Rajini and any (sub)*-Rajini