Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Insults

Me: I am not fit for this 9-5 week day job. I should really join the movie business and then enter Tamil Nadu politics.

Grandma: Po.. Y.G. Mahendrana Po! (Translated as "Go and become a Y.G. Mahendran")


maxdavinci said...

I know you won't find this funny but, you gotta see this!

OMG OMG, self praise!

Karthik Sriram said...

En indha kolaveri on YG Mahendran?


Arun Sundar said...

Who would discuss 'movie-making-to-jumping-into-politics' plans with paati? One might expect the answer for that.

Hawkeye said...


that web site should be banned for obscene content.


YGM is a mahaan.


i wasnt planning. I just made a loud 'virakthi-adainja' statement and recvd the response.

Anonymous said...

Why, what did YGM do that was avlo special that MGR, Jayalalitha etc etc didn't do? :p


amanchap said...

I wish t-mobile had network coverage up there... miss my ramble that, the best part would always be grandma's response...

Hawkeye said...


YGM had incredible talent. MGR & jayalalitha were failures. YGM was the only true sucess story :-)


yes. the funny thing is they are incredibly economical

MLC said...

neenga paakarthukku kamal / rajni (youngr versions) maadhiri illaama, oru velai YGM maadhiri irukeengalo yennavo:-P!

Anonymous said...

mlc, you are inflicting a bad comment on hawkeye. He will laugh his heart out and crack the best jokes till you take back your words.
Hawkeye, pls post ur photograph to take out such thoughts from people's minds.

Hawkeye said...


there is no similarity. thats why its an insult.


ennathu ithu.

Anonymous said...

or play poker

Anonymous said...

this is the funniest post ever.. I have never seen an ugly pathetic self promoting idiot like him