Monday, July 28, 2008


The best form of revenge against anybody is to - lead a good, happy and successful life.


Anonymous said...

well said!


R K said...

Can you do the following only once in a blue moon?

1. think clearly.
2. speak the truth.
3. stick to the point.
4. convince the reader.

Very very well said in deed.

amanchap said...

Well the statement can be twisted into several ways
Which ever form the revenge could be if a person has that instinct…then he/she is not complete with that issue.

So for some people is revenge a driving force for leading a good, happy and successful life?

Probably the answer to the question whether to take revenge would be, never take revenge. Always forgive, when it comes to helping people show no discretion whether the person harmed you earlier or a stranger or a known person.

….Lage raho munnabhai 

If leading good, happy and successful life is just a pursuit.

May be I read too much between the lines. Well said though.

amanchap said...

*leading good, happy and successful life is just a pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Why sudden thathva mozhi? Did someone beat you up someday for all your MCP stuff.. & you decided that you will be kind to your wife & mom even in the presence of your grandma?

Karthik Sriram said...

Idhu edho oru Vijay pada dialog oda copy - I think he said this in Pudhiya Geethai!! Hawkeye Annathey - Ipdi Visay pada dialak ellam solli andha naaya ethi vittuteengale?!


Hawkeye said...




blue moon enga ootla daily varum.


no! you didnt read too much. good call on the "insecurty" angle in the previous post.


I am always kind to everybody.


read the tags. I may have seen 2 vijay movies overall. never heard of this movie.

Guru said...

Revenge and hatred are interlinked. "Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting other person to die"

I said...

Adhu mudinja naan yain ipdi iruken.

Akila Nagarajan said...

Thats what even I thought before , that if I keep doing my best/be successful people would grow envious of me and I would get even eventually. But the fact is nobody gives a damn about what you do , if you are successful in a way they would find some other ways to trash you. The best alternative to this is to forget what others think of you and do what you do, dont bother much about how others feel.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that you did not bring up the seinfeld reference. Jerry says "the best revenge is to live well" and George replies, "there's no chance of that happening."

Mahesh said...

@anonymous: did you read the tags?

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