Friday, August 01, 2008

Motor Cycle/Bike in America

It is possible to derive a lot of pleasure from bikes if one ridicules people who buy Motor Cycle Bikes in America. Since it has been handed down from one generation of men to the next that such bikes are a macho thing, some men grow up wanting to believe that they should drive bikes. Many don't really have a clue on exactly what particular aspect of the driving-the-Motorbike like thing they should derive the said pleasure from ( I have heard some lame desis use the fuel-economy and traffic excuse). They just buy terribly terribly boring books on motor bikes, pretend to read them, and try to get laid. It is a ritual that rivals the barbie doll obsession of little girls. Talking about a Motor Cycle for hours together should be rated as the most boring topic ever discussed by a group of men.

Since these bike people can only drive for 3-4 summer months and are wrapped around in layers of helmet and other ridiculous clothing, one can pretend to be a biker by just renting that ridiculous piece clothing during winter and keep telling others how "the weather has made it impossible for me to drive (under speed limits of course) with my gzillion Horse power (throw in a "stroke engine" jargon for effects) bike". On the other hand if one ridicules people on Motor Bikes and takes more pleasure in not driving a Harley Vs not driving a Yamaha, the benefits to one's economic condition can be enormous. Without spending a single penny on bikes one can wallow in happiness from new and fancy Motorbike Products by simply pointing out and laughing at the various models one is not driving at that time.


Karthik Sriram said...

I agree that motor bikes in US are another form of cigarette/alochol - they make you spend money and sooner or later it will make you die.

But on the other hand, driving a car here is ridiculously easy - all you have to do is keep your foot on the accelerator and try really hard not to sleep. I still cannot imaging why so many makkal fail the driving test here in the US. That way, I think the motor cycle is definitely one better. At least it has gears and all that and you have something to do....

Arun Sundar said...

Innoru comedy : Desis refer bicycle as bike. I understand when they do it with firangis. But namma kittayae 'am gonna ride the bike this evening'nu solli cycle ottindu iruppaanga longu longu'nu!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I am so glad that there are others who secretly long for a world without boys who think unconditional love for bikes is men's second nature. Not to mention the wholly inexplicable madness over automobiles in general, and even worse over magazines named "Auto" or some such thing.

I complete understand, and, very appreciate.

TWL said...

Aawww..., Sounds like *someone* felt left out of a conversation :)

Ranting about it won't help, dude.

bonziegal said...

You've got me thinking now! Seriously, I have wondered (a lot) too about which part actually gives them the kick.

Anonymous said...

I would partially agree to the post only if Hawkeye tried motor bikes and gave up :) What about the folks who crave and finally get a BMW (or a bimmer as it is fondly referred to) only to drive within speed limits! How about Geo-metro for everyone?
For me, kicking the kick stand(side stand) me the best pleasure!


deinonychus said...

attack of the 50-foot woman -III

amanchap said...

donno what percent these cravings become the vital things of one's life's identity,freedom and self-expression...may be there are many other for many the end of the day its just that feeling..and the nextday...something new ....and then another...on and goes on. :)

Hawkeye said...


/* they make you spend money and sooner or */

i cant agree more. i can't believe such i can save so much money by easily avoiding this ridiculous passion.




yes. yes. Auto magazine is devoid of a single interesting page. I dont understand how knowing so much about these things can increase the pleasure of using it. My 2-bathroom-going experience will never improve no matter how much I readabout large intestine.


You can console yourself by saying that.


i have asked many of them. they can never give me a good answer except for 'the feeling is good machaan'.

for example. rock climing is alien to me and my office is full of people who constantly talk about it. But I at least get their passion. There seems to be a task they accomplish that gives some psychologicla satisfaction. Here with bikes driving to work seems to be the only task that is accomplished. People do that with a second hand car.




i agree. only tat some forms of self-expression lend themselves to ridicule better than others.

for me less auto-loan gives incredible pleasure.

Anonymous said...

If they're using the bike only to commute to work, then, yes, it's a waste of money.

There are specific routes in northern california which allow you to "ride" a bike. Routes where you can do a mini "F1 motor racing". And that is a passion.