Friday, August 21, 2009

Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds

This is a masterpiece. Tarantino's best probably.

I can't recall watching a movie that was this edge-of-the-seat thriller. And this is a kind of a thriller that only Tarantino can make. He has this unique way of creating movies that are a collection of episodes. When the words 'Chapter 1' flashed out after the title sequence, I couldn't help but feel goosebumps rising with joyous anticipation. In these chapters, as people have seen, in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, Tarantino has this talent of drawing out a conversation between two characters and meticulously detailing every little nuance in that conversation. The conversation proceeds at a leisurely pace with no care to the hurries of the world. It centers on 1 small point and during the course of the conversation, you get to feel the character. You can feel whats in their head.

And then he gives you that one little detail that one character knows, which you didn't know until Tarantino casually decides to tell you about it. Like he does in Chapter 1. And your brain feels like it could explode any moment. That is when you really feel what the character feels. You are hit with their tension and nervousness. Now, the conversation takes on a totally new meaning. The characters are probably saying very ordinary things but they look suddenly important, larger than life, fraught with peril. The conversation that happens in Chapter 1 after the camera zooms to a detail is case in point. And I can still feel the goose pimples as a result of that. The movie is classic Tarantino. He salutes the film industry's small little details pays tribute through a masterpiece of a soundtrack. He uses all his tricks, does his extreme close-up shots, the slomos and the pretty shots.

There is violence, gore and several B-movie type scenes. But it is a set of conversations that make the movie what it is. There are several such conversations in the movie, which outwardly seem like stupid people rambling about inane stuff. But every such conversation is a masterpiece. The one that happens in a bar for instance. The one between Col. Landa and Sushannah at a restaurant is another example. This is a movie, where you cannot predict what Tarantino will throw at you next. Every time you expect to see him round off a scene in a nice way, you get surprised. Col Hans Landa's behavior, the words he speaks, the joyous way in which he speaks them is a masterpiece. You fear the man due to some x-factor that Tarantino has thrown in. You can't really point out why you fear him. It is some secret-sauce combination of the discussion on nicknames, the background music, the context and the expressions of the actor himself. He rocked the movie and totally owned it.

Sometimes you get that feeling within a few minutes into a movie that you just don't want it to end at all. This is a movie that makes you enjoy every single second of it.


Gradwolf said...

aiyo eppo india ku varumo!

வெங்கிராஜா said...

Espettation eguruthe... sema hype kudukureenga sir!!!

anush said...

I agree man, I didn't want it to end at all! I think this is one of Brad Pitt's best too :)


Kokki Kumarru said...

CHa.. same thing here.. i m desperate to watch that movie!!

Arun Sundar said...

We seem to have similar thoughts :)

I loved the movie too.

Valli Doll said...

If you write such a big review, there are only 5 comments, but if you write nothing in the review but "thu" there are 20 comments :P

Anonymous said...

I believe the conversation about 'Tipping' in Reservoir dogs is a classic example of what you were trying to say. Only Tarantino can do that!