Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nomad No More

The dial slowly turns and I have clocked 2 years and 4 days in a random Seattle suburb. Realization dawns that this place has moved up quickly to rank # 2 among the list of places I have stayed the longest in my life. 3 months ago it was ranked #8 (or below). This means that the 2 year mark has been a big tough ass milestone and that I have failed to cross it in most places I have stayed.


Alan Smithee said...

change is bad. there is something incredibly romantic about going to the same restaurant again and again and the waiter instinctively bringing you the usual dish without you ordering it.

I said...

2.5 years for me in this hole. Seattle is probably like Chettinad compared to here.

BSK said...

Avanavan Seattle'ku oru vaatiyavudhu poganume'nu yengaran. Neenga vera.

ms said...

e.t said "e.t phone". popular culture changed it to "e.t go home" because it kept pointing the phone towards the sky. but this is what US airport staff will be saying to srk in future! i love reading your posts!

Gradwolf said...

ulagam sutrum valiban ah?

WA said...

Just the thought of packing and unpacking is scary

jingili said...

Ethana vati vena pack pani,unpack panlam...chennai 40 deg veyil a thangikuren..traffic kuda paravala..i got used to it..but this monotony of waiting to cross the road when no vehicles r arnd 20metres is killing me..

Hawkeye said...

adhu you can train the waiter soon if you go often enough and do small talk. in pune both the waiter and the market vegetable guy knew exactly what to get when they saw me. i lived there for less than 6 months


depends ... do you like chettinad or not?


madras maadhiri varadhu saar.


thanks. didnt e.t. say "e.t. phone home"


i appreciate the 'valiban' usage.


every year when we packed and loaded our stuff into the lorry, I would be worried if those lungi-clad "movers" would break my fishtank and scratch my useless xyz-electronic-stuff. my dad would kick me and say "poda poda.. miccham irukardhu dhaanda sotthu".

without fail the lorry would come to the destination either with half the stuff broken, cratched or made wet because of rain.

so yes. packing is horrible


your frustrations fascinate me. agree completely.

blackaccord said...

I have been in my current place for 6 years now and this ranks #2 in my list as well.. After 6 years this feels like home after all..

hamsini said...

come back to india!:D

Sarang said...

Hmm... now that I think about it... the longest I have lived in Honolulu is 4 years consecutively. But, I have lived in Honolulu for over 6 years... that makes it #2...I am not there any more...