Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Quarter Final Predictions

Testing to see if I have any predictive abilities

Aus Vs WI
SL Vs Eng
NZ Vs Ind
Pak Vs SA

And then we may have Ind Vs Aus and SA Vs Eng


Gradwolf said...

most likely that is

Hawkeye said...

as long as bangla doesnt make it to QF and Eng makes it - i will be very happy. ENg has this thing about them now. every match they play will turn out to be nail biting.

Anonymous said...

So you are with the majority of Indian fans who want easier opponent for India and tougher opponent for Pak?? An India-Pak semis would make things interesting though :)


Anonymous said...

Strauss has some issue with Collingwood he never uses him properly, but they are my favorites from here on.

You are predicting SA will replace PAK from 87 semis line up.

- KP

Anonymous said...

I think you got it right. However anyone who plays SL in SL will just be rolled in to Mud. England included. So replace your England with SL and should be good.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

SL v Eng - I really don't see Eng winning with their current now-there now-not form.

Ram Prasadh said...

So Bharath your SF prediction has come true in QF itself.
Its Ind Vs Aus in QF @ Motera in Ahmedabad( provided India beat WI tomm)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are not related to Paul the octopus.