Friday, April 22, 2011

If Money Comes - All 10 will go away

A very bad person, who was backed by a rich evil organization could have bullied you, hurled racist comments at you, caused you to become a drunk, caused you to lose your spot in the team. That person could have caused you your life's greatest heartburn.

But if that evil organization pays you the right price - you will be willing to shake hands, be teammates and laugh along with that person.

Credit: Above image belongs to cricinfo.


D.N.A. said...

Or one can say that's being a professional....set aside personal feelings and just do your job....know?

kaipullai said...

mozhaga bajji is a professional ?
kali kalam.

Anonymous said...

DNA - Harbhajan and Symonds didnt fight on some love matter and so had to set aside personal differences for professional. That aussie lost his spot in the team because of Ind/Oz fight over racism issue. He was professionally ruined. Go read his interviews in cricinfo.

avamaanam after all the hullaboo

Priya said...

I'm a little confused as I didn't expect this post in your blog..
For one, it's too obvious an observation..
Secondly, your penchant for logic is at loggerheads with this observation, which seems to be more about morality or lack thereof..

What Symonds did/is doing is perfectly logical, wouldn't you agree ?

And coming to think of it, his beef is with Cricket Australia to a greater degree for bowing down to the BCCI demamds.., and he's already showed them the royal finger..

tifosikrishna said...

I am quite surprised that of all the people, you find Symond's behavior abnormal!!

And, timing of this entry seems strange.

On one hand you believe that people can stonewall their personal character/qualities/differences and perfectly 'execute a(ny) task for a salary' even though the person doesn't believe or follow the task on his own.

And on the other, you find it strange that Symond's was able to put aside all his 'personal' ignominies aside and do a 'professional' job of playing in IPL along with Bhaji.

Waiting for your repartee...

Hawkeye said...

so according to you - this and previous post have opposing logic and only one can be correct?

Ganesh said...

There is nothing in the post that is critical of symmonds. I wanted to comment how you can condone such an ethical compromise and here I find commentors saying you are criticising Symmonds. I am actually confused. And intrigued how different people can interpret the same post differently.

Archana said...

Hey very true. The worst part of the match was Symonds giving bowling tips to Bhajji...
"Vekka ketta manushan"

tifosikrishna said...

hawk.. if your reply is to my comment.. then

I am not saying that only one can be correct, I am intrigued that you logic seems to waver.

As an aside, read your posts on Gondan, great tribute to greatest phelasapher.

Kundaka Mandaka said...

I am not saying that only one can be correct, I am intrigued that you logic seems to waver

Yes, logic and ideology also. He doesn't watch news, doesn't care about them either but comes up with analysis and articles about DMK, elections etc. He is basically a confused guy who thinks he is very smart.

Mukundh said...

Hawkey, now i understand the lack of 10 (and other aacharam) in panakkara iyengar households.

Laagic said...

@kundakka seri..understand your need to criticise hawkeye and all. but konjam overa illai. how many political articles has he writter? one link to tehelka and one analysis over a 7 year blog and you want to use it as evidence. engerndhu ba vareenga?

is this how you are in real life too? I don't like parties in 5 star hotels. oru dhaba office'la kooptangannu solli ponen. So can you say 'he always goes to 5 star hotel parties and summa pidikalainnu peela vidraan'

kothandapani said...

When people like Symonds switch their color so swiftly for a small amount, there is no wonder why people like Ramadoss change their alliance partner in every election.The prize money at stake here runs to crores..

Anonymous said...

I like Kundaka Mandaka's :)

Kundaka Mandaka said...

Accept your point on 5 star hotels. But it is irritating if I publicly proclaim that I hate 5 star hotels, dismiss people who go there as dumb, take cheap shots at anything related to that and then go to a 5 star hotel, relish it and write pages and pages about it.

Replace 5 star hotel with news.

That is hypocrisy bundled with self flattery.

Laagic said...


sorry dude, I disagree big time. I don't know what vendetta you have against hawkeye. Maybe you are obsessed with politics and him making fun of that category pissed you off. who knows. whatever.

I can't buy your dubagoor of "pages and pages". If 2 posts makes you exaggerate it as "pages and pages of relishing" then it shows your bias more than anything else.

A person who goes to five star hotel to have fun once or twice in a lifetime can complain about people who go there and party 24x7. there is no hipocracy there.

Hawkeye said...

This is waste of time argument. especially when it involves boring things like explaining myself.

I am a decent level (and steadily improving) hypocrite and am very proud of that. If I can do something - even if it is indulging in my favrite past time of hypocrisy - that makes people who live and breathe politics boil over in angst, I am very very happy about that.

"veccha kudumi..saracha mottai" and the old "i will use a rarely occuring exception as the prime definition and the example" logical fallacy is what ails idiots these days. seems like @kundakka is full of this.


one more thing - also note that in the previous post - I did not say a single word of praise for the lawyers/professionals who maybe corrupt but paid to do a task . These attributions of judgement are in people's mind. Usually when I need to say someone is bad, I am very explicit.

tifosikrishna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tifosikrishna said...

"so according to you - this and previous post have opposing logic and only one can be correct?"

In both the cases, the underlying point is about the ability of individuals to have totally different personalities and be like Remo/Ambi according to the situation and ensuring that one doesn't impede other.

I believe everyone of us wear different hats at different times to suit the role we play, but it is a necessary condition that all hats to have some basic elements in common to maintain the basic stability of the individual. So,in most of the cases, there's an overlap.

I too believe that a corrupt and a well qualified person can draft a bill on anti-corruption as competent or even better than a honest and well qualified person, but the odds are not in my favor. So, like you, I don't want to get into a logical fallacy and support such exceptions, when much better alternatives (equally competent person and honest people) are available to draft the bill.

"I sometimes love it when politicians exploit the general public's weak command over basic logic."

It's not only with AH, same yardstick was applied for removal of Thomas as CVC.

As far as I know, public didn't state being clean as the 'only qualification' to be on the panel, it was only a prerequisite.

Kundaka Mandaka said...

Aaaramichutaanya logic peela..

Sidhu's wife said...

Where is your post on Sai Baba and his dumb followers?

Anonymous said...

where is maysan?