Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shri Rama Navami

Outside of Paanagam, I have three recommendations for Shri Rama Navami

1. Mahaveera Vaibhavam (a.k.a Raghuveera Gadyam): The very very unique and rapid style in which this prose is recited makes this one of the best Sthothras composed by Desikan. It takes several years for people to learn to recite this correctly. The entire sthothra is culled form different parts of Valmiki Ramayanam and is simply an abridged version of the entire Ramyanam. For once a composer puts the focus on the 'warrior' aspect of Rama. Listen here and read along here and here.

2. MannuPugazh Kosalai (Thaalattu or Lullaby for Rama): A fantastic carnatic style rendition of this prabhandham. A fantastic song for babies to listen as they go to sleep. This is recited sandhai style in a very fascinating way too. Refers to SenPonSei Kovil.

3. Bhadrachala Ramadass by M. Balamurali Krishna: One of the best singers ever at his best.


balaji said...

Very nice suggestions, thanks!

Anonymous said...

My baby sleeps everyday listening to Mannupugazh. I am able to understand some but not all the lyrics. The lyrics on the cover of the vatsalyam cd are a literal summary of the way Bombay Jayshree sang the song (and i dont understand the words where she uses the syllable "sha" because senthamizh does not even have "sha" right? She says "Shem pon shei") Could you please post a link to the lyrics and meaning?

Hawkeye said...




i playing it for putting my baby for sleep too :-)

the paasuram is here


Anonymous said...

Poor Rama.. He gets only Paanagam, Vada paruppu and neer Moar whereas krishna gets all the fruits, snacks, sweets etc...

btw, have you been to thiruvaheendrapuram?


MaySan said...

Rama gets only this, bcos right from the day he was born it was celebrations, but Krishna's birth was never celebrated, hence celebrations till this day :)

Nice suggestions, love Badrachalarama das krithis, our road trips in India used to start with this :)