Wednesday, July 06, 2011


One of ICC's agenda in the 5 day Hong Kong conference has been to remove political interference in cricket boards. The immediate spotlight falls on Indian, Pakistan and Sri Lankan cricket boards as they are the ones who are run by politicians.

And then Sangakkara makes this passionate speech. I am sticking my neck out here :-) but I think ICC and Sangakkara have planned this speech well in advance to reinforce the narrative that politician-run cricket boards is bad for cricket. It is not purely Sangakkara's passion for good cricket that caused him to make this speech. It is a stage-managed well-directed pressure weapon applied on Sri Lankan board to fulfill an ICC agenda. And he confesses indirectly that the scheming for this speech and the back-room politicking to apply pressure on SL board start as far back as the world cup.

So we have a speech prepared and delivered using the time-honored tool of politics that criticizes politics and agenda driven approach in their cricket board. And people who are self-professed haters of politics in cricket board are supporting this speech. Not that anything wrong about any of this. But deserves pointing out.


austrian_man said...


you're really good at this recursive thinking: reflecting the fact the person himself is reflecting :)

he's probably venting out frustration due to the power struggles between Jayasuriya and himself, which emerged quite obviously before 2011 WC.

i think his points are valid. the joker sports minister has made a comment that just because he is under contract by SL board, the player is a servant and do as he's told..he cannot speak his mind..wursht show of despotism.

Anonymous said...

Seriously you put it so well Good post machi. I was thinking along the same lines. Sanga, The phony hack.. Now he is being hailed as the Randy Pausch of cricket.. :)


Karthik Narayanan said...

Reminds me of that Arjun dialogue in Mudhalvan. "Yennaye arasial panna vachitunga"

That aside, ICC could have picked a better person to do this. Coming from Sanga, it sounds pretty shallow. I mean, isn't this the same person who instructed randiv to bowl a no ball when sehwag was on the verge of a century? And then happily blamed randiv for it.

I respect Sanga as a batsman and wicketkeeper. But as captain, he was ranatunga reincarnate (pure evil).

Infact, Sanga would do an awsome job representing BCCI.

Anonymous said...

Dilshan was the man involved in the Suraj Randiv fiasco I believe.


Anonymous said...

Cricket was better when it was non-Asia-centric.

Alan Smithee said...

Hey, Indian board is not controlled by politicians by design. It just happened this time with Sharad Pawar.

D.N.A. said...

Reposting - Of course he knew all these implications, and he still did what he did for one or may be both of possible 2 reasons - (i) to score some brownie points with the western media; (ii) because he is part of the camp that is not currently is power within SL board (Ranatunga's coterie?). With ICC opining that all boards should separate from political entities, this is the right opportunity for the opponents of SL board to position themselves as the "guardians" of SL cricket. Western media, like Peter Roebuck, will shower encomiums on these things, and so goes the narrative....