Sunday, October 23, 2011

Note on Kanni Raasi

I was watching below video again. This is probably the greatest scene in history of cinema (one that inspired this post). And lo behold - look at the maligai kadai boy. It is our Mayilsami.


Gradwolf said...

hahaha well spotted.

till now Mayilsami's earliest film in my memory was MMKR.

Anonymous said...

Aboorva sagodharargal.


MaySan said...

You get good food now anyway right, so why this scene now????

Anand said...

Gounder at his peak did not even have to say a word - one piercing "marana-nakkal" look, and you're helplessly rolling on the floor.

And, insane catch on Mayilsamy - how the hell did you manage to place him? It took me multiple re-viewings to confirm, but it is undoubtedly him.

By the way, are you still living in the US? Somehow, it seems to be at odds with you gounder-mania and overall India-centric views. Don't get me wrong, no judgement here, just a bit of speculation that peeped into my thought stream.

Anonymous said...

I had posted this video on youtube after reading your Kanni Raasi post.