Thursday, October 06, 2011

Vijaya Dasami

NamAzhwar wrote a set of 10 verses that is colloquially called வெற்றி பாசுரம் (victory paasuram). It is found in ThiruvaiMozhi 7.3 (3rd 10 verses in the 8th decad). ஆழி எழ சங்கும் வில்லும் எழ is not your run-of-the-mill verses. It wakes you from slumber and slaps you in the face. If NamAzhwar was the best of the Azhwars then this is a good contender for the best 10 of NamAzhwar's 1000 verses. He is in full flow and the words seem to jump out and merge with your senses. In olden days many people recited these 10 verses to seek victory in daily endeavors. It is a set of fiery 10 verses that is unlike anything else that NamAzhwar composes in Thiruvaimozhi. Reciting it fills the body with adrenalin purely because of the rhythm and force of the verses. Each of the 10 verses is dedicated to the moment of victory in the 10 avatharams of Vishnu.

Here is what NamAzhwar has to say on Rama victoriously slaying Ravana on this Vijaya Dasami day. If you thought Desikan brought out the warrior qualities of Rama in an epic composition called Mahaveera Vaibhavam (Raghuveera Gadyam). NamAazhwar produces a powerful warrior in Rama with just 4 sentences.

மாறு நிரைத்தி இரைக்கும் சரங்கள்,
இன நூறு பிணம் மலை போல் புரள,
கடல் ஆறு மடுத்து உதிராப் புனலா,
அப்பன் நீறு பட இலங்கை செற்ற நேரே

Here is how Mr. Madhavakannan describes the meaning of these 4

"Sri Raman- the way He destroyed lankaa with His Valour, His Dharma and His Greatness. There was no "mayyam" (no cheating or mischief). There were metallic twangs and sounds everwhere with the twangs of Emperumaan's bow chord (and also of IlayaperumaaL's) and the sound of arrows hitting against each other in all directions. There were hundreds and hundreds of bodies falling on the ground dying. The entire area was filled with blood and it was a blood river that was flowing towards the sea to make it look red. Thus the entire lankaa was made to dust by Sri Rama."


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.
Off post topic 1 friendly Q:
1) Do you not give ur identity in ur profile, bcoz u don;t want to reveal it?
If so, you shouldn't give the links to articles in rediff/hindu! :)

Hawkeye said...

its not because i dont want to reveal it. i just like using hawkeye handle

Anonymous said...

which paasuram would *not* be a contender for best one among the entire naalaayiram?

i humbly ask that 'saamaanya' people such as ourselves refrain from passing any sort of judgement (however well-intentioned) on divinely inspired works.

hope it is taken in the right spirit.

Hawkeye said...

there is nothing wrong in picking favorites. it enhances swarasyam. a communist approach of 'all things are equal' blunts the experience.

Anonymous said...

I am not as familar with naalaayiram as some others, but I like the humility of Kulasekara Aazhwar in Perumal Thirumozhi, especially 4.1 to 4.10. Listen to three of those here:


Srinidhi said...


I like the fact that you chose to pick a favorite. That too on religious topics. Not quite politically correct and it does irk a few people who may disagree but its certainly not boring :-) keep it going. Dont stop blogging.

Hawkeye said...


in honor of that humility the last step just before where the idol is kept in any perumal temple is called 'kulasekhara padi'. he wanted to be at least an ant in thirumalai in his next life :-)

White Rice Vellachami said...

This is teensy bit pedantic but no Azhvar exactly "wrote" any prabandham. They rather sang it.

Hope this doesn't irk you.

BTW completely agree on picking favourites. Even Parashara Bhattar had Sri Rama as his favourite. What is wrong in us having one?


Hawkeye said...


do you feel compelled to leave some random criticism in every post of mine just to show-off that you have no finer sense to understnad a variety or topics. or do you want to show your non-tambramness and show off that no matter what the topic is - it could be any topic under the sun you will still be able to not understand it.

MaySan said...

Good, crisp explanation, shows ur love for this one :-)

Hawkeye said...

tilak raj,

adhaan you are a random commentor'la - so no harm in answering my question. summa answer panna try pannungalen kaasa panama.

Santh said...

bharath swamin - awesome padhigam. infact which one is not awesome? "undo thiruvaaimozhiku opporu nool?" Kulasekara azhwar would have been mighty happy after the news of Rama's victory. He would have relished these pasurams for sure.

Payilum sudaroli and nedumaarkadimai are my favorites because it is poorvaacharyargal's favorites because it deals with BhAAgavatha seshathvam and the rest deals with Bhagavan Himself.