Saturday, November 12, 2011


I really liked this movie. I found it surprising that Clint Eastwood managed to keep the pace of the movie really fast. The movie was what we'd call a 'conversational movie' and so keeping a viewer totally riveted is a admirable task. I actually ended up liking J.Edgar Hoover. All I knew about him prior to watching this movie was he was a loony cross-dressing, longest-serving head of the FBI. And this movie completely changed my opinion of him. Eastwood seems to not really care about J. Edgar being perceived as a good guy or a bad guy and simply makes a worthy attempt at showing him for what he was. Yes, he was anti-black, anti-women, was a ruthless self-promoter, and black mailed every single US president to get his way. He (probably) was gay but maintained an aggressively anti-gay public stand. These were the items that were shown to portray his other side.

To portray his positive side, the practices he introduced seem to have helped crime detection/prevention world over. Especially his agenda to use finger prints as criminal evidence, begin a practice of collecting them and building a central data base for finger prints. He is portrayed to have made the Buerau of Intelligence from an agency of no power to the very powerful FBI that it i today. Yes, you need to be a unpopular and a prick to build that kind of beast. And he happened to be the one. And I didn't think he was any more or less biased than an average human being.

There is a unnamable magic about watching DeCapiro play this role. I guess it has to do with the accent and the way he enunciates words. The force of Hoover's personality has been brought out well. Agenda-driven. focused and ruthless men impress me. Even if they are bad men. And in showing all that very well this movie thoroughly entertained me.


Sarang said...
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Sarang said...

Loved the way Clint had made it and yes, Leonardo is amazing in it.

Clint brought out a lot of small thing about Edgar Hoover like, how he wanted people to dress up. How he got a similar fireplace that he likes in the attorney general's office.

It was a tough character to make a movie on especially with all that Egdar Hoover has been involved in.
Nicely done.

Tyler Durden said...

James Ellroy's Underworld USA trilogy casts Hoover in very different light (admittedly fictionalized). It goes on to say he had a say in just about everything that shaped America from Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1958 to just before Watergate. Interesting read if you like historical fiction.

Mplsuptown said...

Talk about light or lightning, but more to the point lighting. Did anyone else notice the bright white light from every lamp, wall sconce or overhead? It was almost blue white like LED lights. I know it's a minor thing but I noticed it throughout the movie.

Other than that I enjoyed the movie very much. Oh another point when he was in his office watching tv and Nixon going down the street and then looking out the window seeing Nixon actually passing then back in on the tv..and it was a black and white tv. You'd think that in 1968 he would have been able to get the government to get him a color tv. I know my poor family had already had one for 4 years.