Sunday, December 11, 2011

Madras Crowd II

T.M.Krishna concert:

Concert Close Time is 9:00PM and the Time now is 8:58.

T.M.Krishna: Can I sing 2 more songs? (after discussing with his mridhanga companion) I hear today is Chandra Grahanam and so people dont have to rush out and eat.

(crowd laughs)

Voice From The Crowd directed at TMK: You should also not be drinking water now.

(crowd goes silent)

p.s: Mandatory canteen comment: No one ate in the canteen that day because of grahanam. The canteen people seemed to be shocked and had no clue why.


Gradwolf said...

heh I was at the concert. Worst was also that maama and maami in between, "padardhe kekala". And he going,"Idhu varaikum naa padinadhu kekave illaya?"

Oh I did eat at the canteen! As did a few others. But it s gnanambika so am pretty sure they know why ppl won't turn up. They had only adai and poori, so.

Hawkeye said...

ya he was very serious when he said "appo idhu varaikkum naan padnadhe kekkaliya" but the crowd laughed.

btw did you understand what he meant when he said "enakku neraiya kutecheri vardhu".

you ate at the canteen! (shocked) mustve happened after the concert got over. i didnt see any one leave during pakkavadhyam for food.

btw shame on u for eating w/o bathing :-)

anantha said...


Gradwolf said...

LOL. Ya after the concert only. Otherwise quite well behaved. Yest at BGS, people kept leaving randomly and not just during thaniavardhanam.

Gradwolf said...

I didn't get it. My mom thought he meant "ennaku nariya kutcheri irukku" naa inga konjam practice pannikaren :)

SathyaRam said...

Where do we get the list of caterers per sabha and also do we have any website posting reviews on the caterers?

Anonymous said...

is this your last post ?

- sundar

Harika said...

Nice Post....Is This Your Last Post...I Hope You Will Come Back Soon..Thanks For Sharing Gossips

வழிப்போக்கன் said...

Among the Madras crowd, I happned to witness two specimens:
Onein MYFAC (Bombay Jayshree concert):
1. A gentleman about 60 was fast asleep with snoring at its high pitch drowning the soft voice of Jayshree
Two in Music Academy: (Ranjani-Gayathri concert)
2. A lady telling another Mami:
:I have brought this man (her hubby) telling him that he could
do his "sudoku" sitting by her side instead of sitting lonely in home. The man did his "sudoku: throughout the concert.
S. Krishnamoorthy

Anonymous said...

why the showoff "mridhanga" spelling? Why not "mridhangam" as it's called in Madras?